Xiao asked Bob zheng heart way to gas compass will not also changed, unless there have been a lot of demon materials?

When he thought of it, he tried to use the compass quickly, and in his consciousness, it became a compass as big as a cliff, and the handwriting naturally appeared in front of him.
Has it changed …
Root, there is no demon material …
Xiao Wen is not too frustrated because he has anticipated this situation.
The reason is very simple. In the "Qi Dian", the law that fairy wares will appear only after digging into the mine has been followed. He hasn’t dug anything like fire unicorn blood. Why does the "Qi Dian" still have the refining method of fairy wares such as Qibao Xuanhuo Tower? It is because he dug up the stone and mineral materials needed for refining fairy wares such as Qibao Xuanhuo Tower in the stone paintings of demon materials that he needed, and he didn’t have the convenience to give him knowledge to take the initiative to make up for it …
You know how to refine, but you can’t get the materials together. This is just for disgusting people …
Seeing that Xiao Wen was angry, he threw the "Qi Dian" back to the table. Suddenly, his heart moved and he remembered something.
Has the demon world finished refining fairy wares with demon materials this day?
If there is, it can’t appear in the dictionary at one breath? After all, it’s equivalent to that he has dug up all the stone materials needed for those fairy wares …
So this time, Xiao Wen simply turned from the back to the front and soon turned to the last page with words. When you look closely, you will feel a little proud at once. As he expected, the last appearance of the "Qi Dian" was just the end of the demon material to refine the fairy.
But even if there are more such fairy wares, it will kill him to find materials …
It seems that if you want to improve your strength, you have to find another way out …
Xiao asked so thinking while half-heartedly reading the last fairy refining method.
"After the melting of the three, those who are in the realm of Xian Xianhao will be forced to sacrifice when there is a parallel boundary-breaking effect …"
Xiao asked after a cursory reading, he didn’t take it to heart, but as soon as the word "boundary-breaking effect" came out, he immediately felt a little tired and then suddenly reacted!
"Parallel boundary effect? ! ! !”
What the hell is going on here? ! !
Xiao asked that his heart had jumped wildly and turned forward quickly and excitedly. Finally, he turned to the name of the last fairy.
"Break the seal!"
I’ll …
Xiao Wen was so excited that Qi Dian almost fell off and swallowed water for a while before he calmed down a little.
"Tianlan demon world was deserted in ancient times. There were gods and beasts in the caves. Ghosts and gods were unpredictable. They could often travel through the back caves of various demon worlds. Only three generations were left in Tianlan demon world. One of them, the ghost-eyed python, the sixth-order monster beast, was fond of living in the nether world. His eyes were full of holes. Secondly, the seventh-order monster beast of the Ghost Vulcan is good at controlling the ghost fire to kill people and animals in shape; Its three days dun colt monster beast can enter the ground quickly. The demon world is the most captured from Tianlan … "
"If you can get a ghost eye, a ghost python eye, a ghost Vulcan crow demon, Dan Tian dun colt blood can break the boundary seal, and its design idea stems from the fact that the celestial boundary ruler is slightly inferior to parallel boundary breaking, but it can hinder …"
Heaven has eyes! ! !
Just sighed in my heart, Xiao asked and couldn’t help but say to himself, "Er … whether you have eyes or eyes …"
The reason is still the former reason. Although it is a good demon, where can I find it?
But Xiao Wen soon ended the complaint and gradually played J and jīng.
Since he came to this world, isn’t he thinking about leaving here early and then going to meet Nan Yunqing in Yuandao Fairyland?
Now I finally have a way. Even if success is possible, it’s small, but it’s better than nothing, right?
Xiao asked immediately to find three kinds of demon materials for refining and breaking the boundary, and it is necessary to implement that as soon as possible!
He must regard this as the most important thing to do in the post-ri!
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to become more and more calm, and then he turned up the "Code of Instruments" again. Although there were more than a dozen fairy instruments that could be refined only by demon materials, they didn’t have the extraordinary seal.
"Shout …"
After a long breath, Xiao Wen finally put the "Qi Dian" and picked up the black Se booklet to finish reading the message of the fourth successor in one breath.
"Stone painting is a great treasure. With it, we get twice the result with half the effort, but it is precisely because of it that our practice path is even more dangerous. I learned from the third successor that neither he nor the second successor ended well. Actually, I am now in a state of waiting for death …"
"I’ve been a natural enemy all my life, but I don’t know that someone secretly coveted me and finally got trapped and couldn’t get away … fortunately, the horse is not going to die, but if you can see this, you can say that I’m actually dead, otherwise the stone painting will never change hands. I’d rather no one saw this information. I don’t think that’ you’ is there, so just say that I’m not dead …"
Seeing this, Xiao Wen has deeply felt the successor of stone painting.
No matter where he is trapped, he must be going crazy. Otherwise, how could he write that …
And as those words say, now that he has seen the information, he says that the person who left the message is dead, which is really something that makes people unhappy.
Xiao Wen never regarded himself as the complete owner of the stone painting, and he didn’t feel uncomfortable when he knew that he was not the only successor of the stone painting, but now he is a little sad to know that one of the successors of the stone painting has died.
Actually, stop one?
The first four inheritors of the stone painting are all dead!
And he himself will surely become the fifth …