Come to Penglai Island quickly, make contact with Kongtong Seal, and travel to Honghuang again in Kong Xuan!

It is said that there is a tribe named Fengyan Tribe in Terran, and a woman was born in Shanzhu, Hua Xu. She is known as Hua Xushi. There is a Razer in the west of Fengyan Tribe. Raytheon lives in heaven and earth, and the gods control the thunder and punish people for all evil things. It is said that Razer is a sacred area of the tribe, and people are not allowed to enter Razer privately or they will be expelled from the tribe!
Hua Xushi grew up listening to the story of Raytheon. She was very curious about Raytheon, but she couldn’t violate the family rules and buried it deeply in her heart.
One day, a light fell to Razer, which happened to be seen by Hua Xu and Hua Xu. Seeing that light reminds me of the ancient saying in the tribe that Hua Xu wanted to go to Razer and was afraid of being expelled from the tribe after being known. After a battle between heaven and man in Hua Xu, curiosity finally prevailed, and Hua Xu quietly went to Razer.
So for half a day, Hua Xu finally arrived at the edge of Razer to see and be close at hand. Razer Hua Xu hesitated again. After all, once he went in and was known, he was going to expel the tribe from a war, and curiosity took over the wind. Hua Xu said, "Now that you have come to the edge of Razer, it makes no difference whether you can enter or not." When you step into Razer,
After entering Razer, Hua Xu didn’t see Raytheon Razer. There were tall reeds everywhere. Hua Xu was afraid of getting lost. When the reeds were put down in the place where he passed, he wouldn’t get lost. Hua Xu sometimes walked in Razer for more than half an hour. When he saw a large place in front of him, there was no reed. Hua Xu Daqi walked quickly over and walked near Hua Xu. He was surprised to find that there was a big footprint not far ahead. It was about ten feet long and more than two or three feet wide. Hua Xu couldn’t help but imagine how small his footprint was compared with the original owner! Hua Xu thought, I’ll measure you and see how long you are. When you step towards the big footprint.
When Hua Xu walked into the big footprint, he felt that a colorful light rushed to himself and disappeared into his belly. Hua Xu felt something more in his belly after the colorful light entered the body. When he was frightened, he did not consider playing in Razer. When he quickly ran along the road to the tribe.
After Hua Xu answered the question to the tribe, she felt that her belly was getting bigger every day, and the people around her looked at her strangely. Later, she didn’t know she was pregnant until she asked.
In the unmarried pregnant tribe in Hua Xu, the elders came forward to ask why Hua Xu did not hide it at this time. When he saw the light, he saw the big footprints, and told the elders.
After hearing Hua Xu’s story, everyone thought that Hua Xu was pregnant with a monster, but she was kind in Hua Xu, but she didn’t kill Hua Xu directly or expel Hua Xu from the tribe. She built a hut for her at the edge of Chongqing to let her die there.
Hua Xu’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, which has affected the action. After Farah, Hua Xu had to face the dilemma of no food, but when there was no food in Hua Xu, he was worried. When the sky came, a unicorn flew in with a lotus leaf in its mouth, and there were some fruits in it. Later, Kirin kept sending food to Hua Xu, but not only fruits, but also some meat.
It is said that Kirin sent food to Hua Xu and was soon discovered by tribesmen. When tribesmen saw that Kirin sent food to Hua Xu, they immediately knew that they and others were wrong. Even Kirin sent food to Hua Xu, which proved that Hua Xu Huai was not a monster but should be a great sage, so he took Hua Xu back to the tribe and was taken care of by the tribe.
Not long after Hua Xu returned to the tribe, he gave birth to the child. When the child was born, a purple gas fell from the sky. In Hua Xu’s room, there was a bright glow and a faint dragon around the house. Only those with great magical powers could hear loud cries all over the world.
Fuxi was born in Hua Xu, and his performance was extremely intelligent. He was able to speak for three days and walk for five days. After he was a little older, he had his own views on things and helped tribal chiefs to deal with things. It also seemed that only one tribe did not give up his position as a patriarch on the excuse that he was old when he was an adult.
Since he took over the position of patriarch, Dong Xi has been working hard, and all the people in the clan have respected him.
At that time, the Terran’s food source was mainly melons and fruits, supplemented by hunting and river fishing. Life was full of aura in the wild, and it was fiercer than many wild animals. Every time the Terran went hunting, many people were killed and injured by wild animals. Many people were worried about hunting relatives, and the fish obtained by river fishing was not enough to feed many people. But I have been unable to figure out a way.
On this day, another man was sitting in the house, puzzling over how to reduce the casualties of his people. After a long time, he couldn’t find a way to sit for a long time. He felt stiff and wanted to get up and move. He just looked up and saw a bug flying in front of his eyes and hitting the corner. After a struggle, the spider finally broke free and couldn’t be regarded as dinner. An idea came to his mind. When he quickly ran out and asked his people to get several vines, he would make a net and take his people to the Yushui River to spread the rattan net. After a while, he suddenly closed the net and pulled it.
Later, Dong Sacrifice taught his people to fish in nets and hunt. As a result, the number of livestock in the clan increased, and some of them were wasted. After thinking for a long time, Dong Sacrifice came up with a method, that is, instead of slaughtering those animals that were temporarily inedible and harmless, he domesticated them. When Dong Sacrifice thought this method was feasible, he taught his people to domesticate them and tried it. It was indeed feasible for a long time, but since then, some tribes in the neighborhood have been troubled by the fact that they no longer need food.
Seeing that at that time, the clan marriage was rampant and the marriage custom was changed, and advocating the etiquette of male hiring women to marry, the blood marriage was changed to foreign marriage, which ended the long-term state of female knowing her mother but not her father’s original group marriage
At that time, Terran didn’t have their own words, and all the notes were tied up and sacrificed. According to some inexplicable things in the brain, they were made into deeds. Since then, Terran has never tied the rope to keep notes, which is much more convenient!
At that time, except those who had joined the friars, the Terrans didn’t know the way of heaven and earth. Every time there was a natural disaster, they suffered heavy casualties because they didn’t know how to avoid it, but they were worried and couldn’t do anything about it! ! ~!
Chapter two hundred and three Witch clan
On this day, I was thinking hard about the terran situation by the Weihe River, but I didn’t notice that the Weihe River gradually came to the surface with two curly green curls on both sides!
As if he had felt something, he looked up at Weishui and couldn’t move his eyes any more. It was as if something was fried, which tore his heart and hurt him, and it was almost a conditioned reflex. A roll of river map and a roll of Luo fell into his hands.
Staring at the hands of two volumes, the whole person stood there, just like being immobilized for a long time …
"Chemon, this guy is really inefficient. It took so long to send the river map and Luo!" It should never appear in his mouth to complain that it is wrong because it is time to call him Fuxi.
"All right, Kunpeng, I know you’re here! Come out and meet. In the past, there was something of friendship in calling "Fuxi Chao"
There was silence all around for a long time, and occasionally birds chirped and cicadas called.
Fuxi secretly clenched his fist, and his left hand turned into a sword finger. He went directly to the left point, and a shock wave appeared, but it went rapidly and smashed to reveal a road flyover in green. He looked at Fang Fuxi with some surprise in his eyes.
With a wry smile, the man fell in front of Fuxi and said, "I don’t want to have any friendship with you, you self-centered guy. Now that you have recovered your memory, I have finished returning the river map and Luo to me. Only an idiot will come out and jump around this time if he is not invited out!"
Fu Xi smiled strangely and stared at Kun Peng. He couldn’t help but look at his mouth and said, "Birds and fish, you shouldn’t have been confused by uniting for so many years. Have you forgotten that this river map and Luolai are my things?"
As soon as Kun Peng raised his eyebrows, the whole person suddenly disappeared, and then Fuxi’s face changed slightly. The whole person passed the risk by turning a claw back and sticking it to his face!
Fuxi’s hands moved slightly, and an unknown object was shaken out and wound around twice, and there was a flash of silver light. After a few hands, Kun Peng stepped back again.
Kunpeng didn’t chase after Fuxi and shook his head in distress. For Fuxi, this guy is not only him, but almost everyone has a feeling that a dog bites a tortoise from his mouth. This time he is watching Fuxi’s reincarnation and has just recovered his memory. I’m afraid that the former strength of the law is too lazy to talk nonsense with him and prepare to solve it directly by force, but it is obviously unsuccessful!
Kunpeng stretched out his hand and a milky white brilliance appeared in his mouth. "Fuxi, I am too lazy to know that your past avatar can still play against me. This is what I asked you to say when I left, which can help you restore your past avatar." River map, Luolai exchange "
Fuxi smiled and nodded, took out two volumes that he had earned in his arms and threw them directly to Kunpeng, saying, "You are really serious about birds and fish. It’s just a joke. Since I gave up this river map and Luo, how can I regain it?"
Kunpeng curled his lips and took back the river map. After Luo, he also handed the milky white brilliance in his hand to Fuxi. "This matter is over. I’m leaving now. Don’t come to me after the end. It’s not good for you to be sure!"
See Kun Peng to go Fuxi hurriedly speak shout "feed the birds and fish to go? Don’t you want to know what the saints want to do now? " But look at Fuxi’s expression and feel up to no good.
Kun Peng couldn’t turn his head into green light, so he walked and came to his voice from a distance. "I really want to know what the saint is doing then, but if you say it, I don’t want to know."
Fuxi’s face went to the Weihe River, looked at his reflection in the river and touched his face. "It’s so handsome, isn’t it worth believing?"
Shake your head and stop thinking about it! Take out the milky brilliance that Kunpeng just handed to himself, press it in the direction of his mud pill and disappear. Fuxi’s whole person is suddenly covered with white light, and the peaceful and serene breath spreads out of Fiona Fang thyme animals, as if they all have induction. Look here and quietly feel the quiet and peaceful breath.
When Fuxi woke up again, he was covered with all kinds of wild animals and birds. Even the fish in the Weihe River surfaced and kept looking at it. Fuxi shrugged his shoulders and put away his whole body with soft white light before these animals dispersed automatically.
Fuxi got up and had a big stretch. "It’s my tribe’s turn. I stayed here in Weishui for three days. Did I be a bit incompetent as a patriarch?"
On Fu Xi’s return to Fengyan Tribe, now Fu Xi is no longer the blister sacrifice three days ago, but a serious one, which was pinched all over the Terran by the demon clan’s first stick and the Oriental Qing Di Guajiugong. Then Fu Xi failed to see high his prestige and eventually managed the whole Fengyan Tribe into a big tribe with few exceptions.
But even so, Fuxi can still be called the head of Fengyan tribe, far from being a Terran Ren Huang, but at this time, Fengyan’s troops are strong and Ma Zhuang is strong, and Fuxi, a great magician in HarmonyOS’s time, is not empty talk. However, Fuxi is a typical pacifist who asked him to wage war. He didn’t have the luxury to rely on his own means or all kinds of dark threats and inducements to put pressure on him secretly. There is no doubt that he was elected as the first emperor of the whole Terran. Of course, there are still many big tribes on the surface, but he doesn’t care about the surface
Ha! Fuxi, a tribe of Fengyan, looked out of the window, chatted, yawned and picked up the tributes from other ethnic groups nearby. It was unknown to count how many clouds there were and who these clouds looked like.
"Huh?" Looking at the sky, I chatted with Fuxi in every way, and suddenly there was a flicker of doubt in my eyes. I can only hear it by myself. "What are you kidding about? Didn’t those guys die that year?" Could it be that the old hand of the East Emperor still escaped from the net? What a joke. "
"hmm? No, there is still a big tribe of witches! " Fuxi suddenly remembered what looked south, and that direction was where the Chiyou tribe, the largest tribe in southern Xinjiang, was located.
"There’s no reason. Those guys in Chiyou have never left the tribe. What is it this time?" Fuxi once again took a bite in his hand and couldn’t stop thinking about it.
"Chief, chief!" When Fuxi was thinking, he shouted outside.
Fuxi stopped thinking and said, "Come in!"
There is a person who has seen Fuxi and said, "Chief of the clan, recently, I have a few big tribes near the Fengyan tribe, and I don’t know why there are wild animals attacking them! Come to consult the heads of families. "
Fuxi raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you have to ask me personally about these little things? What do I teach you about congenital hexagrams and are those elders in the tribe idle? "
This Terran was trained to dare not talk back. See Fuxi finish this way. "Several elders of the clan joined hands with you to grant congenital hexagrams. It seems that there are some problems in the Fengyan Mountains. Among them, Elder Bozhi personally went to trace it, but he fell back injured. It is also a method to come to bother the clan leaders."
Fuxi finally showed some interest. You need to know that the elders of Bozhi are not many terrans. Although the Terran is prosperous, there are really not many Luo Jinxian. Even today, the Fengyan tribe is strong, but there are only two. This Bozhi is one of them.
At the beginning, he was able to mix into the position of the general demon god in the ancient heaven, and even worse, now.
"Well, I already know about it. Go! I will solve it as soon as possible. "Fuxi waved his hand.
The Terran bowed again and excused himself.
Fuxi suddenly got up and counted two bullets. His forehead turned around and disappeared. Fuxi appeared in a deep mountain not far from Fengyan tribe.
Because this mountain range is close to Fengyan tribe, it is famous for its rich aura, which is also a good blessing. Most of the practitioners in Fengyan tribe like to come here to practice.
But at this time, people dare to dare to come here again easily, even one of the two masters of the tribe, Bo Zhi, was seriously injured and returned. That’s pick Jin Xian. Are they going to die again?
But Fuxi looked at the circle with the slightest concern. Suddenly, "those cubs of the witch family led me out but didn’t see me but didn’t look like your character."
As the three peaks of Fuxi dialect reveal three figures, two men and one woman, looking at one of Fuxi’s women, saying, "It’s really the Great Sage of Fuxi. I can’t believe that Qing Di, the former demon Oriental, has now become Ren Huang."
Fuxi looked at her and nodded "Feng Ji Jingwei! I said, how can Bozhi’s fighting power be seriously injured and return home? So who are the two here? "
As he spoke, he looked at the other two with a little surprise in his eyes. "Xingtian, phase liu?" When Meng Qiang robbed the two great wizards, Fuxi was there at that time, so it was not obvious that they were famous.
Phase liu can’t see a wry smile "Fuxi Great Sage!"
Fuxi didn’t say much. "Then tell me what you came for. It’s not just attacking a few Terran tribes. What are your other purposes?"
Jingwei smiled, "our other purpose? There is no other purpose. Our only purpose is to meet you. Now we have achieved our goal. Goodbye! " With that, Xingtian and phase liu went away, and they followed him with a kotow.
Fuxi doesn’t stop bowed their heads and smiled "see me? So that’s it. It seems that the little guy Chiyou is finally thinking! " ~!
Chapter two hundred and four Witch supreme avatar!