Who the hell is playing the piano?

Mu Jing yun gong
The two men sat cross-legged on the floor face to face.
Zhang Yu apart, but in front of everyone, there is a short, lacquered case with a piano on several sides.
Sue MuJing dazed eyes flashed an accident.
Obviously, Shen Suer arrived because he didn’t expect that he was too addicted to the piano just now, but he didn’t pay attention to people entering the chess hall.
His eyes looked coldly to one side and the eyes of the guards were also reluctant.
Ye, you said that no one should disturb the guard when you play the piano. You explained awkwardly that just now, it was difficult for him to hesitate left and right, and Su Er had arrived at the door.
Mu Jing forgot when he said this, but he didn’t blame them. She was an exception after waking up and remembering.
It was the guard who was ordered to return. When Suer came in, he was already stared at. When he saw it, it was Shen Suer, who just wanted to report it without hindrance, but he met the Lord who was playing the piano. That’s what happened
Shen Suer stood at the door and heard the guard say this. His eyes also showed a little surprise. Section 13 Father’s secret 9.
Shen Suer stood at the door and heard the guard say so, and there was a trace of surprise in his eyes.
Mu Jingqin’s style has changed.
When a person is used to one style, it is quite difficult to change another.
Just now, when I saw Yun Gong Mujing, her intuition was that Yun Gong Fu Qin guards. It seemed that Mu Jing was Fu Qin. She personally listened to the piano in ancient times, but she didn’t understand anything, but it was true that the piano was like a modern song.
Just listening to it also aroused her memories of nearly ten years of silence.
Living here, now she will forget that she is a traveler.
Be accustomed to not ignoring
The door is still some distance from the position where two people touch the piano.
Mu Jing saw that Suer didn’t come in, and raised her lines slightly and bitterly. Before she took the initiative to step forward, she relaxed her gown and showed her lean and strong chest when she was walking. The more she felt, the more fascinating she was. Who knows how to appreciate it?
Handsome and pretty, standing in front of her, it seems that she is more delicate and feminine.
Sue rarely showed a little cramped and quickly moved her eyes.
Eyes wandering finally fell on another person in the lobby.
Huangfuyi also looked at her at the same time.
It’s clear eyes and calm waves.
On the surface, this heart is also known to everyone.
Mujing looked worried and asked if Suer was pregnant.
The child is fine. I was attracted by the piano. I didn’t expect that you played well and listened well. She leaned slightly, sorry, smiled a little and turned away indifferently.
Is in turn jade wrist caught by a big hand.
Don’t go, he blurted out that he was in a hurry.
Just come suddenly, say one more word and leave
Su ‘er said nothing.
However, Mujing grabbed her wrist but it was a little tight.
You don’t need words to feel his nervousness from contact
When stopped for a few seconds, section 131, Father’s secret 1: one big and one small
Mu Jing invited and begged you to stay awake and listen to the piano. He said this, but his hand was not loose at all. It was rare to see her. She stepped in and he waited for three years.
In fact, he has always set up a cage for himself.
Chess hall is the cell where he lives
That key is her.
She’s going to step in once, so he’ll forgive himself.
Yes, she waited for three years and didn’t set foot in once.
And he didn’t go there.
Finally, not long ago, he couldn’t help it, because that day was his birthday, which had been hidden in Beiwan, and his mother would remember it, but she couldn’t accompany him on his birthday.
It’s late at night and you should have a rest. She casually perfunctory.
Pick up and refuse.
Just now, I didn’t compose the piano by myself. Are you very talented? You sing with the same effect. You may have left him when you listen to a man who is not a man. He made excuses and lacked strength. Except this one, he thought of it for a while.
Chin, you’re not alone.