The old man’s heart is full of admiration

Nowadays, young people really don’t always play very well.
This is not to say to Xu. Section 1643, she is a small means.
But continue to chat.
It didn’t take long for Xu to figure it out. Suddenly, he also thought of something amazing. You always said that Miss Mu Xin, the right-hand general, is really famous. It’s better not to meet each other than to be famous. Haha, it’s really a reason to stand up once.
How many bosses will take care of a sick family?
Not to mention that a boss will take care of a family and give up an important business, and he will lose a lot.
It’s really a good virtue.
It’s not bad for him to be a friend in the end.
Well, don’t talk about these worries in your leisure time. Now you are better, just don’t go to work for the time being. Stay with an old man like me. Besides, you can’t remember what you did before. What can you do to help the company? The old man said directly.
As soon as he spoke, Xu was even more sympathetic.
Come on, she’s so sick and has amnesia.
Shen Suer frowned and looked worried.
Look, my heart is heavy, too
Suddenly, Mr. Xu laughed, okay, okay, what am I still doing? Miss Mu, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. I know how to do it, and you don’t have to worry about Mr. Gao anymore. I didn’t expect this kind of talent in our city. He praised people. It is undoubtedly Gao Lang
Is Shen Suer’s expression confused or dark?
Does it mean success?
It’s not very difficult to come.
After Xu said.
Shen Suer continues to pretend to be uneasy and accompany the two people to take turns to play chess so that they can also have a good time. In the process of playing chess, she is very measured, which is also called guiding chess. Guiding chess is the teacher’s treatment of raw chess.
Of course, she did it in secret.
As a junior, Cong will never bully his elders.
That’s a thankless thing. Section 1644 Nothing but her little tricks 3
In the past unconsciously.
Shen Suer saw Xu Zongji off and went back then.
When the old man looked at it, it was four o’clock in the afternoon, and he couldn’t help but wonder if you were going to do something at this time every day.
Shen Suer point embarrassed way, I want to go home and cook.
Isn’t Alan the little one too?
Haha, um, go back.
Bye, grandpa
Be careful on the road, and the old man couldn’t help thinking.
Shen Suer picked up the bag in a particularly happy mood.
Things finally didn’t screw up today.
When she just turned a corner, she was caught by a big hand for no reason. The bowl was shocked. One minute, people had been dragged into a hug and brought into a lane. Another moment, a person put his head on her shoulder like a child.
She was taken aback at first and relieved when she saw the Truman clearly.
Mr Gao Gao, what brings you here?
Can’t I come if you can come? Gao Lang is lazy. She is motionless. Today, he has been oppressed for a long time to find Wang Qian. That guy actually said that he didn’t come to see a grandfather. He also wanted to go in, but he was even more surprised to see Xu.
I met a businessman