"Who will it be?" Shoshalo felt that his eyes were staring at the mandate of heaven, sweating and sweating. "Damn it … damn it, why hasn’t it come yet …"

Sasuke came out in front of Shore Sharo with a horizontal face, saying, "When you go back to find me, I’m willing to die for martial arts, when you fight for it." His arms have been folded. At this time, an ordinary master can defeat the situation because of his destiny. It must be a determination to die.
"No," Shoshalo suddenly looked up and affirmed, "Please don’t worry about ensuring that the war will definitely come and it will come soon."
Destiny says "Oh"
Shoshalo said, "If it doesn’t come to me."
Then Sasuke said, "If there is a change in the middle, how can the horse be sent?"
Shoshalo said, "This war is actually a corpse, and this corpse can fight. It is said that whoever robs this war will eventually be sent here with some conditions attached."
Destiny has always been conceited and accurate in judging people, but I didn’t expect this boy with two arms to be so quick-witted, and I didn’t expect the other side to be a corpse.
"It’s not a condition, it’s just an additional subsidy." Shoshalo’s voice just fell, and one Shi Shiran came from outside, only to see that he was dressed in a fashionable suit and tie, followed by a fat man who weighed not three hundred pounds, and his fat hands were holding a woman’s body.
Shoshalo said one leng, "It turned out to be Yamaguchi Watanabe, and your joke has gone too far."
This man is the real leader of the Yamaguchi group, Watanabe Hideki, and he can easily snatch people from those pirates to see his sad face. "The four great masters brought a message from Tanaka, and I rushed there at the first time, but it was too late. The teacher has passed away."
Shoshalo also guessed the result. His nose twitched but there was no tear drop. "Watanabe, please give me the war. It depends on the death of the Japanese martial arts."
"Of course I know what’s at stake." Hideki Watanabe said with a smile. "This battle should not only be given, but also the arrangements for the decisive battle should be properly prepared. After all, both sides are among the best masters in various countries. This decisive battle must not be sloppy."
Shoshalo said, "That should be like."
Hideki Watanabe said, "First, we must invite celebrities and grandmasters to watch the war. This requires not only the Japanese but also the Chinese, so that we can listen to heaven and man in an upright manner. Second," he still wanted to say that the destiny is cold and interrupted, "This is not to watch monkeys bite and get out of here before I kill you."
Hideki Watanabe didn’t mean to roll. He said, "Shi Gandang will hand over the war to Mr. Destiny."
The Hercules actually took a name with a strong smell in China, Shi Gandang. He came over with the flower body and showed the bloody throat.
Because it’s been more than half a day, the blood on that shallow wound has already killed the destiny. I glanced at the sword and it was like being sucked in. It took a long time to sigh, "There’s finally a decent one."
Watanabe Hideki Avenue "Congratulations to Ge’s opponent"
Destiny says, "You congratulate me."
Hideki Watanabe said, "The strong respect me and respect every strong one, and I have already prepared a pavilion residence at Sakura Villa."
Destiny says, "Why should I live in your place?"
Hideki Watanabe is confident that he will still hold Dan in his arms. Qu Yong said, "Maybe the pavilion doesn’t need it, but he seems to need a quiet and safe place to adjust for a while."
He caught the soft underbelly of destiny with a good look. The latter’s body suddenly swelled up with a long arm, and he grabbed his neck in his palm. "You sent all kinds of ninja assassins more than ten times this way. The most despicable one was to chisel through the bottom of the big ship where I lived, right? You said that such a person would go to live in his place and I should kill you."
Hideki Watanabe showed no fear at all. He said slowly, "The assassination was a stupid thing that I didn’t know your strength in the past, but there is no eternal interest in the world. Now you can have the best and safest residence with me, and I believe you will be satisfied when there is enough."
Destiny said, "What benefits do you want?"
Hideki Watanabe said, "This question is difficult to answer. Will I die if I don’t answer it well?"
Destiny says, "You can try."
"I don’t want to try," Hideki Watanabe said seriously. "I won’t try anything that will hurt my life once. I won’t even think about it."
This kind of person is generally timid, but Hideki Watanabe is not a timid person. He does this because he knows that timidity is better than boldness in front of people like destiny. Timidity is ugly at best, and boldness often leads to death.
Hideki Watanabe said, "What I need is very simple. Naiyue, I know that you will be her in the future, and I don’t want to lose her place. My first plan is to kill you." He took two steps to make sure that the destiny was listening carefully and continued, "If you can’t kill you now, you need the second plan, which is to curry favor with you and hope to be your friend."
Destiny says, "I have no friends."
Hideki Watanabe admitted immediately, "I don’t need friends for you. I miss you!" Naiyue "
"Naiyue …" Destiny heard what Qu Yong said and deeply touched this name, which is likely to be his daughter. "You are very frank."
Hideki Watanabe squinted and said, "It will be in my best interest to confess to a master like you."
Destiny says "good"
Hideki Watanabe said, "I don’t know if one month will be enough to prepare."
Destiny took one look and was completely isolated from the outside world. Qu Yong said, "One month is enough. If one month is not enough, give him another ten years without anything, so you don’t have to keep it."
When he said this, he showed a murderous look and pale fangs. It seemed that Qu Yong was like an artifact. If the artifact is good, it will be destroyed. There is absolutely no mercy to tell. If a person is so affectionate about his own "artifact", let alone dealing with others.
Hideki Watanabe is more careful and more apologetic, saying, "The battlefield can also change the spirit of the sea, but it is not good for you. Some land people will find themselves worse than three-year-old babies when they arrive at the sea."
This is the truth. After all, if you are not good at water, you will not be able to play an important role in the sea one day. Besides, the master competition lies in that instant. A wave, turbulence and sea breeze are likely to affect the outcome of the decisive battle.
Destiny says, "In your opinion, where should the decisive battle be chosen?"
Hideki Watanabe reveals a smile that no one can understand, and slowly spits out the word "Imperial City".
The Japanese Imperial Palace is the emperor’s residence. It was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first generation general of Tokugawa shogunate, in about 159 AD. Unlike China, Japan still retains the emperor and the emperor lives in the palace. Although it is said that the emperor is not real now, the symbol of the future is that the two super masters are fighting in the imperial city. Once they hurt the royal family, it will be a big event that will shock the whole world.
"It’s interesting." Life agreed that day, and he said "good."
Shoshalo was shocked. I didn’t expect Hideki Watanabe to choose the Japanese imperial city as the place of war, so the matter is likely to go bad.
"What on earth does this Hideki Watanabe think? It is impossible for him to be a woman. He must have ulterior motives in doing so, but what is this purpose? Will it endanger Japan’s national luck?"
On April 10 th, the imperial palace duo vs. Tian Shuang
A month later, on April 10, the Chinese destiny decided to fight a decisive battle in the imperial city, and the news that thousands of people cut the valley of God in Kotaro has disappeared since then.
Not only Japanese fighters have flocked to Tokyo from all over the world, but also fighters from all over China have been moved by the news. There are also all kinds of people from all over the world. At that time, the crime rate in Tokyo is soaring, but those hotels are worried.
But all this Qu Yong has been closed to the outside world since he held Dan that day.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen demonstrated in
It’s been more than 20 days in a blink of an eye. It’s quiet in this piece of Watanabe Hideki Sakura Villa, but Watanabe Hideki is much busier. The threshold where he lives from the date of news release is almost broken.
From the fighters with uncertain minds from all walks of life to the underworld, to the entrepreneurs and businessmen, to all kinds of people from all walks of life in Japan, the emperor finally didn’t find a door to ask a question
If it were a different person, it might have been torn apart by all sides, but who is Hideki Watanabe? He can handle it like a duck to water.
This deadly chaos lasted until April 15, three days before the decisive battle
Two great events happened on this day. The first was the landing of Kotaro in Shengu.
He hasn’t landed yet, and there have been rumors flying all over the sky. He learned that the coast is full of heroes from all walks of life. It can be said that drinkers throw cups and gamblers play around. People who have never heard of the name Kotaro in Shengu have left everything behind and waited on the shore to see the first sword. It’s a great day. People set up camping tents on the seashore at the sight of the sky and the ground, and it’s really a crown.
On that day, when the sun rose, a hundred-foot sailboat finally appeared in front of everyone with the brilliance of the sun.
"Heaven has eyes to protect me, and" the existing fighters are all excited and can’t bow down to the big ship by themselves.