"Small also said that we are idle, we are all going to be idle and crazy. What are you doing back this time? Are you taking us out? Now that we have completely adapted to the fairy aura, there is nothing taboo to take us to the celestial world! " Sima Yun said

Baiye nodded and said, "Don’t worry, everyone. I really want to take you here, but there is still one thing to do before I leave!"
Hearing that he was finally leaving the crowd, Sima Yun quickly asked, "What’s up?"
Baiye didn’t speak, but held out his hand and flashed his finger. With the other hand, Jade Ruyi played a spiritual tactic in the face, and then Jade Ruyi gave a brilliant brilliance, and several light and shadow flew out from it. It was Baiye who brought strange creatures in another world.
These creatures stayed in baiye jade for the first time, and now it’s time to let them out. As soon as they came out, they floated around and looked at them curiously.
White leaves are easy to show three familiar figures, the light butterfly and the blade, but at this time the three of them are the size of a fist
"Is this the fairyland?" Small butterfly saw white leaves hurriedly flew over and asked.
"It’s not the celestial world. It’s where you find the combined person and then we go to the celestial world together!"
The little butterfly fluttered and said, "It seems very weak here! But it’s fun! "
At this time, these creatures are not only of average size, but also completely hidden, otherwise their strong momentum will immediately cause the collapse of heaven as soon as it appears here, and it seems that they are born in this world and have not attracted the attention of heaven at all
When Butterfly finished speaking with white leaves, she offered several powerful spiritual strategies, which contained the words he had sorted out before, while the words were related to these strange creatures.
Soon, everyone in Ling Ji’s path has understood the meaning of Baiye.
Baiye said, "Let’s look for it now!"
The combination of the two kinds of creatures is two-sided, especially Baiye, who also wants the home of these strange creatures. It will not be over for a while before they are combined.
In this gap, Baiye flew away from the three cities and went to the northern mortal colony.
At this time, every mortal has a very different understanding before the white leaves, because the heaven is constantly stable and the aura of heaven and earth is constantly growing. Although these mortals have no cultivation techniques, they have become strong and live longer, and their lives are getting better and better. There are fewer and fewer wars, and people are living and working in peace and contentment.
White leaves quietly stop in the white clouds, and the consciousness is open, covering all sentient beings.
Section 292 Combination of creatures
After listening to Huang Zhen’s teaching in Baijiaxiyuan, Baiye came into contact with every wisdom intentionally, and then he gradually became strong. He recognized that he was already familiar with every wisdom, but actually he gradually realized that he was getting farther and farther away from every wisdom.
Not long ago, the words of the ancient pot elder rang in his ear, which made him feel the need to know more about all wisdom. There is no purpose to know, and if you have to have a purpose, you just want to enrich yourself and know more.
White leaves float in the middle, and the knowledge of God overturns and covers the whole city. All kinds of things are immediately printed in his mind, and mortals accumulate in his heart like trickle water.
Bai Ye realized here that practitioners in the other side of life are looking for their combined partners.
From the white Ling Ye formula, they already know what is going on, so they are also curious about the effect of the combination.
However, there are many practitioners and many strange creatures. If both sides want to find a right eye, it will still be difficult for a while. After a long period of chaos in the south, the first pair of eyes finally appeared.
This pair is none other than Little Butterfly and Rhyme.
Although Yuner has grown up, her mind is still almost the same as before, and she is full of childishness. When she heard that Baiye came back and disappeared, she became angry.
"Bad guy teacher younger brother didn’t come to see me for so long, but he left so soon! Hum, if I see you, I will definitely fix you! "
Rhyme didn’t go to see those strange creatures with everyone. She just sat at home and grabbed the petals and kept saying that Baiye was not.
Just as she was mumbling, the little butterfly flew to her side. The little butterfly flew out in the chaos. It looked around curiously and unconsciously flew to Rhyme, listening to Rhyme muttering.
"What is a big teacher younger brother?" The little butterfly listened to three sentences in Rhyme’s mouth and asked curiously.
"Big brother is big brother, but he is my brother, but he is older than me!" Rhyme saw the little butterfly, but there are also some spiritual animals in the three southern cities. Rhyme did not connect the strange creatures brought by the white leaves of the little butterfly.
"Did the younger brother make a mistake?"
"Well, he made a big mistake!"
"What mistake?"
"He doesn’t even come to see me. Every time he comes for a while, he leaves. He certainly won’t recognize me as a little teacher elder sister!"
"Then go to him. By the way, who is the big younger brother?" The little butterfly landed on Rhyme’s shoulder and asked curiously
"This is what he looks like!" A stone appeared in Rhyme’s hand, and her hand moved the stone to give off a faint brilliance, which condensed out an image, which was just like a white leaf.
When the little butterfly saw that it was a white leaf, it immediately flew up and said around the image, "I know him, I know him!" "
Rhyme one leng busy asked "how do you know him? Where did you meet? "
"At my house, I knew him when he went to my house, or did he bring me!"
Do you know where he is now?
The little butterfly flapped its wings and said, "I don’t know!" "