Mei Tiande nodded and said, "Let’s compare the size?" "Whatever." Mei Tiande grabbed the dice in his hand and was about to throw it. He suddenly stopped. "You don’t count if you drop the table first."

Si Haihu smiled and took the dice. He didn’t mind throwing the dice gently on the table and rolling for a few times. Mei Tiande’s eyes were wide open. "One by one, three talents and four points!" Laughing, he grabbed the dice and said, "Si Haihu deserved it at four o’clock on the back of your hand today." "You haven’t won yet." Si Haihu shook his fan unhurriedly and looked at me! "Mei Tiande closed his eyes and shook his hands with dice." Win at five o’clock and win at five o’clock! " Suddenly open your eyes and shout "kill!" The dice fell to the table and jumped. One of them quickly lit up at three o’clock, and the other one was still jumping. Mei Tiande shouted, "Two, two, two!" Dice stop proved to be a two-point "I won! "meitiande jumped up and stretched out his hand and grabbed the silver ticket in front of sihaihu.
Si Haihu was stunned for a long time and didn’t speak, but the gambling continued. Si Haihu was confident that he could win the game.
Cihang and Tianjian sent two younger brothers to the town to ask where the town gambling house was, but before they got to the entrance of the gathering square gambling house, they saw Mei Tiande, the thief. Cihang made an eye on Tianjian’s younger brother. They looked at Mei Tiande from three sides and bowed their heads and walked to the town stone road. Cihang grabbed Mei Tiande’s shoulder and said, "Mei Tiande looks where you are going! ?” Meitiande looked up and drooped his head and said, "You are late."
Tian Jian’s younger brother forced Mei Tiande to say, "Give us back the silver quickly!" Mei Tiande pointed at the back with strength and said, "You want them to go." Cihang glared and said, "You stole the silver and we asked you for it." "You asked me for it?" Mei Tiande looked at Cihang and Tianjian’s brother’s face, and the light gradually came. "Look for me, but the silver is not with me." "Mei Tiande is not allowed to play tricks!" "Don’t lie to you, Yinzhen isn’t here. I don’t believe you." Mei Tiande raised his arms and looked wronged
Brother Tian Jian searched Mei Tiande and found more than 30 coins. "Where did you say the silver was hidden?" Mei Tiande said, "I’ll take you to get it." Cihang shouted, "Don’t lie and lead the way!" Mei Tiande said, "Let’s gather the hands of Master Si Haihu of Sifang Gambling House in the back." "Take us there!"
Three men escorted Mei Tiande to the entrance of Jusifang Gambling House, and Mei Tiande said, "Tell your Si Haihu to come out!" The gatekeeper Han froze and said, "Uncle Mei, didn’t you just lose everything?" "Nonsense, tell him to come out. Some friends who want to gamble have come to see him." Cihang pinched Mei Tiande’s shoulder and said, "Did Mei Tiande lose the gambling on stealing silver?" Mei Tiande nodded. "How can you have no money if you don’t lose your body?"
Heavenly sword brother great anger one kicked MeiTianDe way "call you steal! Tell you to gamble! " Mei Tiande held back the pain and said, "What’s the point if the silver is gone?" "Who is making trouble at my door?" Master Si Haihu shook and fanned out, and Mei Tiande shouted, "Si Haihu, give me my silver back quickly!"
Si Haihu laughed. "Mei Tiande, how dare you come back for silver after losing the bet?" "Si Haihu, if you don’t pay back the silver, they will spare you!" Si Haihu looked at it and said, "You three must have stolen silver from him, didn’t you?" "Yes," said Tian Jian’s younger brother. "Did he lose to you for stealing silver?" "That’s not bad."
Si Haihu sighed and said, "Come on, he won a handful, so let it go, but he still has to gamble and finally lose it, and nothing is caught." Tian Jian’s younger brother said, "Give us our silver back quickly!" "That’s not right. The owner of the debt is the one who stole your silver. How can you ask me for it?" Mei Tiande proudly said, "They don’t even have money to go home without asking you."
Si Haihu’s fan closed and said, "Mei Tiande, you shouldn’t be a thief, so you should leave some virtue and always leave some return silver for others." Then he patted the fan and said, "Since several of us are in our capacity, Si Haihu will send each person twenty taels of silver for travelling expenses." He turned his head and whispered a few words to the thugs, saying, "Mei Tiande stole the silver but lost it to this man named Si Haihu. Should he ask him for silver?"
Brother Tian Jian didn’t buy it. He said angrily, "We don’t want twenty taels of silver for begging!" Si Haihu said with a face of resistance, "You two don’t want me, and you don’t have to be forced". "This brother didn’t say anything, but he didn’t answer it." Don’t want this 200 taels of silver now, "he said with his left hand and drew his sword." His life is at stake. "
MeiTianDe face big change "slow! "cried sihaihu." although this brother meitiande stole your silver, it’s not fatal. "cihang calmly looked at sihaihu’s heavenly sword brother exchanging glances and pressing meitiande." then cut off his hands. "sihaihu saved me! "MeiTianDe shouted sword has pressure on his wrist blood seeped out SiHaiHu jumped out," don’t run on my ground! "Cihang stopped him and said," What are you doing when we get even with this thief? "
Brother Tian Jian didn’t really hate it. "If you want this thief to stand out, there is a ghost!" Si Haihu looked at the many people surrounded by him in front and said, "I don’t care if you drag him elsewhere."
Kindness channel "good depends on you" Tian Jian brother set up Mei Tiande and left "Si Haihu you heartless old help you earn so much silver you from ruin! "Wait a minute." Cihang stopped Tian Jiandi and asked Mei Tiande, "What did you say about helping him earn silver?"
Mei Tiande laughed strangely. "It’s as simple as stealing silver and cashing in."
Si Haihu shouted, "Mei Tiande, don’t be a dirty lie!" "Si Haihu, you are heartless and unjust." Mei Tiande swallowed and was about to speak. Si Haihu has slapped a sword on his head and forced Si Haihu’s heavenly sword brother to detain Mei Tiande next to him for interrogation. "What did you and Si Haihu do? ""Every time I steal silver, I intentionally lose it to him. We will split it 40%. He is responsible for giving me information about silver. "
"It’s strange that everyone knows that you are a thief. Why don’t they catch you and turn you in?" "Catch me?" Mei Tiande laughed. "There’s a Sihaihu who’s protecting me and who’s finished." Onlookers started to curse and shout and kill Tian Jiande with a smile. "Mei Tiande, can you hear me? I’ll send you to the Western Heaven today. "With a sword in his heart and a face stabbing into his throat, Tian Jian’s brother lost Mei Tiande’s body and looked up to watch Cihang and Si Haihu compete. Si Haihu’s black forged face fan bone is made of iron, and every dance is full of strong breeze. [Please search Baidu for quick search:]
Chapter two hundred and six Serial deception
[Please keep in mind the domain name "w w w", or search in Baidu:] Cihang felt a little hard after playing for a while and said, "This name is Si Haihu, who is as poor as my sword."
Si Haihu flapped, cut, banded, rowed, poked and pulled freely and flexibly, especially when he fanned, he shook his opponent’s eyes together. "Brother, does Si Haihu have a nickname’ Jin Qing Tie Gu’? "
"Yes, he is famous in this area." "Which way is that male?" "The younger brother looks like a home sword." "The elder brother Si Haihu must have seen the Gongjian Road. He should wait there for every move."
"His name is Jin Qing, and Jin Qing means that his eyes are like goldfish eyes, and that fan bone is made of ten fine irons." "Brother, I’ll help you." "Brother, you should be careful." "Don’t worry." Brother Jian shouted, "Jin Qing, I’ll learn." He waved his sword and joined the combat division, and Haihu laughed. "Two fights and one fight are very good!" Cihang secretly relieved and shouted "You attack me"
"I know," said Si Haihu after reading several tricks. "It turns out that the heavenly sword is small!" Cihang’s vicious moves forced Si Haihu to go backwards several steps. The heavenly sword swordsman’s swordsmanship attacked the plate very quickly and continuously. Brother nodded, "It seems that the home swordsmanship is easy to attack and the younger brother is just a little stronger in attacking the plate. It won’t be long before they cooperate with Si Haihu." "Jin Qing’s iron frame" Si Haihu was a little tight and shouted, "You still don’t give it to me!"
Gathering the thugs in the Sifang gambling house, they were stopped by the senior of Tianjian Sect. Although he was slightly injured, it was more than enough to deal with this class of thugs. After a while, the thugs were dead and wounded and ran away. Si Haihu was so angry that he couldn’t just join the battle. The three men besieged Si Haihu, who immediately felt constrained on all sides and blocked loopholes everywhere. The fan was almost poked into a honeycomb. From the threesome, Si Haihu knew that he was injured and attacked him desperately.
Si Haihu’s pressure was relieved, but he was able to cope with it. Seeing the signs, the senior brother retreated to the periphery and asked his younger brother to concentrate on attacking himself. If he couldn’t stab a sword, he immediately withdrew and looked for another opportunity. "Jin Qing’s iron frame" Si Haihu was in trouble and was unable to cope. Finally, he was caught by Brother Tian Jian, who stabbed his thigh with a sword. Si Haihu reluctantly roared at the iron fan and beat it to Brother Tian Jian. He would spell out one even if he died.
Cihang’s hand is in a hurry. Nine cool literary networks point a sword at Si Haihu’s wrist. Point a sword at his eyebrows. Si Haihu threw away the iron fan’s body and smashed it to the ground. People applauded Cihang to help him. Brother Tian Jian said, "This guy has two" and "Let’s find his own silver". Three people entered the Jusifang gambling house and took their own lost silver and silver tickets out of Cihang. "There are gold and silver in it. Let’s go get it!" The onlookers shouted and crowded into the gambling house. Cihang pulled two people away from the gambling house. "We have to do things and have to break up."
Cihang asked, "You are the Heavenly Sword Sect. You must be well-informed and want to ask a question." "Excuse me," "I wonder if you know where the idiot lives?" Brother, look at brother. Brother, look at brother. "What are you looking for? ""I have something to ask him now. "
Brother said, "It must be martial arts." Brother said, "There must be revenge." "Yes, it’s good to avenge your brother’s suffering from poor martial arts." Brother said, "We have heard about your brother’s misfortune." Brother said, "I will tell you that my brother lives at the foot of the Heavenly Sword." Cihang was overjoyed and said, "My brother’s revenge can be reported tomorrow!"
At the sight of the sea, the waves surged in rows in front of the beach reef, splashing and splashing. The waves were like thunder, and the sparse ships floated with the waves, which made people sweat. The beach was full of flowers, overlooking the Haitian junction, and muttered, "Where can I find such a sea?" “
Hua Manxi is tracking Wu Chi all the way. When Xu Shao came to the seaside, he said that Wu Chi wanted to find the black thief gang "Big Shark". Zhong Tianlong had a heart-felt contest and found out that the black thief gang was in the sea. But where can I find the black thief gang when I look at the sea?
After careful consideration, Huamanxi decided to look for a boat first, and the sailors must have known that the black thieves had fallen, so Huamanxi rode along the beach to look for them, and finally saw many boats parked on the beach in front of him, and there were a steady stream of people coming and going barefoot to surprise Huamanxi, urging the white horse to look up at a boat and asking, "Where is the black thief gang?" The fisherman who was looking at her in the basket pointed out, "Ask where to collect the fish." "Thank you." Before the horse came to the fishing stall, the horse went to a table and asked politely, "Where is the black thief gang?" The old man behind the desk was just about to speak when a great guy came over and said, "What do you want with the black thief gang?"
Huamanxi didn’t dare to tell the truth. "I’m looking for a black thief to help Wang." The great guy noticed Huamanxi as early as the beach fishermen because she was too conspicuous, not only beautiful but also noble. All this said that she was by no means a girl who grew up by the sea. The great guy waved "Come with me" and walked forward by herself.
Huamanxi turned around a reef with a white horse behind it, and an inhabited place appeared, most of which were stone houses and some sheds looked very messy. "Where are you taking me?" ""Don’t you want to call the gang of black thieves? " The great guy stopped at a stone house and pushed the door and said, "Here we are." "Is this it?" "Huamanxi, find a stone, tie a horse, go to the door of the stone house and look inside." Go in! " The great guy pushed the flowers all over the stream and couldn’t get his feet into the stone house. He was just about to turn back. The stone door was "What do you want? "
The great guy ignored her, locked the door, paved the road on the stone, and walked to the seaside. She was annoyed by the flowers in the stone house. After a long time, there was a movement in front of the stone house. The flowers in the stream drew out a sword and hid it at the door. The man grabbed her wrist and appeared in front of the flowers in the stream. A young man with a golden skin was very white and tall. He looked at the great guy behind the young man and said, "Who are you?"
The young man let go of her hand and said, "What can I do for you to find a black thief to help Wang? ""Of course it’s none of your business, "the young man laughed." What’s your name? " "My surname is Hua Manxi," Hua Manxi asked and retorted, "Who are you from?" The great guy said, "Girl, don’t be deluded. This is the second master of the gang of black thieves." "It’s uneven in the hills." The girl’s name is Hua Manxi. If I remember correctly, you are the daughter of the former master Hua. "
Hua Manxi grinned and said, "How many people know this?" Qiu said with a smile, "Yes, there are many people in the Jianghu." Hua Manxi said, "Since you are the second master of the black thief gang, you must know where the Wang is." "It’s not easy for Hua Girl to help Wang wander around the sea." "You can’t find this second master?"
Qiu Buping said, "I found Flower Girl, but I always have to tell her what’s going on first." Hua Manxi said mysteriously, "I have something important to find, and he can tell others." Qiu Buping thought for a moment, "Master’s boat will appear in this area tonight, and I’ll take you there." He turned to the great guy and said, "You get something delicious to entertain Flower Girl." After that, the great guy quit the stone house and laughed, "Girl, you wait for me to get you something to eat." Thank you.
The great guy led a skinny little girl in. The little girl smelled of sea, which made Hua Manxi frown. The great guy put the little girl on the table with a basket and brought out a plate of fried squid, a plate of fried conch meat and a bowl of rice from the inside. "Let’s eat, girl."
You’re welcome to stutter in Huamanxi. The great guy and the little girl are watching Huamanxi eat the great guy and put the chopsticks in the basket. "Girl, this girl is sent by the second husband to wait on you." Huamanxi stopped the great guy and said, "What’s your name? What’s her name? "
The great guy is embarrassed to touch his big head. He is embarrassed to tunnel, "I don’t have a name. Everyone tells me that I am floating in the hands of Master Qiu." "What about her?" "My name is Xiaoxue." "Xiaoxue?" Flower-filled Creek reminds me of a hundred flowers fairy. Ding Nishang Wanlongling also has a man named Xiaoxue who was later killed by Ding Nishang Silver Needle for colluding with butterfly fans. "The girl asked Xiaoxue to accompany you. I’m going to Mr. Qiu’s place. He often asked me to do things." "Go floating."
Floating back to the door of the stone house and added, "Miss Wan Qiu and I will come to meet you and help Wang."
Snow glared and said, "You’re floating!" Floating started to run away, and Hua Manxi said, "Xiaoxue, what are you so fierce about floating?"
Snow laughed and said, "Girl, his mouth stinks and he can’t say anything. It’s not endless." Huamanxi shook his head and said, "I don’t think he looks like it."
Snow didn’t speak. "Snow, are you a black thief? ""We are all places where black thieves help. ""Black thieves help you? "
"Of course, the black thieves’ gang manages a large area, and almost all the beaches are under the control of the black thieves’ gang." "Is the black thieves’ gang powerful?" "Awesome, our leader is nicknamed’ Big Shark’. Do you know the big shark?"
Huamanxi shook his head. "The shark is the fiercest fish in the sea and the sea overlord! "Hua Manxi nodded." Are you Wang’s martial arts? " "Besides," said Xiaoxue gesticulating, "We help a Lord fight all over the black thief’s enemy or how can we manage such a big territory?" Hua Manxi couldn’t help worrying about how Xu Lang could find him to compete. What if he lost? Xiaoxue said, "Girl, you seem to have something important to ask Wang, right?" Huamanxi nodded "Yes". "I’m so good with you. Can you tell me?" Huamanxi shook his head and said "No". Xiaoxue was disappointed and said, "That’s so bad that I won’t tell you! “
Wake up in the middle of the night with flowers all over the stream
Xuedao, "Miss Qiu is here to pick you up."
"Flower girl, get up and let’s go see Wang."