"In fact, it’s really good." Cheng Xue looked up slightly and forced the tearful pearl back. "At the most beautiful age, when I met the man I loved the most, I didn’t regret it, and then I got engaged to marry the man who loved me the most. It’s really good to have our own children to live an ordinary life in the future."

After Cheng Xue went out, she settled down and looked down at her hand, holding a small wooden box in her heart and locking it. After she gently hit it, her pupil suddenly shrank.
It’s actually a cup! That Duan Tianlin fired He Yan to draw a picture on the surface. This cup has already been broken. It is Cheng Xue’s strong glue that sticks up bit by bit. There are still some slight defects. It should be that the fragments are too small to find.
Text 495 He has come!
Ann’s footsteps are slow. As soon as she came out of makeup, she saw the footsteps coming in a hurry, Ni Haodong.
He gave a look of relief when he saw her.
He came over and evoked her and asked her, "What are you doing? So depressed? "
NiHaoDong silently looked down at her little box has seen through everything.
He put his arm around her waist and gently urged, "Let’s go. It’s official. When I first came, I saw Huangshi excitedly wiping tears there."
While being held by Ni Haodong, she was unwilling to twist her eyebrows and asked him, "Is this really the end of He Yan and Cheng Xue?"
Section 43
"What do you want?" He stared at her with a smile out of the corner of his eye and asked, "The Huang family is also famous for getting married. If she goes back on her word, even if it is completely offended by the Huang family, it has already restricted its development in some fields. Wouldn’t it be more difficult to offend the Cheng family if the Huang family became famous again?"
""she opened her mouth and closed her mouth, and she was hugged by him. She wanted to say that Cheng Xuelai wanted to give everything to elope with He Yan, but the little one didn’t come!
Luxury hotels are luxurious and lively. Compared with the cultural square, the hotel is much more deserted. Usually, there are quite a few people in the square. Nowadays, most people are attracted to the door of the hotel and look inside. Several luxury cars pass by and citizens raise their mobile phones to shoot.
There is a man in the shadow of the tree, with his back against the trunk, smoking half a cigarette in one hand and holding a can of beer in the other. His eyes are flat and his eyes are narrowed as if he can see through the hotel at a glance.
The street lamp can’t shine at his feet, where cigarette butts and beer cans have fallen all over the floor.
He was still wearing camouflage uniforms and came back from the military exercise. When he saw the mobile phone WeChat, he rushed here, but after he came, he didn’t know what he was coming!
Isn’t it nice that she finally figured it out? Isn’t that what he want?
After the ceremony, Anluo and Ni Haodong came out of the hotel and waited for the bus at the roadside to get back to Sioux City overnight.
He took off his suit jacket and put it on her and asked her, "Are you tired? If we are tired, we can stay for one night and fly back early in the morning. "
Ann shook her head. "If you are not tired, go home and miss home."
Ni Haodong put her arms in her arms and bowed her head. After printing a kiss on her neck, she whispered in her ear, "I miss you if I don’t want to go home."
Ann blushed. She knew what he meant by missing her. She pursed her lips and said softly, "If you really have it this time, you must not mess around."
How hard it is to have a child!
He didn’t say anything but bit her on the shoulder.
He let go of her hands, grabbed her shoulders and frowned at her and said, "I hurt too!" "
"I didn’t bite you again. Do you still have a pain in your face?" Ann twisted her body, rubbed her shoulders and glared at him with discontent.
He sighed with a touch of nai on his lip corner and asked, "Do you understand the pain?"
Ann blinked and turned to look away, not wanting to look at his pathetic eyes again.
Just as a car passed by, she saw it at a glance and was exposed by the headlights.
"Ah!" I cann’t believe he came! ?
Ni Haodong looked down the line of sight and saw a figure, but he had guessed who it was.
"He Yan!" An Luo shook Ni Haodong’s arm and exclaimed with surprise, "He Yan actually came?"
"Well" NiHaoDong nodded "is he but what are you excited about? Cheng Xue and Huangshi are a foregone conclusion, and his coming will not help. "
After listening to NiHaoDong’s words, Anluo seemed to have been poured a pot of cold water, but she still looked around the roadside and walked across the road towards him when there was no car.
NiHaoDong take two steps with her and walk half a step behind her. Even if she accidentally falls, he can hold her firmly in his arms with a step.
He Yan found that they were coming towards him, so he threw away the cigarette in his hand, then looked up and drank half a can of beer and settled it in front of him. At a certain time, he was drinking the wine and threw away the aluminum beer can and dropped it to the ground with a ringing sound.
When I walked in, I found that he had drunk so much and smoked so much! Aren’t you dizzy?
Ni Haodong looked at Anluo and said, "It seems that I can’t leave tonight."
He Yan dumped her hair and looked intently at the sight of Anluo and Nihaodong in front of him, and he smiled.
From sneering to laughing later, and finally he laughed and tears fell.