These starships are thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters small, but in general, although the number of starships is very large, the proportion of large ships is a little small

"This is a few hidden military observations on the side where the guardian star field is arranged near the meteorite desert. The image has confirmed that this fleet that invades the guardian star field through the meteorite desert is our enemy at the moment-the celestial locust star fleet!"
There was a low-pitched discussion about the fierce name base of meteorite desert, which was known to all the federal people on the earth. Therefore, most people here didn’t expect that a fleet could cross it, which was really incredible.
In the interest projection, the dark green fleet is indeed the team of the people.
Compared with the Earth’s federal starship, the Celestial Starship is smaller in size and weaker in firepower, but it is better than the fast steering and flexible, and it is composed of semi-biological armor. The hull and the shield system of the federal starship have their own advantages, but on the whole, the Earth’s federal starship still has the wind.
In peace, he gently knocked on the platform and waited for quiet before continuing to introduce, "Maybe some people don’t understand that this locust star is like crossing a meteorite desert. In fact, it has already begun to show signs in these projections. Please have a look."
An An adjusted the projector and the focus of the projection slowly shifted to the front of the Celestial Star Fleet, where there appeared more than a hundred starships with unique styles. These starships were all dark, and if they were not careful in the dim stars, they would miss the dark green starships behind them, which was very different. When the projection gradually drew closer, everyone clearly saw these starships drawing patterns and suddenly shouted "Star Pirates!"
Yes, these patterns, which are composed of white blood-dripping skulls and two crossed leg bones, are the unique symbols of interstellar pirates. In addition, each starship is painted with a huge golden unicorn.
"This is the Jinjiao pirate group. According to intelligence, this pirate group has always been active on the other side of the meteorite desert. It has repeatedly avoided the meteorite desert when facing the siege of the Galactic Alliance Star Patrol Group. Therefore, we have reason to believe that this pirate group has the ability to cross the meteorite desert!" In serious continued
"That is to say, the celestial locust star fleet appeared in the guardian star domain through the meteorite desert led by the Jinjiao pirate group?" A student asked.
"That’s right!" An An nodded and added, "Although we don’t know what can pass through such a huge fleet in the dangerous meteorite desert, it doesn’t matter at present. What matters is that they have indeed appeared in front of us!"
At this time, the pirate fleet in the projection gradually decreased and gave way to the middle passage on both sides. It is estimated that the guide is completed and the celestial locust star fleet is ready to take the lead.
Windson looked at the black starship eyes flashed out some inexplicable cold mountain.
Jinjiao pirate group Lin Feng knew a lot of its information. When Lin Feng learned that the anti-government organization was in the meteorite desert, he tried his best to investigate people or organizations that had not been able to get in and out of the meteorite desert. After all, anti-government organizations have never been dispatched on a large scale in recent years, and even the military department could not grasp their whereabouts, so the Golden Horn pirate group jumped into Lin Feng’s sight in the investigation.
This pirate group is the only organization known by Lin Feng that can move freely in the meteorite desert except the anti-government organization. Lin Feng has long planned to go to this pirate group after graduation if he still can’t find the trace of the anti-government organization, and see if there is any way to enter the meteorite desert. To be able to settle in, Lin Feng has great plans to join in and be a pirate.
There are countless interstellar pirate groups active in the vast border stars of the Milky Way, among which the most ferocious pirate group will kill all the hostages after looting, while the unspoken rule of the general pirate group is to let valuable hostages pay for their freedom and have no money to sell them to some countries that still retain slavery as efforts or to some black mines as miners.
According to the intelligence, the Yujinjiao pirate group’s reputation is not bad, and it is still a kind and mysterious interstellar pirate group. If they want the other side not to carry out fierce resistance, then after their looting, except for the ship materials and some high-tech talents, other hostages will arrange for the escape ship to be put back. Therefore, Lin Feng does not think that joining this pirate group will have any psychological burden.
Windson didn’t think that the Jinjiao pirate group would appear in front of you, which may be a good opportunity. Thought of here, Windson suddenly felt that it was also a good thing to transfer him in peace.
"According to the quantity, this fleet should be composed of two large fleets, and a small pirate fleet is quite strong." When Lin Feng was thinking, Ann seemed to be introducing each other’s situation. "And our side originally stationed in the guardian star field, the Federal Second Fleet dispatched a main sub-fleet and a quick reaction brigade to the fierce Yangxing before the war. Unfortunately, because the front line was tight, the second fleet sent two main sub-fleets to support the front line. Of course, the defensive force of the guardian star field was increased, and the fourth fleet of Rainbow Star also dispatched two main sub-fleets to us.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Pre-war meeting (in)
Psst ….. "After listening to Ann’s introduction, there was a breath of air. People couldn’t help but ask," That is to say, at present, there are only two sub-fleets left in our main second fleet? "
"The reality is that there are really two sub-fleets left in the second fleet and the support of the fourth fleet hasn’t arrived yet." Answered Ann with a nod.
"This ….." The questioner was dumbfounded.
There are two large fleets and a small pirate fleet, and we have two sub-fleets left in the main battle. How can we fight? Everyone was pessimistic at once.
See very not easy to cheer up before the meeting morale and fell to Ann doesn’t seem to care about some said, "don’t you forget? Our college fleet is compiled by the top rapid response brigade, and we also have a guard star local fleet. Although the equipment and training are a little poor, the quantity is not discounted at all. Plus, we have the home court and a large number of batteries are arranged in the Federation on this side of the meteorite desert. It can be said that we still have a hard-working military academy elite. Are you so discouraged? Tell me, isn’t it? "
"No!" There was a cry of uniformity in the conference room again, but the momentum did not seem to be as strong as it once was. It is no wonder that the locust star people came to two reorganization fleets, while their own fleet was patched together by seven, and the combat effectiveness of the fleet in the guardian star was to be questioned, so the situation was not optimistic.
"That’s good!" An Anli waved his arm and shouted, "I tell you that the Federation will win this war!"
"The Federation will win!" Maybe it’s because of mourning soldiers or last stand. It seems that everyone has aroused the bloody heart and raised his fist to drink a way.
"Well, I announce that our mecha brigade will be the main battle." An An pointed the pointer at the information projection and said, "We will quietly go around the meteorite belt lurking behind the locust star people in the periphery of the meteorite desert to undertake reconnaissance and positioning in the early stage, and then wait for an opportunity to attack each other’s command ships at all levels depending on the war situation. Do you have any questions?"
Although it is very simple to look at it in peace, this is the standard mode of action of the Mecha Brigade. There are not too many rules and regulations, and it is important to wait for opportunities. Everyone here has undergone many rigorous trainings and is very clear about how to complete it, so there is no problem.
Ann waited for a while, no one asked and adjusted a projector. Suddenly, she smiled mysteriously and said, "I know there must be some pessimism in the hearts of many people present, but it doesn’t have to be like this. I’ll give you a reassurance here. Please have a look."
Windson as Ann pointer pointed to the direction, suddenly the projection image has changed. Now it seems to be a huge planet. The surface of the planet is covered with dense craters and craters. Some familiar planets are also covered with dense ships nearby. It is the Federal Second Fleet and the local fleet of the guardian star.
Soon someone recognized it and shouted, "Isn’t this the satellite where the military academy is located and our own fleet?"
"Yes, yes, our military school is in the belly of this satellite, but what does this mean?"
"Yes, this is the satellite where our military academy is stationed. I think you must be wondering why the Central Military Academy organizes a large-scale emergency and subsequent military exercise every month." Speaking of this, An An deliberately paused for a while before asking, "Have you ever thought about why the military academy should do this? Is it to familiarize you with the other two large war fortresses in the Federation? If so, it seems that it should be held once every six months. "