If you don’t wait for him to finish, turn around and smile at the sex, and the sex will know that his mind suddenly reaches out.

He is still four or five steps away from Xu Haozhuo, but he has reached Xu Haozhuo.
Xu Haozhuo, a contemporary hero, experienced two hundred and seventy-one battles in his life. He was more experienced than when he could draw a pen to fight at the first time, but then he came to see the corner of a white robe flashing, which was stuck in his waist, and a pair of judges’ pens went to Sex De’s hands.
Just now, sexual virtue was not grabbing a pen, but killing people. Will he fight back?
For a moment, Xu Haozhuo stood in a cold sweat and wet clothes on the spot. Where did he know that the technique of losing sexual virtue was quick and clever, and he could really grab the pen quickly. If you want to kill people, you can’t do it.
Sex virtue took a double pen and retreated back, just like the eyes behind it. A turn-over posture is more stable than beauty.
All the people in the room came running in succession.
Sex virtue does not look at everyone, but it is a set of brushwork.
I only saw the wind swinging and the waves rushing and roaring
Everyone sees the shadow of the pen, but they feel the same way. They are in the sea and do their best to seize it.
The most shocking thing is Xu Haozhuo. He stays at the top of the building, his eyes are staring straight, and he can’t believe that he has seen the judge’s pen, but he seems to be more proficient than he has been practicing hard for 20 years. What’s more frightening is that one stroke and one style is indeed a blue sea and a long wind, and his brushwork is several times better than him.
This man is simply practicing the moves, and there is no motivation at all. It is already a shocking power that the moves are applied by him. I don’t know how powerful it will be if Aaron pours strength into the double pen.
Many of the experts present have seen Xu Haozhuo’s exclusive brushwork. At this time, the only idea is that this brushwork can never be created by Xu Haozhuo. It is much more likely that Xu Haozhuo will be created by sexual virtue. Because of this brushwork, he has a good hand and a pure trick. When Xu Haozhuo is a teacher, his grandfather is more than enough.
Even Xu Haozhuo is in a trance. I’m not sure that this is really unique martial arts.
Sex, all the way, the brushwork is calm and leisurely, and slowly walks to the front of Xu Haozhuo with both hands as a judge’s pen. Xu Haozhuo stretched out his hand and took the face with his eyes straight, and his face still looked dull and unable to think.
If the dark eyes sweep away everyone’s sexuality and this brushwork kills people, who will be the murderer?
Everyone was shocked by the sexual morality, and everyone traveled for a long time before slowly asking the public what this meant.
I mean, it’s very simple. It’s not true that it’s an absolute secret to say whether unique martial arts is really unique or not. There are no real people stealing it, and no one knows that it’s not necessarily true that Liu’s predecessors can practice that kind of fencing, so it can’t be determined that he did it.
Moon bullet is as familiar with other people’s martial arts as this man. It is indeed possible to pretend to be Liu. He is not willing to call Liu’s elder, but at this time, he is somewhat embarrassed to call Liu Qingyang’s name and simply skip it after a slight meal.
If you laugh, you may pretend to be true, but it is possible that you are suspicious, but you can’t treat him as a murderer until you have definite evidence.
Xiao Yao’s fear of sexual morality is suspected, and he can’t help but say that Xiao Xingde is not the only one who knows martial arts. As far as I know, there is also a beautiful woman named Wang Yuyan.
If zheng then bowed their heads and suddenly a cough.
If you leave your eyes and micro-move Liu Qingyang’s eyebrows, Xu Haozhuo finally points out during the meeting.
At the same time, these wealthy Wulin tycoons think desperately about a man named Wang Yuyan, but Wulin people don’t know if they have ever heard of this name before, and I don’t know how many brain cells died at one time.
In the last few big houses, even the secret order force investigated a beautiful woman named Wang Yuyan, and I don’t know how many people were very busy.
A total of thirty-seven beautiful women named Wang Yuyan have been connected with their ancestors for ten generations, and their experiences from words and deeds have been recorded in detail and sent to the major tycoons to wave away a lot of current events, which is another story.
At this moment, everyone’s mind is still on this murder case after all.
The second part of the world of mortals dreams the eleventh accident is heavy
I’m still in the middle. I’ll focus on the first chapter later. I died of injury
Moon Shadow Lake, the most beautiful place in Jeju City, counts poems, paintings and beauties.
Now, the willow in the lake head is still the water in the lake, but there is no more sweet smile like a bell, and there is no more dumping of the music, flute and poetry of Jeju City.
There was a fierce struggle in the original painting.
The table, the chair, the piano, the ink, and the wall. Several valuable famous paintings were scratched or torn enough to make people who know the goods sigh deeply.
But all this Xiao Yao can’t see.
The first thing he saw when he boarded the painting boat was Sima Yunniang.
The girl who lies on her back with her eyes closed, will never recite poetry, never play the piano, never watch the sunset with her, and never swim in the blue lake with her.
At this moment, he was strangely calm.
Sima Yunniang was wearing a Cui Luo shirt, with many broken breasts and shoulders, and her skin was scattered like snow. A few strands of black hair covered her face, but she couldn’t hide her jade-like beauty. That quiet smile wasn’t her hands clutching a dagger on her chest, which almost made her just sleep in a dream instead of dying in a terrible killing.
The blade of the dagger inlaid with orbs has been deeply submerged in her chest, and there is not much blood in it, but a small piece of skirt on her chest is quietly dyed red as if it were a dress and a bloody embroidery.
Xiao Yao slowly knelt down and sat down beside her, gazing at her serene face and quietly reaching out her hand. She pulled up her skirt, and her messy hair moved gently. Every morning, he or she smiled when thrush.
When she died, she smiled at him. She was very familiar with him. Many years ago, outside the ancestral temple, she knelt down and looked up and smiled at him.
She cut her hair and gave him a smile when she heard him coming and looking back.
He has seen this dagger.
The palace treasures the imperial palace. She once cut off the clouds and hair.
He threw away the nobility and wealth, and also brought this dagger, a wisp of black hair and rode alone to pursue the world from now on.