I heard the flute in the last few days, but the first snow was blowing.

No wonder nothing happened and no one said anything or stopped.
Who dares to care from the emperor’s bedroom flute?
Suddenly, Shen Suer’s face was strange. At that time, she seemed to be the same concubine who was going to seduce the emperor. The first snow knew that she imagined him as a concubine. I don’t know what she would think. Hehe, awkward smile. Section 89. Bad and shameful way to win. 14
Shen Suer took off her coat and threw it by the pool when she went to change clothes in the first snow.
Implicit, she still wore the innermost dress and soaked it in water.
In fact, according to modern customs, she really wants to take off her clothes and soak again, but she thinks that the first snow will soon be gathered. After all, the first snow is still like a child to teach him badly. If she rushes into the water like one, she will be in big trouble.
No, she’s embarrassed
Although, er, someone doesn’t object to such a plot, it’s better to avoid PS sigh if you can avoid it. Think about why someone’s mind is so contradictory
One more question: If you teach Chuxue bad, will the emperor skin her first? It’s not ugly. The emperor attaches great importance to this younger brother.
I knew his attitude towards the first snow when I saw him in the street for the first time.
I think it was a real analogy when he and she met for the first time.
Shen Suer’s arm is leaning against the pool, and most of the white jade stone fence is soaked in the water.
Tonight is really enjoyable. It’s the most heart-warming day to stay in the palace. Of course, if the medicine is not right, how can the medicine have a chance to soak here and laugh? Everything seems doomed, and no one can think much.
When people relax and enjoy listening to the soft flute sounds, they will always fall asleep unconsciously. At this time, if Shen Suer wakes up, she will definitely wonder if the first snow flute is a soul-urging song or a lullaby for her mother to make people sleep.
The mist in the pool made a certain sleeper’s cheeks blush.
Corners of the mouth slightly holding the smile.
I don’t know how long she’s been soaking, but she’s in a daze, as if she’s walking slowly by herself
Slender and dressed in white
The first snow is slightly open, the eyes are blurred, and the dim light is even more blurred. Intuition, she mumbles the name of the first snow, and the first snow is dressed in white.
In a moment, she personally gave a pair of big hands.
Another moment has fallen into a strong chest. Section 9 is the most shameful way to win. 15
Shen Suer Mujing is biting his teeth and squeezing three words, which means he wants to swallow her and destroy her.
Find her. It’s almost dawn.
And she actually Shu Shu is soaking in hot springs here.
If it weren’t for the first snow, I found it was noisy outside. I went to see it and told what happened. I also said that she was here. Mu Jing would never have thought that this damn woman would be in her bedroom. Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of it. I didn’t expect it at all
That feeling of hating is hard to level.
In just a few hours, he almost tore down a palace, but he didn’t expect his bedroom.
At this time, his daughter in his arms was wet and wet, and his clothes on his chest were soaked.
Is to make him feel a little cold, people also calm down a little.
Jane doe seems to be awake.