At this moment, D ‘Avrigny’s eyes met Notier’s eyes. There was a strange joy in his eyes, which contained profound meanings. These attracted the doctor’s attention. He put Valentine back in the chair. Her lips were so pale that her face was almost as gray. Then he looked at Noirtier motionless, as if he had expected him to do everything.

Ged ‘Avrigny said to Villefort, "Call Mademoiselle Valentine’s maid."
Villefort went to see her, and Avrigny went to Noirtier. Do you want to tell me something? He asked.
The old man blinks his eyes meaningfully, and we should remember that this is the only thing he can do to show that he will definitely move.
In private?
Well, I’ll talk with you for a while, when Villefort came back, followed by the handmaid, followed by Madame Villefort.
What happened to the poor child? She said something uncomfortable when she left my room, but it was urgent for me. Madame de Villefort approached Valentine with tears in her eyes and with the expression of her mother’s love for her daughter. Avrigny took her hand and continued to look at Noirtier. He saw that the old man’s eyes were round, his cheeks turned white and sweat was dripping down his forehead.
Ah, he said that he couldn’t help looking at Noirtier’s eyes, but Noirtier kept a close eye on Madame de Villefort. Villefort repeatedly said that it was better for the poor child to lie in bed, Fanny. Let’s carry her to bed.
M. d ‘Avrigny felt that the proposal gave him a chance to talk privately with Noirtier, and said that it was the best way, but he ordered that she should not be given anything to eat or drink except his order.
They carried Valentine away. She was awake, but she couldn’t move or talk. This time, her hair shook her bones all over, but she could still give her grandfather a look. Avrigny followed the patient to a prescription and ordered Villefort to go to the pharmacist in a light carriage to get the medicine. He waited for him in his daughter’s bedroom, and then ordered again that Valentine was not allowed to eat or drink. After that, he went back to Noirtier’s room carefully to make sure that no one was eavesdropping, and said, Well, do you know something about your granddaughter’s illness?
It was the old man who said
When we can’t surf any more, you must answer me when I ask you.
Noirtier made a willingness to answer.
Did you expect Valentine to be hit by such an unexpected blow?
D ‘Avrigny thought for a moment, then approached Noirtier and dared me to speak to him, he said, but at present, there is no sign to despise you. Have you ever seen poor Barros die?
Raise your eyes and look at the sky
Do you know the cause of his death? d ‘Avrigny put his hand on Noirtier’s shoulder and asked, but the old man answered.
Do you think he died of natural causes?
An indistinguishable smile on Noirtier’s stiff lips.
Then you Barros was poisoned.
Did you come to give him poison to eat?
Is the man who you want to kill Valentine now the one who intended to poison Barros?
Then will she die, too? Avrigny, with his sharp eyes fixed on Noirtier, asked him, waiting for a reaction in the old man.
No, he replied with a smug look that would confuse even the smartest guess.
Then you are still hopeful, said d ‘Avrigny in surprise.
What do you want, old man? His eyes showed other ways to answer. Yes, yes, yes, said Avrigny slowly. Then he turned to Noirtier and said, you want the murderer to stop.