Chapter 145 The assassination by night

Leisheng seems to have thought of something, but he still has to pretend to be confused. "What does Lord Bochang mean?"
"Dare you let me stab you?" Bochang is eager to try and say
Leisheng laughed frankly. "I’m afraid that ordinary swords are no longer worth it to me now."
Leisheng took off his clothes to show his strong muscles and motioned Bochang to attack casually.
Bochang took out his dagger and stabbed Leisheng without hesitation.
Is it that Leisheng’s body is rock-solid now, or is it that he has hurt this civil servant?
After the dagger touched Leisheng’s skin, it rang and Bochang couldn’t get in at all.
Bochang had no choice but to give up further demands. "Can I try it with someone who can do good work?"
Lei Sheng said, "As long as you can try out the results you want."
Bochang called in a bodyguard from outside the house at the beginning of his fame, indicating that the bodyguard would stab Lei Sheng with a sword, but he could not kill Lei Sheng.
The bodyguard took a weird look at Lei Sheng and thought that the child was sick. Why should I stab him?
Lei Sheng said to the bodyguard, "Don’t spare me, you can stab me."
The guards glanced at Bochang.
Bochang confirmed, "What a nuisance?"
Lei Sheng said, "If you don’t try your best, you can’t touch my body."
A listen to body power Bochang hanging heart slightly some notation motioned the guards to listen to LeiSheng.
The guards covered the dagger with force and then thrust it at Lei Sheng.
After all, it’s the gas phase, and the dagger actually stuck Leisheng’s skin into a millimeter.
The dagger was broken, and the bodyguard gave an alarm and threw up his arm.
"There are adults …" The guards repeatedly said.
Bochang laughed. "You can retire."
The bodyguard walked away with a face of intimidation, and this made me get here.
Lei Sheng asked, "Is this what Lord Bochang wants to test?"
Bochang was embarrassed. "That’s right. I decided to try your skin toughness with a dagger because I couldn’t make a thunder mark on your body. The result was the same as just now. It turns out that this is an automatic power trigger after your body is in danger."
Speaking of which, Bochang leaned over and said, "I have to ask you to forgive me just now."
LeiShengXu helped a "adult where words, after all, it’s important for adults to be cautious. Actually, it’s my abrupt adult."
"Young Master suddenly appeared in the capital and visited my Dojo House. Do you need me to introduce you to the general?"
Talking to Congren is labor-saving.
Leisheng nodded. "Maybe the father will have me dead."
Bochang quickly said, "No, the general always thinks that you are still alive and secretly sending someone to look for you. I didn’t expect that the young master, Ji Ren, should worship the Wutong Sect. You wait for me to go to the palace to meet the general and tell him the good news."
Seeing that it was getting dark, Leisheng thought that Bochang was still so cautious in this Miyagi. There must be something in it. Leisheng hurriedly asked, "Has anything happened to your adult recently? What are you so cautious about?"
Bochang froze and gave a wry smile. "Who let me claim to be the first think tank of the general and have no qualifications to practice? Those generals who have opinions on the Lord have always wanted to get rid of me and want to weaken the main strength. However, it is not easy for people in the gas phase to get into the capital, but there are always some small characters who are not afraid of death who are willing to take risks to assassinate me, so I have strengthened my vigilance."
I see
Leisheng said, "It’s getting late now and adults can’t go out. Isn’t there any communication in the palace?"
Bochang patted his head. "I’m so happy. How can I forget this crop?"
Then he led Lei Sheng to his office and sent a communication to Lei Yuan.
Answer the communication is a steward in the palace. He heard Bochang say that he had something important to tell the general, but he didn’t dare to neglect it and hurried to report it to Lei Yuan who was having dinner.
Leiyuan put the bowl chopsticks in his heart and wondered, "What the hell did Bochang do? How did he call me again shortly after he left the palace?"
I thought so, but Lei Yuan knew Bochang’s character well and knew that Bochang was not shooting at people, so he went to his military room and connected Bochang’s communication.
"Is there anything new?" LeiYuan asked.
After hearing Lei Yuan’s voice, Bochang couldn’t help but say, "General, the young master has found it."
LeiYuan leng eyes suddenly become a god "what did you say to find LeiSheng? Where did you find it? Is he hurt? "
Bochang told Leisheng what he had found for himself.
"You take him to see me," Lei Yuan demanded. "No, you are too slow. I’d better go there myself."
Leiyuan hung up the communication before Bochang could reply.
Bochang smiled and shook his head to one side. "The Lord will come in person. Let’s wait outside the house."
Leisheng nodded Bochang led Leisheng to Duo Zhifu like an individual.
This * Bochang’s attitude towards Leisheng is completely different. Two attitudes keep waiting outside the house for Cheng Tie, and all six people feel it.
See LeiSheng came out, Cheng Tie six people rushed to meet him. Although they had doubts about LeiSheng’s body and General Yi Bochang’s ignorance, now they see that Bochang is so attentive to LeiSheng, and this doubt has vanished.
Leisheng motioned for six people to be alert and wait around.
Bochang looked at Lei Sheng and said, "Young Master, do you believe that someone will come after I withdraw the guards from the mansion?"