At first, Ye Tian was a little scared, but soon Ye Tian became white and chose a vortex and was sucked in before he could leave this world and master the energy operation mode represented by the cyclone, that is, the lighter.

Trying to resist the cyclone suction, he didn’t want to be sucked in so casually before he chose his own cyclone, so there would be no waves at a time.
Finally, the surrounding area was calm again, and there were dense elements around it. Then prehistoric cases broke out for a moment, and all the elements of heaven and earth fluctuated, and nearly a hundred cyclones were formed with a fierce spin.
It’s just that hundreds of cyclones are produced at the same time, but it’s just one. The difference before is that hundreds of cyclones are slowly rotating. When you look closely, hundreds of cyclones together have actually formed a big cyclone in the world.
As time goes by, the cyclones approach each other and then merge several times, leaving nine cyclones running slowly around the central point of Yetian.
Feel the nine super-powerful cyclones, and the heart jumps up quickly. This guy is fierce. It’s too fierce. Pick any one that is not a high-level cyclone. It can be compared with the fact that each of these nine cyclones is made up of ten small cyclones.
Struggling for a day, I’m going to choose any one. Otherwise, if these cyclones dissipate, nothing will be lost. It’s too great a loss, so I can’t miss such a good opportunity.
However, after struggling for a few days, I was startled to find that I had managed to move my body. When I looked down, a round black hole from small to large could resist strong suction.
Ah, in the middle of the howling, the sky was instantly sucked in by the black hole. At the same time, the nine cyclones rotating around the vortex also scrambled to rotate around the central point for several weeks, and then flushed into the black hole like a toilet.
In the middle of a series of whistles, the sky suddenly opened its eyes and returned to the real world. When it was ready to open its eyes, nine mental ripples flashed into my mind.
Ye Tian felt a mess in his brain for a while, and when Ye Tian regained consciousness again, he found himself squatting in pain with his hands holding his head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth full of blood.
Startled, one leng, Ye Tian carefully examined the body, and it seems that there is no problem. After careful reflection, I didn’t find what I learned. Did I fail?
Doubt raised his head and looked around in the past. Everyone was surrounded by the crystal ball. At the moment, the crystal ball was crystal clear and green.
Just as Ye Tian looked at the core of the crystal ball for an instant, a emerald light suddenly flashed, and then the emerald light gradually brightened. One minute, two minutes, four minutes, and one minute, a crystal ball was restored to the emerald crystal ball again.
Seeing this scene, the crowd around the crystal ball was relieved and turned to look at Ye Tian. His eyes were full of inquiries.
Looking at everyone asking about the expression, Ye Tian scratched his head awkwardly and said, I didn’t seem to notice anything just now. What’s going on?
Well, I didn’t hear Ye Tianhua, chairman of the Association, but I couldn’t help exclaiming
Looked at Ye Tian, chairman of the Association. Unbelievable. Did you check again?
Check how to check hear association President Ye Tian startled way
After a brief look at the chairman of Yetian Association, he continued, not surprisingly, you should be aware that there should be an emerald cyclone in the sea. This cyclone represents a regular pattern. Through this cyclone, you can mobilize the energy of natural boundary elements to launch the sacred martial arts.
Suddenly nodded, Ye Tian quickly closed his eyes and quickly sank into the sea of consciousness. Ye Tian finally saw that.
Looking at the nine cyclones spinning slowly in the sea of consciousness, it seems that the nine cyclones are running according to a certain trajectory as if they were nine planets, but there is nothing in the nine cyclones around the core.
Doubt Ye Tian touched one of the nine cyclones in a flash according to the guidance spirit of the chairman of the association. In the rotating emerald cyclone, a green light filament suddenly appeared and connected to the green light mass at the core.
In the middle of the zither, the sky suddenly opened its eyes and looked at its feet. Now a green halo is around Ye Tian’s body. Although the first-order lighter of the Earth Warrior is not exactly the same, Ye God knows that this is the halo of refuge.
No one would have thought that Ye Tian, who had been busy for so long, had got a shelter aura. This is a big joke.
However, although it is unlucky to the extreme, everyone knows that the shelter aura is also a form of land element fluctuation, and it is nothing strange to this. No one can blame Ye Tiandian for being too back.
Of course, it’s not that no one doubted that Ye Tian wanted to hide his new fighting skill, but it’s a rule for Ye Tian to display the aura of refuge now. This can’t be fooled. Although the absolute tenth-order fighting skill is called the aura of refuge, it’s not comparable to the first-order aura of the earth warrior.
It went to Ye Tian’s side, and the chairman of the association comforted Ye Tian and patted him on the shoulder. Dawn is a sheltered aura, but after all, you should be satisfied.
It doesn’t make much difference to hear the words of the president of the association, Ye Tian is startled and one leng is just a sheltered aura, but Ye Tianji knows that he is still a light group and hasn’t triggered it yet.
Just as Ye Tian hesitated to try these auras in public, the chairman of the association patted Ye Tian’s shoulder and turned toward the mouth. At the same time, others on the rostrum also took pity on Ye Tianbao and then walked behind the chairman.
Ye Tian couldn’t help looking at the people fading away. Is it true that everyone else can have a cyclone and he only got nine? So what are the remaining ones?
Chapter 21 1 Strong lighter
After meeting his companions, Ye Tian and his party left the magic beast Circus Maximus. Although everyone really wants to know what kind of lighter Ye Tian has got, Ye Tianji hasn’t made it clear yet, so he can put it on hold for a while.
In order to understand everything, Ye Tian went back to the cave and groped for this new lighter. It took so much effort to get it. I don’t know what it is.
Ye Tian took a deep breath and sneaked into the sea of consciousness, where another cyclone was in control, and a emerald tentacles were explored toward the emerald light scout.
A burst of light ring and a silver aperture are now around Ye Tian’s body.
In Ye Tian’s manipulation, the emerald spheres in the nine cyclones were connected together. With the connection of one cyclone after another, Ye Tian kept swinging around his body with colorful apertures.
There were nine cyclones in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white, and nine auras of different colors opened around Ye Tian. Ye Tian slowly opened his eyes and looked at the colorful auras around him in astonishment, completely staying away.
In the middle of the nine auras, I know the shelter aura is slow, the thorns aura is strong, the endurance aura is heavy, and the six auras are purple, black and white. I don’t know what it is.
Generally, I feel that the purple halo is strongly corrosive. Of course, this corrosion is aimed at energy, not anything. Just like a super virus, it can quickly corrode the exposed energy.
In that white halo, although I don’t know the name, I keep sending out a series of white light waves to transport a large number of earth elements to Ye Tian’s body to supplement the consumption of quarrelling and to increase the speed and efficiency of quarrelling practice.
Finally, the black light girdle has a strong swallowing power, which can devour the energy that comes into contact with the ground and then transport it to Ye Tian’s body. Although it can transform a small part, you should know that this lighter is just a meeting, and it has great development potential after the initial stage.
Although I don’t know what these three auras are called, Ye Tian named them according to the three auras, namely, corrosion aura, energy aura, swallowing aura and Ye Tian’s familiarity with the six auras in front, which makes nine auras.
I took a deep breath excitedly. Although none of these tactics are offensive and all are auxiliary, this is Ye Tian’s hope. You know, powerful tactics will be replaced by more powerful tactics, auxiliary and passive, and the tactics will never be replaced. If you practice one point, you will gain one point.
Thinking about Ye Tian, I felt a sudden fluctuation in the sea of consciousness, and a tangible pain broke out from the deepest part of my soul.
In the middle of the day, I felt a roar in my mind, and nine cyclones exploded around the emerald sphere to form a huge black hole. In an instant, nine cyclones revolved around the central emerald sphere and slowly gathered in the past.