Gu Yue see Xia Qi is also happy than cold frost look disappear like flowers bloom from blood Yunfei descended towards Xia Qi.

Two people tightly embrace together as if melting into one!
Blood cloud five old man suddenly eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Patriarch, don’t forget that you promised us that this time we will come out with you, but you will end the love in the world. From then on, your mind will be perfect and then you will be flawed, which is the real killing kendo!"
An old woman’s face is wrinkled like orange peel, and her hoarse voice is very ugly, which makes people feel creepy and horrible.
In the old saying of Xia Qihuai, when I heard this, my body froze.
"Moon, what is this?"
Xia qi heart in a surprised have a bad feeling quickly asked.
"You elders, I won’t forget that I promised to end my love. I will naturally go back with you. Now kill all these people first!" Gu Yue didn’t answer Xia Qi words turned to five old man accent cold.
When the five elders heard the news, they immediately looked at Jin and other five infant monks.
"You predecessors, we are the elders of the Five Elements Sect, the Shadow Gate, the Three Clouds Sword Sect and the Green Dan Gate …"
Gold and others face a change at the same time back mouth quote us out of the house.
Several top clan names are the peak monks in Yuan’s infancy, and they are all frightened. They are confident that they can leave.
It’s not finished yet. An old man has made a move!
Draw the woman is just for Gu Yue mouth old man a cold drink dry like a branch arm out a condensed into the essence of murder, a sword attack to kill!
Sen Han’s murder is frightening and can’t afford to resist!
Repair the highest draw escape gold in this murder sword didn’t come to have resistance directly was scored head * * four splash sad than.
You Jing, Jian Li and others also fled in this instant scream and their bodies fell, and their bodies directly collapsed into a bloody field.
From the beginning to the end, it was only an instant. Five infant monks have died!
Even Xia Qi is knowledgeable. Seeing this scene is also amazing. I can’t believe it!
"Patriarch, these wastes have been killed by several old women, which means that Patriarch saved this little Patriarch. Should this little cause and effect be over?"
The old woman croaked again.
"Xia Qi, calm down and wait for me to tell you in detail!"
Xia Qi was about to give Xia Qi a Gu Yue voice to make Xia Qi quiet.
"Several elders have cause and effect in the cultivation of immortals, except Xia Qi and my master. Now my master needs to break the forbidden Dan and ask you elders to make moves! To help my master recover, I can cut off the cause and effect and practice killing kendo with all my heart! "
Gu Yue’s accent to the five elders is very cold.
"Break the forbidden Dan? This kind of Dan medicine is very rare, even if it kills Jian Zong, "an elder said with a slight frown."
"I know where there is a forbidden pill."
This time Xia Qi heart movement will LiuDan said to come out.
"Wan Cangshan? In this case, I will take a trip to Wancang Mountain! "
Hearing Xia Qi’s words, the five elders immediately decided to go to Wancang Mountain.
Xia Qi took back his hexagrams from Zhu Bo and led the way in the direction of Wan Cangshan, followed by five elders who killed Jianzong and Gu Yue.
Chapter one hundred Kill the door
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Xia Qi leads the way because of serious injuries. Although there are many healing pills, it is difficult to heal in a short time, and the speed is not fast.
What’s more, Xia Qi’s heart is full of doubts at the moment.
He contacted a lot of five elders who came back from Zongmenbai ten thousand years ago and followed behind Gu Yue. It should be that he killed the elders of Jianzong. He couldn’t understand what Gu Yue would say to cut off the cause and effect.
The speed is not fast and flies slowly towards Wan Cangshan.
And Gu Yue Xia Qi flying side by side will also make things happen slowly.
But when Xia Qi went to Wancang Mountain with a group of killers, it was very lively.
The original Wancang Mountain is just an unremarkable mountain with no spiritual pulse, but with the emergence of Gankun Palace from the underground, Wancang Mountain suddenly becomes like a fairyland, with rich spiritual force in heaven and earth comparable to some first-class sects, which is very suitable for cultivation.
Such a vision naturally attracted many monks to visit, and Gankun Palace was just born, and by the way, it recruited younger brothers. As a result, the title of Wancang Mountain has flowed out in a short time, which led many monks to come to learn from the disciples, and many mortals not far away all came to visit the immortals.
The whole Gankun Palace presents a prosperous posture, which makes several elders of Gankun Palace and Liu Dan, the palace master, happy.
Gankun Palace was one of the best schools of alchemy in the immortal world ten thousand years ago, and several experts could be trained by several elixirs. With many younger brothers, Gankun Palace will easily rise!
Several elders and Liu Dan were so excited that they personally received several talented brothers.
At the moment, several elders and Liudan gathered in the hall of Gankun Palace, but they were more excited than ecstatic.
"Palace main you say but true? You can attract the barren Kunding to our Gankun Palace by breaking the forbidden Dan in your hand? " Big elders willow responsibility excited than some can’t believe asked.
"Ha ha ….. Elder, rest assured that Xia Qi is a heinous devil, but he has great respect for his master. This time, his master is willing to take out 100 million Lingshi to get the forbidden pills at a sky-high price. I will do something to increase Shou Yuan Dan medicine in exchange for the forbidden pills and tell Xia Qi that he may have arrived at our Gankun Palace at the moment!"
Liudan smiled with confidence.
"Dry Kun Ding is a real fairy, although it was broken by heaven in those days, but if it is qi pieces, it can be restored once again! If we can really restore the barren Kunding, the strength of our Gankun Palace will be greatly increased immediately! "
Elder Liu is excited and full of expectations.
"Hey hey, that Xia Qi was willing to give up 100 million lingshi in exchange for breaking the forbidden Dan, then he will definitely come to our Gankun Palace. Then we will directly kill the immortal world and get the pieces of the barren Kunding tripod and several lingshi. It’s a double whammy!" LiuDan eyes flashed a grim smile cold mouth.
"The Lord of the Palace said that Xia Qi was a vicious man, and we, Gankun Palace, removed many channels from which he was killed to get justice!" Next to several elders of Gankun Palace, they also spoke righteously.