"This ….. how is this possible? Chen Lao actually died in his hands." In Li Min’s mouth, Xu Shao just knew that this was actually not the Li family’s disun in Zhongzhou, which made Xu Shao feel lost.

Distracted Li Min trembled and raised my hand at Xu Shao’s throat, rolling a pair of eyes and finding a way out.
At a time when Li Min just confronted the fighters, he didn’t have the intention to start work with Li Min. Although he was still angry in his heart, he had Xu Shao, a ruthless person, in front of him. After he saw Xu Shao in horror, he screamed in horror and turned around and fled out in the distance.
"Hum … it’s too late to escape now."
Disdained to glance at Xu Shao’s wrist, lifting it and sending out the bloody hand. It has been fished in the middle by the giant hand that appeared in front of this person. It has been grasped by this person in the palm of his hand. In a sad roar, this person has been pinched into blood by the blood Se hand.
A shake of the giant hand has discarded the body of the fighters at the end of the broken blood in front of Li Min.
Looking at the broken powder of blood that fell in front of him, Li Min was frightened and inexplicable, and his body and mind could no longer control it. He clearly knew the strength of his companions, but he died in front of Xu Shao in such a short blink of an eye, which could not help but make Li Min panic and die.
The heavy blow has made Li Min unable to control his fear. A slightly bitter yellow water has slipped from Li Min’s mouth.
This is indeed because the panic in the heart has made Li Min’s liver and gallbladder rupture and his eyes are scattered and scared to death on the spot
Is very consternation at that scared to death Li Min Xu Shaonai shook his head in the heart is very surprised.
"This is too waste."
Disdain to hum a Xu Shao a jilt long-sleeved footsteps gently toward the depths of the forest.
And shortly after Xu Shao left, several Zhongzhou Li people also rushed to this place to see the shock in the mind of the bamboo pole old man’s bloody fighters. It was hard to hide the shock. Finally, when I saw that Li Minshi was scared to death, several people’s faces Se had come back to life.
"What happened here just now? Even Chen Lao died here."
"Look at Li Min’s frightened face Se. Obviously, it’s just a sad scene. It’s very capable of scaring a master of the realm of detachment to death on the spot. What horror scene is this?"
"Look at this scene. Obviously, just now, a master took the lives of Chen Lao, Li Min and others with great speed and biting. This is too horrible."
"This ….. this, this, this will not be Xu Shao. If it is Xu Shao, then this is too horrible."
"Hum … Xu Shao was chased by our Zhongzhou Li family for several months. Although it is reported that he has reappeared in Kyushu, if he really has such a terrible power, how could he be chased by us for several months? I’m afraid he would have shot to kill us."
"Is it impossible for a master? If so, it would be too weird. No, we should persuade Gong to go back as soon as possible."
"Yeah, yeah, I think so, too. Let’s wait and see."
Chapter 53 Enemies looming
Chapter 53 Enemies looming
Sleeves roaring Xu Shao a step has disappeared in the depths of the jungle.
After flashing through the dense jungle, Xu Shao came to a steep mountain wall
"Come out, the true fairy realm respects the strong. I didn’t expect to do such a foolish thing."
Xu Shao’s face is more complicated than looking at the steep cliff, and his eyes are full of nai.
"Ha ha ….. are you getting to know me? Little guy is not interesting enough. "A little smile, Feng Yuan’s thin body flashed out from the depths of the cliff, and it was full of faint smiles." But are you happy today? It’s very comfortable to slay the enemy in the realm of heaven and earth. "
Light smile stroke deep feet a step has come to Xu Shao side face strange to Xu Shao looked away for a long time before low light sigh a way "surprisingly, little fellow, your means is hard enough to be decisive than this biting means if you don’t go to be a killer, it’s really wasted."
Hear the wind deep Xu Shao is some in distress situation.
Although the wind deep in front of me seems to be a light neighbor, Xu Shao clearly knows that in the bloody World War I just now, the wind deep is doing the hand angle Se behind his back.
True fairy statue of the strong realm strength luck secret skill suppressed zhongzhou Li Guren strength to avenge Xu Shao created a limited opportunity.
It can be said that although Xu Shao’s strength is sufficient to take off the mortal realm, the strong have a desperate fight without falling in the wind, but if Xu Shao is really allowed to deal with the mortal period, the strong are still somewhat overwhelmed.
And Xu Shao was able to slay many strong people in Zhongzhou Li family. The reason is that there is a wind deep behind the back to help the true fairy strong people secretly.
At this moment, Xu Shao couldn’t help secretly feeling that the wind deep is worthy of being the number one killer, the bodhi old zu. This kind of killing means makes Xu Shao secretly lose his heart and feel that the wind deep didn’t point his black hand at himself. Otherwise, I’m afraid he has fallen into a pile of bones now.
Of course, in Xu Shao’s heart, he is still very happy about this kind of thing.
"Predecessors are really good natures" twitched for a long time, and Xu Shaocai struggled to spit out a few words in his mouth.
Xu Shao’s words made Feng Yuan burst into laughter. He patted Xu Shao’s shoulder and said, "Little guy, you are really hypocritical, but … I like it."
After a delicious meal, Feng Yuan hung a pair of jiān sly smiles and bowed his head to Xu Shao’s ear and said softly, "Do you want to do it again, little guy?"
The sound is extremely low in Xu Shao’s ear, but it makes Xu Shao feel cold. Mao started at first, but if Xu Shao didn’t know that this wind deep is a true fairy realm, I’m afraid Xu Shao would have lifted uǐ and kicked it to the wind deep at this time.
"Elder, please speak" sighed a bitter sigh, but Shao was also filled with curiosity in Feng Yuan’s words.
In the form, Xu Shao’s attitude towards Fengyuan has changed a lot, with a little respect and a little kindness