Finally, two weeks later, when Ye Tian had 30 silver left, he knew that he couldn’t go on like this, otherwise he would be hungry once the money was spent, which was really bad for his further plan.

Drawing halberd with one hand and shield with the other, Ye Tian left this broken courtyard and walked towards Ou Belik Street, moving towards the planned goal.
Belik is a mercenary city with a population of one million, a mercenary trade union, a world-famous metropolis and a mercenary paradise.
There are many kinds of entertainment activities in such a metropolis, among which several famous events are better than the Colosseum, the fighting arena and the arena. These events can not only find a place for talking about mercenaries to vent, but also earn a lot of money and enrich everyone’s spiritual life.
However, there has never been an event in this world. It is well known that every event is closely linked. It must be gambling to put an end to disadvantages. Winning or losing a game is always a sign of death.
The biggest problem facing Ye Tian now is which game he will take part in or what kind of game is acceptable to him.
Although there are many kinds of mercenary city competitions, it is necessary to be qualified to participate in the competition. Ye Tian’s current state has two choices: the Colosseum and the fighting field. Which one to choose?
A Zhang Dun and a halberd cost a total of ten gold coins. At this point, Ye Tian has left three gold and twenty-two silver, which is equivalent to three dollars. He can barely last for half a month. Ortiz is not only physically strong, but also eats a lot. He is hungry just after eating.
It’s very embarrassing to be in a different world. You can have a meal and sleep in a cone, and you can barely live on food and clothing for half a month. If you don’t earn some money as soon as possible, you will probably starve to death.
It’s already evening after buying a weapon shield. Ye Tian doesn’t intend to go back to the pub and continue to live on charity from others. Now he wants to combine Ye Tian’s consciousness technology with Orissis consciousness technology as soon as possible.
I bought ten big meat buns in the street shop. Ye Tian swallowed them and walked towards a broken house in his memory. According to Ortiz’s memory, the backyard of the broken house was big enough for him to practice.
When I arrived at the abandoned courtyard all the way, the last bag was finally thrown into my mouth by Ye Tian, who frowned and patted my belly. Ye Tian bitterly found that ten big bags were in his stomach. He turned out to be half full. Isn’t this Ortiz too delicious?
He shook his head. Ye Tian doesn’t intend to practice directly to the modern earth. He knows that it is not suitable for strenuous exercise when he has just finished eating. It is better to take a rest and think about some things first.
Now Ye Tian is most troubled by his identity. He doesn’t know whether he is Orissis or Ye Tian or both. According to Ye Tian’s memory, he seems to be both of them at the same time, but he is not finished.
After thinking about it again and again, Ye Tian finally made a decision with a wry smile. From this moment on, he is both Ortiz and Ye Tian, and his name has been decided. According to westerners, Ye Tian is named after Ortiz.
For the next week, in addition to buying bags every day, Ortiz stayed in the yard and constantly merged the consciousness of fighting skill belonging to Ortiz with that of Ye Tian technology to form an organism.
It seems simple to think of it, but in fact, Ye Tian’s technical consciousness is absolutely high, but although Ortiz is strong, after all, he is not unrestrained in the game. Many ww moves and many technical roots can’t be done or said to be inadequate.
Orissis is physically strong and strong enough, but his flexibility and coordination are still a little poor. The most important thing is that he is not proficient in Ye Tianji’s method. Proficiency here means that he is proficient in his body, memory and nerve reaction, and it is impossible to reach the advanced level without long-term cultivation.
Ye Tianji’s method is a doubt, but Ye Tianchuang did not come by chance, but calculated according to the history and the characteristics of Ji.
According to the history, the Lu Bu Ji method is the overlord Ji method of Xiang Yu, the overlord of the western Chu Dynasty, which is divided into seven types and twenty-one strokes. These seven types are respectively
The first type is to kill the immortal and destroy the soul
The second type of killing and breaking
The third type of demon-lowering is the last shadow.
The fourth type of magic dance
The fifth way to cut the ghost day
The sixth style is domineering
The seventh type devours the sky and destroys the earth
Each style contains three moves to change the power ratio. With these seven halberds, two generations of enemy overlords have been achieved, one is Xiang Yu and the other is Lu Bu.
At present, the physical condition of Orissis is desperate, and Ye Tian has barely learned the first type. It is not that Orissis is too weak, but the overlord halberd method is too difficult.
In fact, from the name alone, we can already see the clue. In the end, it is even more domineering to swallow the sky. Is it easy to take this skill?
Although Ye Tian is still very satisfied with the first formula, after all, Orissis is a human being, not the one in the game who is piled up by data. It is impossible to realize a lot of body movements, but Ye Tian believes that when he gives it to him, he will always master this overlord seven formula again.
This first formula is actually simple to say. It is divided into three strokes: the first stroke, the second stroke, the second stroke, the third stroke, the hook, the halberd, the front edge of the crescent blade to cut the enemy’s body, and the opponent to avoid it again, the halberd, the back edge of the crescent blade to cut the opponent’s body.
This is the difference between halberd and gun. If a gun doesn’t hit you, you can come back and stab again. It’s simple and direct, but halberd is different. There are too many changes that can be made by constantly adjusting the direction of crescent blade with the help of rotary formula.
However, it is not as simple as saying that this stab is not strong enough to cause too much damage even if it hits the opponent. Once it is strong enough, it is difficult to rotate the halberd halfway.
In fact, painting a halberd is not a strength, but the first link. The most important link is the brain technology. It takes only one second to blow, but it takes many exercises in this second, and the demands on the body and mind have reached a horrible level.
One blow and three changes require an exaggerated strength, but there are not a few people who have this strength, but all three changes change with the opponent, which requires an incredible brain power.
The person who was injured in the gun may not find it until he was shot, but the person who was injured in the halberd usually doesn’t understand how he was injured, even if he goes back afterwards and thinks about it for a day.