After practicing kung fu to a certain level, you can release your body. This enlightened person releases force from the soles of his feet and forms a buoyancy that can bear his body on the water.

Don’t say that you walked on the water. When you were on the earth, you realized the yin and yang and the five elements. Lei Sheng can really walk against the wind.
The waterfall is getting bigger and bigger. After swimming for about 1000 meters, Leisheng feels a momentum of Ma Benteng. At this time, you can hear the deafening sound of the waterfall.
He walked on land and faced the rapids on the waterfall.
It’s said that after practicing in Phoenix for nine days and seven times, the waterfall water can be reversed with one punch without power.
Lei Sheng naturally didn’t know this, but he tried to swing his fist at him. Apart from scattering the water that prevented him from swinging his fist, this magnificent waterfall was not affected by his fist force at all.
"It seems that I think too much." Leisheng smiled and squared up.
It is his small move that has produced a shocking effect in the eyes of enlightened people.
"This little guy scared me just now. He can really knock the waterfall back."
At dawn, Lei Sheng came out of the waterfall and looked at the enlightened Taoist sitting in the pool and asked, "Master, can we go on?"
At this moment, Leisheng has been washed away by the water in the waterfall, and all the sludge on his face has faded away, revealing a delicate white face carved in powder, just like the fairy tale, which is beautiful. It is surrounded by people who are enlightened by the world. When they see Leisheng’s face, they are also in a trance and sigh a handsome baby.
The enlightened Taoist quickly converged and nodded his head. It was amazing to watch Leisheng. When Leisheng swam to the shore, he had a good examination of his body. He wanted to see how Leisheng’s body was structured. As a result, Leisheng’s skin color was different from others.
Their skin color is slightly heavier, and Lei Sheng is a real yellow person.
Lei Sheng asked, "Master, are you hungry?"
The enlightened Taoist was dazed. "I can’t eat for a month."
Leisheng took out an energy pill and ate a body. Hunger suddenly vanished and he was full of strength.
Two people continue to walk.
With the continuous climbing, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the mountain is getting steeper and steeper.
The enlightened Taoist lay down on a raised rock with one hand and hung in the middle, looking behind him. Lei Sheng said, "This is the situation that the arm strength and agility are not motivated. No one in Shandi has been able to climb to the surface smoothly. We old guys stayed in this heavy day for a long time before passing the training."
People who understand the world are full of caution, which seems to imply that Leisheng should never force you to do well enough.
Lei Sheng is also secretly frightened. He knows that this body is different from ordinary people after rebirth, but he didn’t expect to be so tough. He didn’t feel particularly hard in the process of climbing. He wondered if he could rush to the ninth heaven in one breath.
"Don’t worry, Master, I’m with you."
Some enlightened people unconsciously accelerated the climbing speed.
A vertical body can jump five or six meters.
Nearly 100 people who have learned the world since they started to rise vertically gently fall to a platform on the mountain.
This is the third day of training in Fenghuang’s nine days.
The enlightened people breathed a sigh of relief. "It was really hard to climb when they were old."
He leaned over and wanted to know where Lei Sheng was. Now he felt that he was twenty meters ahead of Lei Sheng.
It was he who just poked his head out, and a black shadow swooped over and landed neatly beside him.
Lei Sheng’s face was not red and he was out of breath. He asked, "Master, this isn’t triple day training, is it?"
The enlightened Taoist recovered from the shock and said, "Er, don’t follow me."
They came to a canyon, and the enlightened Taoist pointed to the rocks not far away and asked, "Can you find any difference there?"
Lei Sheng observed it for a while and said, "The stones there are very smooth."
"Wind-cut" enlightened Taoist people directly said the reason without too much nonsense.
Leisheng used to hear the wind like a knife before he was one leng, but he never really saw it.
"The wind is strong in a heavy day, but it doesn’t have much lethality. The wind here is different and sharp."
The enlightened Taoist picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at the front.
The stone didn’t fall to the ground, but was suspended in the water. After about five minutes, the stone reacted. First, it split into two parts …
Finally, it turns into powder and disappears
Lei Sheng looks a little staggering.
"Your uncles stayed at this stage, and I successfully entered the four-day training because I kept my pure body."
Lei Sheng asked, "Is it the same as the principle of a heavy sky?"
After finding out the characteristics of the wind, Leisheng walked inside without hesitation.
It was because he didn’t feel the fierce wind, but it was like a spring breeze, so he felt at ease and boldly walked in.
HSS a suit was blown a big mouth.
Leisheng dazed a body still didn’t feel the wind like a knife.
Until his clothes were torn to pieces, he stood naked in the wind and looked back at the enlightened people
The wind is too rogue.
Chapter 42 No justice
People who realize the world have a feeling of crying and laughing. He feels that there is no justice in this matter. Others have struggled for a lifetime. He just gently cut his clothes there by the wind like a knife, and he still looks at a loss and doesn’t know what happened.
"Come back" enlightened Taoist waved at Leisheng.
Leisheng came to the enlightened people with his body covered.
The curious eyes of enlightened people rested on him and looked at him like a monster.
Being looked at by an old man like this suddenly gave birth to a bad cold and uncomfortable.
"Can that master find me a dress?" Leisheng embarrassed wake up way
It’s amazing how greedy I am to see a naked child. It’s embarrassing to realize that my heart has no result. I haven’t seen a doorway after studying for a long time