Guo Xiaosi nodded well. You need to get together with Dan, so you can ask her to buy it. I don’t think you will ask me what price I sold it to her.

No, it’s not like this. Our family is also an alchemist family, but just the day before yesterday, an elder in Liaoyang Gate sent us a batch of materials saying that we should refine three gas-gathering pills for him. Although our family is an alchemist, they have not refined gas-gathering pills for many years, and these materials are enough to refine ten gas-gathering pills, so we want to teach a cabinet whether gas-gathering pills are made by ourselves or from whom to buy them.
Guo Xiaosi said that he vaguely felt that this Qi-gathering Dan was trying to help him refine Qi-gathering Dan. I don’t understand why you can refine ten Qi-gathering Dan materials.
Pavilion is also the birthplace of alchemy medicine. No matter how high an alchemist is, he will always have a natural failure rate when refining this kind of elixir. This is absolutely inevitable. It is good that ten elixir materials like Ju Qi Dan can be refined to two, but no one in our family can grasp it like this. Pavilion is also a master of alchemy medicine and it saves the lives of 24 people in our family.
Help! Is Guo Xiaosi’s frown so serious?
That’s right. The elder of Liaoyang Gate is a high-ranking person in Liaoyang Gate. He raised his hand and 24 people in our family would die. Therefore, the pavilion helped us to refine three gas-gathering Dan, and our family was very grateful. The man almost bowed down regardless of the people coming and going in the street.
Guo Xiaosi helped him quickly, but he didn’t take the responsibility to help him refine his gas. Dan needed enough materials. Is that not a problem? Is it as simple as telling him? There is no conspiracy or trap waiting to get in?
Chapter one hundred Each needs his own needs
It’s hard to say whether they sent a few people to trick themselves. Once they have set foot in Qijia Baidan store, they can’t tell what dangers are waiting for them. In this year, good things are often done or not, which can make them feel ashamed.
If we don’t help each other, twenty-four lives will be lost. The Han is anxious to cry.
At the moment, Guo Xiaosi’s mind is spinning fast. The success rate of others’ refining elixir is generally 10% to 20%, but the success rate of the demon soul platform is surprisingly 100%. In other words, if you can refine ten gas-gathering Dan materials, you can refine ten gas-gathering Dan materials. To give three to the family is to help them a lot, but for yourself, you can get seven more gas-gathering Dan for no reason.
Juqi Dan is a necessary pill to make the body aura stagnate into Dan, and its effect is effective. The last step of Dan formation is easy to succeed. Generally speaking, when a person completes Dan formation, it means that he has stepped into the Dan formation period, but when Dan formation is just completed, he still cultivates immortality to form Dan with impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to add condensation and refining to condense it into a pure Dan in order to truly complete Dan formation. The former step is called Dan formation, and the latter step is called Dan cultivation.
However, Juqi Dan does not help to condense into Dan, but also helps the newly formed Dan to become a pure Dan, so its effect is self-evident, which is why Juqi Dan can sell at such a high price, because if the Qi Dan turns into Qi Dan, the value of this kind of refined magic treasure Dan will be much less.
One Qi-gathering Dan can get a good magic weapon. So many seven pills can not arm yourself to the teeth, but it is greatly uneconomical to lose your life if you are tempted by your opponent’s tricks.
You said that if you give me those materials, I will definitely pay you three gas-gathering pills when I come back here in a month. Guo Xiaosi thinks that he can never stay here for refining. He must go back to Changhuai Sect, the Taixu Temple and the Tianzihao alchemy room to refine gas-gathering pills. He has also experienced it, so it will not be a big problem.
The Han hesitated for a moment and changed his color slightly. Then how can we believe that Ge will definitely send three Qi-gathering Dan after one month? If Ge fails to deliver it after one month, then we will be a dead end.
Guo Xiaosi, the boss in his heart, grunted coldly when he heard this. Since he doesn’t believe me, he has to come to me for help. Since I’m sorry, your family is still trying, and maybe there will be some hope.
That Han was so anxious that he started to sweat and wanted to go. Guo Xiaosi begged the pavilion. Since he grasped the refining of three gas-gathering pills, he might as well be in the shop behind the shop. The alchemist tripod furnace bothers the pavilion to linger in the shop for a month, and then our family will be rewarded heavily.
Qi wwwqisuwang
If you really believe me, then give me all those materials. I promise I will give you all the Qi Dan in a month. Don’t say anything more and don’t expect me to refine my alchemy medicine in the back of your shop. The cauldrons are all special and they are not with me, so I have to go back to refine Guo Xiaosi firmly.
Han still can’t make up his mind. He said urgently, "Wait here for a moment. I’ll ask my uncle and his old man to make up his mind."
Go back to Guo Xiaosi and nod. After all, this is an opportunity to make a fortune. How can you give it up easily? Of course, it is necessary to be cautious. You can’t see the benefits and forget Ann.
Waited for a moment. Just now, the Han helped the old man who had seen him in Xiao’s shop and came over. The old man saw Guo Xiaosi trembling and bowed to his little friend Jiboyuan here.
Guo Xiaosi also returned a gift and smiled, but didn’t speak. The current situation is still static and dynamic.
Qi Boyuan coughed and said that Xiaoyou is a native of DaSong, right?
Guo Xiaosi nodded slightly without moving in his heart. The old man guessed well. It is indeed a DaSong Chinese.
Immortals often don’t care about which country they are from, but what they care about is which clan they are from, but it is also possible that the Immortals in Qidan will attack other places to pass by and get benefits from them. Once they lose to their opponents, they can immediately hide and make their opponents angry.
At the moment, people are coming and going in the street. I’m sorry that the old man and the young man are fighting to kill people and win treasure in broad daylight.
I think it should be a certain Dan Ding Xiu Xian family. Hehe, it is a great thing that the younger brother of the Xiu Xian family can reach the foundation period. It can be seen that Xiaoyou is also gifted. Qi Boyuan also smiled and said without getting to the point.
Guo Xiaosi is not impatient. At the moment, the other party is asking for help. There is no need to rush. Instead, it will take the initiative to give it to them. So he politely said that the old man’s house is flattering me.
Zeboyuan Guo Xiaosi two people seem to be playing Tai Chi, but they can help Zeboyuan to come over to the Han, but they can’t help but call up Uncle Juqi Dan. Why don’t you tell me your opinion?
Qi Boyuan stared his one eye, but he had to say at Guo Xiaosi’s mouth, "Let Xiaoyou laugh at the door. Unfortunately, he suffered this misfortune. He also went to Xiaoyou to save my family’s youngest life. It is said that Xiaoyou is famous for benevolence and righteousness in the Song Dynasty. Although he is cultivating immortality, he must be familiar with benevolence and righteousness, but it is difficult for passers-by to walk away."
Guo Xiaosi was a little embarrassed by what he said, but he really didn’t have any benevolence and kindness, but he was a little ashamed to think of it, but he didn’t have benevolence and kindness, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he was ashamed to help others save lives, but it was not worth doing. What others think of Guo Xiaosi to change, but others also want him to change.
I have already told your nephew that you will give me those materials a month later, but I will send three gas gathering pills. If I don’t succeed in refining, I will buy them for you, and I will never delay Guo Xiaosi’s bottom line. It is impossible to take another half step back.
Qi Boyuan’s face is reluctant. Xiaoyou doesn’t mean that we don’t believe you, but Xiaoyou has to think about our family for us. But we can’t stand any tossing in this matter. If Xiaoyou insists on taking it back to refine, then tell your family name. We believe in our family. Xiaoyou also has to believe in our family.
Guo Xiaosi thinks that the old man’s words are there, but he is really not a family member who cultivates immortality, and he is not a brother of the Danding family. But Guo Xiaosi, a family member who cultivates immortality in Danding, is a good candidate. Thought of this, he laughed and said that the old man was right. After a month in Xuefeng Mountain, his brother didn’t send Qi Dan to the old man’s house, but he could go to Xuefeng Mountain to beg for it.
Good JiBo far nodded well. The Huang family of Xuefeng Mountain in the Song Dynasty is a family of cultivating immortals. Well, the name of your younger brother in this generation is indeed the suffix Huang Xiaoyou. Although you can rest assured that you can help us refine three gas-gathering Dan, our family will not be mistreated by Huang Xiaoyou.
Guo Xiaosi was glad to think that JiBoyuan, the old guy, actually knew the Great Song Kingdom, Xuefeng Mountain, and the Huang family also knew that the younger brother’s name of the Huang family was suffix, but he didn’t say anything. Otherwise, it would have been a bubble to reveal the stuffing. Thought of here, Guo Xiaosi thanked Huang Huan in his heart.
He dared to report the name of the yellow family in Xuefeng Mountain, but he was sure to refine the name of the yellow family in Xuefeng Mountain. He wanted to send three of them here a month later, so he just borrowed the name of the yellow family in Xuefeng Mountain, which had no great influence on their family and would not defile the name of the yellow family in Xuefeng Mountain.
Deguang, you go and transport those materials here to Huang Xiaoyou, but this material is a lot of Huang Xiaoyou’s long journey to Xuefeng Mountain. It’s hard for Qi Boyuan to hand over his face and write full of apologies.
Guo Xiaosi laughed and said, "You and I should help each other with Danding Xiuxian family."
He has long been happy in his heart, not only winning a good name, but also earning seven poly-qi Dan in vain. This business is simply too cost-effective. If you keep two of the seven poly-qi Dan for yourself and sell five, you will make a windfall.