The poor sword light gathered into nine hundred-meter lightsabers, screaming and rising from breaking the surface at the bottom of the sea to Jiugong at a height of 10,000 meters, and the nine streamers were arranged to put magic sacrifices behind them.

Thousands of sacrifices were restrained by the elves’ magic of life, creating an oasis of death, which is being swallowed up by mutant algae and can barely control some floating plants to meet it.
As the attack approached, the nine lightsabers were suddenly blown into tens of millions of swords, as if a net had wrapped about 200 sacrifices in them.
The sword light shuttles through the glow.
More than 70,000 people launched a ground-breaking sword, and on the spot, 200 elite sacrifices were ground to pieces, and others did not come to rescue 2.
A large amount of blood and rain scattered into the sea, leaving those sacrifices scared to death. Hundreds of powerful Berserker plunged into the sea in great anger and killed the large array …
Chapter 172 Escape Agreement
The Australian forces were blocked by the Elves, and the obstacles ahead were fought and retreated with 100,000 troops, and the distance with Ying Long was shortened by a thousand miles in an instant.
Hundreds of Berserker stormed into the sea, and the rest of the sacrifices changed their faces, but they couldn’t come to stop them.
Hundreds of millions of fist-sized seaweeds separated a part and came around to devour Berserker’s protective quarrelling crazily.
Without the sacrifice to Berserker, it is not only difficult to exert combat effectiveness, but also these impulsive guys influenced by the nature of mad quarrelling will be killed by their own stupidity. It was not until the mutant seaweed suddenly exhausted the protective quarrelling that they found it absolutely unwise to rush into the sea. At this time, a lightsaber with a length of 1,000 meters has arrived.
"Go to hell, yellow monkey!"
The original can easily kill more than four hundred people, even if Berserker’s flesh is extremely strong, it can also make the vast majority suffer heavy losses.
However, Berserker, who was impulsive, chose to burn his soul, and hundreds of people’s energy and soul exploded instantly. The attack of the heavenly sword lost its meaning and collided head-on with the aftermath of the explosion.
Booming …
In the sea, more than 70,000 people were the first to be injured by a powerful self-explosion and anti-shock, and the whole array collapsed on the spot.
More than 10,000 then-true practitioners have their bodies blown to pieces. Even though their comprehensive combat power exceeds these hundreds of Berserker, the explosive power is by no means comparable to conventional attacks.
Seventy percent of more than seventy thousand people were injured in different degrees!
Many practitioners in the then-elixir period and Yuan-infant period are short of arms and legs, and the meridians are broken and the five zang-organs are out of position. Even the practitioners in the out-of-body experience period are all spitting blood. Even in the distracted period, there are many vomiting blood and flying back. There are not many masters in the fit period and Du Jie period, which is not a big problem.
On the contrary, Berserker’s impulse has caused great damage to Lingxiao Juexian Array, and their death has also greatly damaged the strength of Australia.
In all, less than 4,000 people have died, and more than 600 people have died. This is their strongest elite!
The kid, who was hit hard in the distance and didn’t dare to go to war, finally got some psychological balance, expecting that the other two superpowers could also suffer more heavy losses.
"The seriously injured enter the Forbidden Fairy Towers and others regroup quickly!"
"Knife, give them the best medicine. Get well as soon as possible and join the war immediately!"
Chen Han casually took out the lingqi longbow and hid behind the cyclops clan, quietly diving to the surface of the water. Those mutated algae seemed to be wise and made a way for him, but they also formed a defensive circle around him, as if they could isolate the spiritual knowledge, and no one noticed him.
The arrows locked in the group of people who were floating in the early stage of sacrificing one of them, and they were desperately releasing magic.
Just a magic was released, and the magic didn’t come back. Two arrows roared from the surface, and the speed was incredible.
In the later period of OBE, Chen Han’s fighting capacity is not much different from that in the early stage of fit. The attack power of two arrows does not make the power have the slightest dispersion of magic to not condense the sacrifice in the early stage of fit. What will happen if you face the attack power of two arrows that are limited to the initial stage of fit?
Reluctantly, one of the arrows flew away, and he spit out a big mouthful of blood on the spot. The other arrow went in from the crotch and came out from the crown of the skull and directly shot him through.
Come, that is, try it with a psychological blow, and immediately recall two arrows, while the other two arrows set a bowstring.
On the other side, more than 70,000 people died, and more than 30,000 people were forced to enter the Forbidden Immortal Tower for healing. Most of them were not slightly injured, and the power of reorganizing the Lingxiao Immortal Array was greatly reduced, which was at most equivalent to the previous 30% power, which was the power of the Chinese people to fix the truth and the Indian Buddhism.
Things have developed to such a degree that they have deviated from the original purpose, from being trapped to being a life-and-death war. Ise Shrine and Australian forces have been hit hard successively. Could it be them?
If we kill the cyclops and Chen Han, the elite of the four super powers suffer heavy casualties, it will be cheaper for other super powers.