F-sound, this is exactly what it takes to stop the three big doors from getting the four people of Qiongjiang Tianpan Sect and Liegang Sect. What seems to be the contradiction between these four people now?

"oh? What does the dead wood mean? " That mirth sound suspected re-arrest-call asked "hum! Is there anything in the world where we can hide our body shape? Since these three doors have been in series for such a long time, they naturally have the means to hide their tracks. Even if they really start talking about Aoki, they won’t make H feel any work. Otherwise, their strength will be stronger. Are we all vegetarians? "
"What? Three big doors have such means? You know, it’s a lot to start Aoki’s fart. If you want to complete the hidden track by array method, there is also a second-order array method, and the second-order burial method can only be driven by monks in the construction period
Chapter one hundred and forty Phantom Array
"Ha ha! Two Taoist friends don’t know that these three doors have specially developed a new miniature multiplier, which can be used to record some weak second-order arrays, so that the monks can drive the second-order arrays if they have enough practice time. Now these three doors are covered with a second-order magic array, which has no lethality but has the ability to hide their tracks. Only then can we find them, "the dead old man explained with a laugh."
"So that’s it. The three gates have actually developed a micro multiplier that can record the law. I remember that my ancestors also developed this and micro multipliers in those years, but it seems that they all failed. It seems that the details of the three gates are really to be reckoned with." If someone can see him, they will find that this person is covered with hemp. This is the former pockmarked monk.
"Ha ha! Since deadwood Taoist friends know these things so well, surely there is a way to find their location? "This sound is called the pudgy friar in Putian.
"That’s natural. This time, it’s only once in more than a hundred years that Lingyan Spring condenses its nectar. We naturally have to be well prepared. As early as before the trial, I marked the body of a ten-story peak monk in each of their clans. I can find their position by this."
"After find a position? How can we get into the magic array? It’s a second-order array, and our strength will definitely touch the array … "Brother Pockmarked Face is suspicious."
This time, he replied that he was not a dead old man, but another calm and heavy voice. "The two Taoist friends need to worry that we have been prepared long ago and can get close to them without touching the magic array."
"Ha ha! That’s good "pudgy friar ha ha smiled and stopped talking.
Calm the old man’s voice sounded again.
"all right! I’ve reached the location of a ding mark, which should be the location of the Golden Carving Sect. It’s not far from here for more than ten miles. Please don’t get lost with me, especially when you enter the Miracle Array later. Otherwise, it’s easy to touch the Miracle Array. "
"Deadly Taoist friends can rest assured that the two of us will not be so reckless."
"Hum! There is no way for the three gates to secretly take away the nectar behind our backs! "
Then there was the sound of the wind sweeping through the fallen leaves
But after a while, another low bass sounded.
"So that’s it. No wonder I haven’t found any traces of the three gates for more than a day. It seems that the power of this magic array is really remarkable, and even the deep scan of the brain has not found any traces."
This is Moxiu!
As early as before the second enlightenment, Mo Xiu overheard the old man talking to several other people. Although these people are all phonologists, their conversation was still scanned in the deep brain scan.
Therefore, Moxiu learned that Aoki Shenfu was opened five days before the trial meeting of the three main doors!
For Aoki Shenfu, Aoki Shenguo Moxiu is also determined to win. After all, the sooner you enter the third place, the more advanced elixirs you can get.
However, it was not clear what the old deadwood man said at the beginning, and all he knew was that the three gates would be opened before this time.
Therefore, after parting with several classmates, Mo Xiu did not leave the Valley of Demons like them, but came here directly to wait for the three gates to open Aoki Shenfu.
However, what makes Moxiu depressed is that he searched here for a whole day for many times, so that the deep wisdom brain scan did not find three large door traces here!
This made Mo Xiu suspicious, and he wondered whether he had been misled by the old deadwood man or missed any information and missed the time.
But it wasn’t until just now that he suddenly found out that four monks who had focused on Tianpan Zonglie Gang had come here invisibly and were still very careful.
Although several people have used special means to hide their bodies, even the second-order Taoist invisible operators have been able to hide from Moxiu’s wisdom brain scanning. These people have naturally been able to hide from Moxiu.
What’s more, although the conversation between these people has been extremely low, it is different from the ear thunder for Mo Xiu.
"It’s no wonder that the action of Sandamen was so weird that it came to a special period when Lingyanquan condensed nectar. It is said that it took more than a hundred years to condense a drop of nectar in Lingyanquan, and it is very precious to the bodhi old zu in the then period. Well, in that case, we must never let Sandamen succeed." Thought of here, Moxiu’s eyes flashed off and the brain scan followed closely.
Just a few tens of miles away from here, it is also a jiāo fragile girl sound in the virtual at the foot of Wanyao Peak.
"Hong Gu and Lan Gu, have you found the location of Huoyunzong?"
"Red gu sound.
"I found the fire cloud is really worthily three big doors. I actually chose the location of Kai Aoki Shenfu in a deep pool. If I didn’t have wisdom and true eyes, I was afraid that I would really let them hide from the past." Langu stereo.
"That’s good! Let’s go quickly, or it’s too late for the fire cloud clan to enter Aoki Shenfu and take Aoki Shenguo. That would be bad. "jiāo fragile girl voice rang again.
Then several voices suddenly disappeared and the silence was restored here.
"Dead friends, are you sure that Jin Jianzong will be in front of Aoki Shenfu? There is already a large array of seals. Even if Jin Guazong has good strength, there is still a way to enter the large array of seals, right? "Friar pockmarked face cold sound.
And stout middle-aged also walked over and chimed in "ha ha! No matter how careful Jin Guazong is, he can’t run into it, can he? "
Dead old man very unhappy cold hum a way "hum! By this time, the two Taoist friends are still so oversensitive! Don’t worry, it’s not a big array of seals, but a dreamland created by the magic array of the sky. The purpose is to make others not doubt. "
"If two Taoist friends are not at ease, then the two of us will take the lead in the front. If it’s really a seal, it’s natural for me to die first. "Another composed heavy sound light said.
Then the four voices disappeared again and a breeze passed behind them.
Just after the film was sealed, the old man sank, "A few Taoist friends, our horse is about to enter the magic array. Pay attention to the nose and me. Don’t make any noise in the magic array, otherwise it will disturb Brother Jin Jianzong."
"Know" stout middle-aged way
"Know the yi? What is it? "Brother pockmarked face suddenly stopped and looked back.
"What’s the matter? "Asked composed heavy sound a little nervous.
After a pause, Friar Pan-pockmarked said, "Nothing may be my illusion …"
On the other hand, Moxiu, a few meters behind the four people, secretly wiped a cold sweat.
Just now, he lost a few people in the magic array. I didn’t expect the pockmarked monk to be so angry that he sensed something wrong just by intuition. If it weren’t for the fact that it was already close to the magic array, a slight change might disturb Jin Guazong Moxiu. It is estimated that this person’s police hate xing must be tested by several ways, and even if he has an invisibility cloak, he should stay away.
At that time, it would be extremely difficult to follow a few people to break into the magic array.
After thinking about it, Mo Xiu leaned over again, but this time he was next to the monk with a calm and heavy voice. According to his feeling, this person is the weakest policeman and hates him, and there should be nothing to find him.
Sure enough, the man reacted to his arrival.
This reassured Moxiu.
After a few steps, the scene suddenly changed, and Mo Xiu found that there was fog all around him, not to mention seeing it with the naked eye, even the wisdom brain scan scanned everything a foot away.
Don’t hesitate to start the deep wisdom brain scan and find traces of the other four people.
However, in the magic array and several personal concealment methods, even deep wisdom brain scanning can only see a faint virtual shadow, and a slight negligence will lose track
This makes Mo Xiu play a 120-point spirit and stare at several people intensely, and dare not neglect anything.
On the other side, the four people who entered the magic array did not leave immediately but stood quietly.
At this time, the leading deadwood old man is holding a purple disc with a size of several inches. "Concentrate on something."
Suddenly, the old deadwood man seemed to sense that his right foot stepped to the right rear, and several others were dignified and replaced in turn, and his foothold was almost the same as that of the previous person.
Seeing this scene, Mo Xiu’s eyes flashed. These people obviously have other means to sense each other. Otherwise, it is impossible for these people to see other people move, let alone set foot on the position of the previous person accurately.
Don’t dare to be negligent. Don’t take a step carefully and follow.
Now he is not afraid of being sensed by the pockmarked monk again, so he has moved a lot.
And in the old man led a few people forward and backward, and turned around for an hour, then suddenly stopped.
Look carefully, a hole with a diameter of several meters loomed on the ground in front of them.