In a few classes, Li Wei also recorded the rare treasures. He didn’t have much interest in those rare roots of heaven and earth. Those things were hard to find. He was more interested in the latter part of the introduction to the famous magic weapon of heaven. He grabbed Yan sword from Lin Tianxiao and was impressively among them. He also knew that he grabbed gloves from Brother Penglai Pavilion called ghost hand, which had soul-searching skills.
But what surprised him most was that Penglai Pavilion put the black pike in front of the Kunlun God Whip, the first magic weapon, and described the shape, name, power and power of this gun, but still recognized this pike as a magic weapon that is still in the world.
After class, Boss Zhao called and told him about the nightclub. Boss Zhao was very excited. He told him that all the nightclubs were brought, but there were three nightclubs that were not owned by Xie Ma. What should others do if they had shares? "What should I do? I know what to do. You should discuss this with Mr Duanmu! If you can buy it, you can buy it. If people don’t want to sell it, they will cooperate! Or that person is willing to buy you and sell his shares! You and Mr. Duanmu are always in charge! " Levi wondered if he was out of his mind when he promised to get involved in the nightclub that day.
I had lunch with Xiaoqing in the student restaurant. Xiaoqing had a class, of course, but Li Weiwu didn’t plan to have a class. I bought a meal for Lang Yu to take back. She would wake up in the afternoon according to the experience of washing and cutting meridians before Xin’s injury.
What Li Wei wants to do most now is to study the Qingcheng swordsmanship sometimes. His practice last night made him a little obsessed with swordsmanship. Although he can almost recite the Qingcheng swordsmanship formula, it is difficult for him to understand the obscure sentences. This afternoon, he wanted to sort out those places that are really not white, so he could go to the library to look up some information during class.
Chapter 29 Gambling (1)
He was buried in a pile of ancient books before Xin’s injury, and I don’t know how long it took before his mobile phone suddenly rang. It was Duanmu Chengrui who called to talk about the share negotiation. Is Li Wei going to the Crystal Palace in person? It is very complicated to discuss with him.
Lang Yu didn’t know whether he was woken up by words or slept enough, or came out of the room in that fat boy’s clothes. Li Wei pinched the words and pointed to the food he brought back to her. He promised Duanmu Chengrui that he would go to his place after dinner. Duanmu said that he would pick him up for dinner. Li Wei didn’t agree for a while, and he had to give Xiaoqing and Lang Yu an incentive to get angry. He estimated that Lang Yu would be able to produce a sense of gas in half a month at the slowest after cutting the meridians, and Xiaoqing might have to talk slowly for a month even if he was running for a while every day.
Hang up the words and the bell rang again immediately. Levi saw that the glasses just turned on and the sound rang. "Eldest brother, where are you? Hurry to the No.4 stadium. Tao and Yu Zhen are going to fight with people. "
Commanded Lang Yu to grab a bite to eat in the health room for a while, and first called Xiaoqing to find him at school. For Xiaoqing and Xiaoqing, we should take Lang Yu to buy clothes after class.
When I arrived at the No.4 stadium, I saw a lot of people around me. Li Wei squeezed past and saw that Tao was standing opposite each other like a cockfight. From time to time, the basketball in his hand collided with the basketball in the other’s hand. I heard that Tao was a coward. Li Wei saw that Shen Jian was also with a group of big people
Glasses saw him coming and hurriedly pulled him over to tell him the situation. It turned out that Tao Yu Zhen and several people in the dormitory next door had an appointment to play half-court three-on-three here. If they came back after noon, there would be no space. Glasses would not be able to play. They just watched it. They had already played for more than half of the class, but Liu Ting and some of them had to come to this half-court Tao, and they certainly quarreled if they didn’t let them. Seeing them in front, they were aggressive, but they didn’t start fighting until now.
Li Wei pointed to the other side of the adjacent stadium and said that there was no one there. Why not go there? Glasses look at him like a monster. "Eldest brother, you are not confused, are you? How is this sun shooting according to its eyes? " Li Wei nodded and shot at that court facing the setting sun.
Levi took another look at Shen Jian over there. There are four standard plastic blue courts in the No.4 stadium. They rob Tao if others don’t rob them. They are obviously coming for themselves. He can’t understand why these people make some small things.
Li Wei went over and patted Tao and asked what was going on. Tao saw him nod his head and was about to speak. Liu Ting had scrambled to say, "Yo! Another one won’t be a coward! " He looked at Li Wei condescendingly and slammed the ball to the ground.
Tao said that they came to grab the ground. Tao naturally disagreed with Liu Ting, and they came out to compete with each other. Whoever wins will be zhan. If there is a ground, the loser will get out of here immediately. Liu Ting and the three people behind him are all 1.9 meters tall and they are all members of the school team, but their basketball level is not bad. Others and those professional roots can’t compete with Tao. They naturally disagreed, while Liu Ting and Shen Jian have been saying some sarcastic words and calling them cowards! Onlookers are also booing and laughing. They dare not fight. No one seems to remember that it is immoral for Liu Ting and them to rob the venue.
Li Wei ignored Liu Ting’s contempt and asked, "How?" Liu Ting threw the ball in his hand to the man behind him and said, "Get 30 points first, win and lose, and get out immediately."
"Yes, I agree!" Tao didn’t say anything when he said this. Although his swimming level is very high, basketball is really average. However, after seeing him these days, Tao thought that his former basketball level might be deliberately hidden.
"Brother!" It was Xiao Qing and three girls in her dormitory who came to Lang Yu with them. Seeing Xiao Qing Shen Jian looking at Li Wei’s eyes became more and more gloomy, and Xiao Qing’s arrival also caused a whistle around them.
Li Wei and Xiao Qing’s roommates greeted Liu Ting and said, "Is it okay for us to be me, Tao and Yu Zhen?"
"Don’t worry, I’m not finished yet. The loser should not only get out of here immediately, but also give up the venue immediately after he meets the winner."
"Ok, anything else?" These people mother-in-law mother Levi some impatient asked with a frown.
Later, Dongfang Wu came over and took the wrist watch and put it in Li Wei and Liu Tingzhong’s arrogance and said, "This is Vacheron Constantin’s customized watch. The original price is 160,000, and the price is 100,000. If Liu Ting wins, dare to gamble and dare to gamble, get out of here early!" Obviously, they don’t want to compete with basketball. They just want to humiliate Li Wei and Tao.
Sure enough, Shen Jian came over and didn’t dare to stare at Levi’s watch, but still took his watch and said, "Count po1o paid 300,000 yuan to bet on Liu Ting to win." The words just fell and caused a buzz around. Some people marveled that some people applauded and more people booed. Obviously, many people are not interested in this practice of not being as good as basketball but pressing people with money.
Three people came out to pick up their watches, and the total price was 90 according to their own quotations. Wan Tao’s face was already blue and angry. "Are you shameless and richer than basketball?" Li Wei pulled Tao back, even though he had a sad memory, he still felt that this group of playboys was extremely ridiculous, and he even didn’t want them to theory these things.
He glanced at these people coldly and said to Liu Ting, "What conditions do you have to say at a time? Don’t pull it for a long time like your mother’s diarrhea." Liu Ting jumped up and wanted to start work. Shen Jian and another big one grabbed him behind him.
Dongfang Wu came forward and said, "You can’t afford to play with this money. Either get out of here or take money to bet on what you are complaining about here?" Yu Zhen said, "Do you think these broken watches are worth 900 thousand just because they are worth 900 thousand?"
"Broken table? Don’t talk big and flash your tongue. You can also take out a few such broken watches for me to try. Mom, poor people love to say such things! " Fu Jianzhong, the youngest one who hasn’t spoken in the back, took the woman and turned her head to one side. Xiao Qing and Tian Wenli said, "I said a few beautiful women, and you’d better hang out with these poor people less."
Xiaoqing came over and took Li Wei’s arm and shouted, "Brother!" She was angered by those people because she was afraid that Levi couldn’t get the money. If she started fighting on campus, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Chapter 30 Gambling (2)
Levi put his arm around Xiaoqing’s shoulder and comforted her a few words, telling her not to worry about the two people kissing. The expression also drew a hush. Levi asked Xiaoqing and Qiao Ya to call their glasses together and put them on his head. He said a few words of glasses confusion and borrowed a bicycle in the crowd outside and flew away.
Liu Ting saw that he first hugged Xiao Qing and then cooed impatiently with his glasses and said, "You can’t finish it, can you?" You can’t compete with each other! Get out of here if you can’t afford to gamble! Give up the venue. "In fact, at this time, the sun has already set, and there is no one on the site just now, but no one will give up in this situation.
Li Wei said, "Gamble! Why not gamble! You said that these broken watches are worth 900,000 yuan, so 900,000 yuan is fine. But you also said that we are poor, and the poor will not take hundreds of thousands with us like you guys. Now we have given you money, so you have to wait a few minutes if you want to gamble. "Looking back at Tao and Yu Zhen, I said," Hey! Dude, we seem to have money to spend again. "Tao and Yu Zhen don’t know what the hell he is laughing and saying nothing.
Liu ting there someone shouted "hello! You won’t take the money to get it early, will you? " Someone in the horse answered, "What’s the money for the bank? The ATM can’t take 900 thousand!"