The Hunger cracked the wind sword, saw the storm, and drank a lot. The eagle flying sword in one hand put on a strange posture, and the back followed the sword. There were a lot of wind blades in the air, and thousands of wind blades were sent from the hands of the repairman in an instant. It seemed that the dragonfly body would be completely torn apart in the face of the dragon missile that was not in crisis before, and it would be completely shattered after a while.

However, the target of the dragonfly attack is not to cultivate one’s morality, but to build the land before it is heard as loud as a landslide. After the building is built, it is bombed by the dragonfly firm but gentle, and the body is out of balance in this shaking of the earth. At one time, the dragonfly continues to attack, just as the force is being built, the dragonfly stays steady and stops in the middle of the body. In the atmosphere of chanting mantras, water sprite, listen to my call, you will bind our enemy’s body to stop the pace of the water, and the dragonfly mantras in Lanchi Mountain will once again reproduce the light blue water droplets in self-cultivation and bind
He has entered the calculation range of the dragonfly since the attack was launched. During the long-term battle of the dragonfly, the dragonfly considered several possibilities and finally decided to stop the attack by magic and attack by magic in self-cultivation. During this period, black dragon was eliminated in one breath. Now, the body has been tied up by dragonfly water magic. It can be said that the dragonfly has achieved its goal of launching an attack, so the dragonfly turned its attention to the distance and black dragon was ready to launch a real attack.
However, seeing all the actions of the dragonfly, black dragon still seems to have full confidence in himself. Facing the dragonfly with a little hatred and hostile eyes, black dragon is a somber smile and doesn’t kill the old man too much. Master, come and pick up your body now. After landing, the dragonfly rushes to black dragon. Hey, hey, take care of yourself first. Can you trap my puppet with your little magic? It’s wishful thinking to face the dragonfly’s rapid progress. black dragon said without retreating insidious smile.
What a listen to black dragon dragonfly subconsciously feel bad at this time he laughed behind Luo Cha and others suddenly exclaimed dragonfly be careful when everyone exclaimed, a shiny snake sword pierced the dragonfly body and stabbed him from his left rib.
Looking down at the sword with blood, I feel great pain. Dragonfly’s consciousness is vague, but his hand and sword are still expressive. The scars on his body prove that he is free from the shackles of water magic.
Haha, kid, you’re white now. To be a puppet of the mastermind spell can not only greatly improve your potential, but also won’t hurt your feelings. That is to say, now this man behind you wants me to give orders, even his biological parents will not hesitate. What’s worse, you actually have a chance to defeat him. Unfortunately, you have ridiculous feelings. Haha, do you feel good now? Does it feel good to die in your own mind and want to protect the human sword? black dragon laughs excitedly.
Repair you? You really don’t remember me? Really don’t remember? Slowly fell into a pool of blood. Dragonfly said with difficulty, at this moment, Dragonfly suddenly felt a slight trembling of snake-shaped sword.
Haha, no nonsense. No matter what you say, he won’t feel like he wants to recover. After you die, black dragon said impudently
Long Longfei, as the snow and ice wail, a violent cold air rises from the right Longxu Island. It’s impossible to be fascinated by me. What else can you do with this magic to face the sudden change? black dragon felt fear for the first time.
Brother Longfei, you are my heart-warming person in this world. I can’t stand the pain of your separation any longer. I can’t move the snow and ice. I don’t know when the white elf is now in front of the snow and ice. What did you ask me yesterday? You said that I don’t know if this is true. I really don’t know when I was. Maybe it was yesterday when you first appeared in front of me, but I do know that I can’t live without you. I really want you to push black dragon step by step with a strong chill. It’s so simple to be near, because I’m jealous whenever I see your sister Jing together, but I want you to smile at me gently, knowing that everything is enough in your heart.
Cher fell to the ground, and the dragonfly said with difficulty, at this time, the powerful magic of the ice and snow belt showed his eyes, which made the dragonfly feel familiar, as if it was the expression when his mother Jessica launched the final magic.
Brother Longfei, I know that you are not a limelight. For you, maybe a stable life can make you feel more satisfied than being a marshal or a king. However, you have been fighting. I know that you are not fighting for yourself. Every time you fight hard, you fight for your purpose. You protect your heart and love us, and you are constantly changing, strengthening and becoming more deterrent. Because of this, you are not only my most respected person, but also my most admired person. You have worked hard enough today. You don’t need to pay your life again, and you don’t need to force yourself to do it again. God let me let you fight for me, who has been protected by you and loved by your heart. Here, the ice and snow slowly closed their eyes, and a drop of crystal clear tears turned into a crystal clear ice stone from her beautiful eyes.
In the powerful ice magic, the ice body floats gently with the cold air, like a fairy falling from the sky. In front of the ice, the elf suddenly emits dazzling white light. In this strange and gorgeous light, it seems that everything will be frozen in the earth.
Kill and kill her panic black dragon ordered monasticism. After hearing black dragon’s order, it was a gentle trembling and then it was neatly pulled out and inserted into the dragon flying snake sword.
Don’t scream at the dragonfly in great pain, and then shout, give me strength to overcome all forces. I am willing to give my life in exchange for this strength. I want to save my friend. I want to protect my friend, who is an incarnation demon. I am also willing to do my last bit of physical strength to plunge the dragonfly into a deep coma.
At this moment, a dazzling blue light shone from the dragonfly’s body. When this light shone, it seemed to be suddenly stopped. Everyone was standing in different positions, but in a daze, the dragonfly seemed to hear another different sound.
Great contract, you, your friends, the true feelings have been moved by the water god elves. From now on, the first seal of the water god will be lifted.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Water God
This is gentle but with a powerful sound. The dragonfly seems to have heard it. In the confusion, he suddenly remembered that when he faced the punk army in Lanchi Mountain, he had not heard such a sound before.
Who are you and a God? Dragonfly suddenly asked, already deep in his heart.
Hee hee, don’t worry, don’t be nervous, relax your mind, follow my footsteps, throw all your troubles into the water world, and the gentle girl rings again for a moment. Dragonfly feels his body floating in the sky and jumps over the island and sinks into the deep seabed. After a deep darkness, Dragonfly’s eyes suddenly shine, and a beautiful bright water world is now in front of him.
This is a dragonfly stepping on a new world. I can’t help but feel confused.
This is the world of water gods. Only a god can reach the world contract. Hello, I am the first generation of water gods. Behind Leslie Longfei, suddenly there is a mature and beautiful woman in a white dress and light blue hair.
God can reach the world. Then why did I come here? I’m still confused. Dragonfly turned to look at Leslie and asked strangely.
Well, I always say that you can be here, but you can be here. Why do you talk so much nonsense? If I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to your solution to the dragonfly question, which can’t help but make Leslie angry.
Ah, beauty, uh-huh, although she’s a little old, let’s make a score of ten on the tolerable range. At this time, Dragonfly seems to have forgotten the dangerous friend’s restoration of his own nature and commented on Leslie.
I’m a little old and smelly, so make it clear to me that I’m a little old. When I heard the dragonfly say that I’m too old, Leslie roared angrily, and then he said, Look at my shiny skin, look at my slim figure, look at my proud chest, and look at this is the standard beauty. After Leslie made a coquettish gesture, he couldn’t help but say more and more excited.
Yeah, yeah, you say it’s good, but you can’t do anything when you are old. You’d better accept your fate. Dragonfly said with a sigh of deep regret after watching it for half a day, and then suddenly remembered something. Before Leslie reacted, he suddenly shouted, Ah, now I’m not saying that my friends are going to be killed by that smelly old man in black dragon. Aren’t you going to untie the seal for me? Now, teach me natural enemy magic quickly and I’ll go back and kill the old man.
Hum, an older woman won’t teach you any magic. Leslie finally found a chance to get revenge. She turned her back on the dragonfly and thought, Smelly little. Why don’t you come and beg me quickly? Hey, hey, I want you when you come and beg me. But one minute passed, and a long time later, Leslie still didn’t wait for her to beg. She couldn’t help but turn and look at the dragonfly’s previous direction, but the dragonfly figure was far away from the edge of the water world
Smelly boy, what are you doing so far? I’m here. Leslie shouted at the dragonfly
Well, didn’t you just say that older women won’t teach me magic? I’ve been here for a long time. I want to find out if there are no younger women around here, said dragonfly of course
Ding Leslie endured the limit and finally collapsed. I’m going to kill you. Leslie rushed to the dragonfly like a crazy hen to eat him alive.
Ah, looking at Leslie’s expression, Dragonfly finally felt that something was wrong. In the most critical situation, he listened to Dragonfly and said that he was calm and calm. The image of a beautiful woman was like a blow to Leslie. Seeing her suddenly stop and turn around and take lipstick foundation from her arms, etc. After some makeup, he reappeared in front of Dragonfly.
Xiaofei, don’t make trouble. Come here, my sister will teach you magic. Remember not to be angry with my sister. I heard Leslie’s words and saw her expression. Dragonfly didn’t feel what terror was at this time.
You, how do you know my name? The dragonfly said, Big Sister HOHOHO is the first generation of water god. Oh, how could I not know your name if you are such a lucky man to get the contract of the Lord God for thousands of years? Leslie laughed.
Ah, thousands of years, then you’re not an old monster. It’s dragonfly’s greatest personality to forget the pain when you get over the scar.
You, you, you and I can’t stand it. Leslie’s hands are clenched and his forehead is covered.
The veins stood out growled for a long time before he said, forget it. My adults don’t remember villains coming here. It’s not often that big sister comes here. Oh, I’ll give you the magic now, so as to save you from being beaten like a dog and ruining our protoss face.
Is it revenge for me to fight like a dog? Dragonfly looked at Leslie in confusion.
I’ll teach you the magic horse now. Come here. It seems that Leslie’s patience has reached its limit. Fortunately, Dragonfly didn’t say anything, otherwise I really don’t know what Leslie will be furious.
Since ancient times, we water gods have always been the greatest element in nature-whether before or after human beings, water is an essential element of life. This sentence is the best affirmation for the water gods, because water is not in the water, and the magic element takes much less time than other magic, so water magic becomes the first magic at the beginning of magic.
However, water is also the softest element in the world, so water element magic rarely attacks magic in high order, but this does not mean that water magic will be worse than other magic. Many detoxification and cleansing blessings in water will help restore magic. In team battles, these magic will play a decisive role compared with the opponent’s large-scale voodoo magic. When the water is purified, the water dance is reversed, and the million water dragon spells can restore the trinity of defense and attack. At this time, the ability of a high-order water magician is far stronger than that of several dozens of high-order voodoo wizards. It seems that the water magic should be described in detail in Byles.