Yun Panpan is the object of his habit. He thinks she is a good woman and has been gentle with him all these years. Zhuo Xuanyu thinks it is not necessary to marry her.

She is calm when he accepts her absence, and his heart is white. He doesn’t like this woman, but a habit and gratitude.
However, at one time, he didn’t recognize that things like love or love were very important or what he called it. However, now he has new ideas. He clearly knows that he wants to avoid the afterglow, but he is crazy to see him. He thinks that she calls him a radish and calls him white. This kind of miss is probably like it.
Proud as Zhuo Xuanyu, once he knows his mind, he won’t let himself bear it. Tonight, in the face of drunkenness and yat sen villa, he almost can’t control his impulse, which further makes him make a decision.
Even if he and Yu Yat-sen are separated by the abyss of hatred, that can’t stop him from having a long life. If Zhuo Jia has made her suffer in the past ten years, he will make up for her pain little by little in the next few decades. He wants to have a lifelong substantive marriage with her and will no longer resist his impulse to see her and want her!
Love is love, then follow your heart! Once you have this decision, Zhuo Xuanyu will act immediately. The first thing to do is to make it clear to Yun Panpan that he is affectionate to her, but he will try his best to compensate Yun Panpan for his companionship over the years.
But … like thunder, the news of pregnancy upset all his ideas.
Yun Panpan bit her lip. "It’s me. I’m pregnant. I came to give you a surprise, but now I know that this news is not a surprise for you." Her pale face rolled with tears, which seemed more sad and sad.
Section 23
"…" Zhuo Xuanyu stared at the cloud and looked forward to it. At this moment, he had a second regret. If he had to settle for a relationship before he met his lover, he would eventually have to pay the price.
"Panpan children can’t stay, I can’t give you feelings." Zhuo Xuanyu could give Yunpan gratitude or accompany a little warmth before, but now he can’t do it.
Emotionally, he is a simple man with a heart
"Yu, don’t, don’t, please, I don’t want anything, but I want this child. It’s the only thing for you and me." Yun Panpan cried and lost her, and her trembling eyes were so desperate to help.
Yun Panpan knows Zhuo Xuanyu very well. He is not soft-hearted, otherwise he will not fight himself in the commercial battlefield. However, he is by no means cold-blooded. She has been gentle with him in recent years. Even without love, there are still some feelings.
Indeed as expected ZhuoXuanYu sullenly expression of eyes complex is obviously struggling.
Chapter 55 Small three in power
Cloud is looking forward to seeing him in this way. "I really don’t want anything. If you think it bothers me to have a baby, I’ll leave S city. Just pretend that nothing has happened to us. You and Miss Yu can live happily, and it’s enough for me to have this baby." Tears in her eyes can’t stop flowing, and she seems to be too weak to accept fate.
"… it’s too late, you go to rest, and we’ll talk about it later." Zhuo Xuanyu can’t say anything anymore. The two emotions of chagrin and anxiety have forced him to have a headache. Sure enough, if a person is not serious, he will pay the price. He keeps this in mind in his career, so he goes against the odds. However, in his feelings, he treats it casually and thinks that being a good woman can accompany him for life. Now he can’t just throw clouds and hope, because she is his first choice.
"Yu I …" Yun Panpan wanted to say something, but Zhuo Xuanyu gave a hand. "Don’t cry now that you are pregnant, have a good rest."
Yun Panpan nodded, "Then you should go to bed early. No matter what decision you make, I will accept that I want this child." She trembled and went back to the bedroom, and Zhuo Xuanyu was a little quiet in this room. He was very glad that he had curbed the impulse to Yu Yat Sen just now, and he had not done more harm to her.
Yun Panpan hurried to call the man as soon as he got back to the bedroom.
"It must be urgent to find me so late. Zhuo Xuanyu ignores you these days. Why did he break up?" The man seems to have expected that everything is still casual and relaxed.
Yun Panpan just now, tourist trap’s voice is still shaking. "But he wanted to break up, but I turned him back, but now there are bigger problems."
"oh? Zhuo Xuanyu decided that things can still be taken back, so you still have some brains. How do you make him change his mind? " The man was slightly surprised that Zhuo Xuanyu was resolute and resolute. In the past two months, he had a heart for Yu Yat Sen Qing and looked forward to breaking up with Yun Pan. This is normal, but Yun Pan Pan can actually come back to life. It seems that he is ready for big moves.
"I, I lied to him that I was pregnant." Yun Panpan lowered his voice a little embarrassed. Although this fake pregnancy is dirty, it is a hundred attempts. Most men still look forward to future generations unless it is really cold-blooded and hopeless. Men must have feelings for their children.
"Ha ha" The man laughed somberly. It’s interesting. I didn’t expect Yun Panpan to come up with this idea. No wonder he forced Zhuo Xuanyu back.
"You are clever enough, but this method can’t be hidden for long. Zhuo Xuanyu will take you to a hospital for examination …" The man sighed, "Don’t you betray yourself?"
"Mr. Suo, you have to help me. Please arrange a gynecologist for me. I want to cheat Zhuo Xuanyu with fake test sheets." Yun Panpan pleaded.
"Fool’s lab report can be fooled for a while, but sooner or later it will be revealed. I can arrange it for you, but if you really want to catch Zhuo Xuanyu, you still have to make it a reality." Then it seems that you are very happy to continue laughing.
"But Zhuo Xuanyu doesn’t touch me at all now …" And it’s wrong to want to get pregnant once or twice, even if I’m really pregnant then.
"You are really stupid. Two-legged men are all over the street to make you pregnant and care who it is. If you want to be a daughter-in-law of Cheng Zhuo’s family, you have to do whatever it takes. Once you are found to be a fake pregnancy, I won’t clean you up. Zhuo Xuanyu naturally makes you feel bad. Do you know what to do? " The man hung up and smiled.
Fun is getting more and more fun. He wants to arrange Yun Panpan to be around Zhuo Xuanyu and let him be played by a woman with a bad temper. I didn’t expect Yun Panpan to have so many surprises. Imagine that after a few years, Zhuo Xuanyu found out that his pure and kind wife was actually a vicious chess player and the palm child was actually a bastard … That kind of mood was really devastating. He was extremely heartbroken at the thought of Zhuo Xuanyu’s collapse and rage.
So that the game can continue to be played, he won’t come up with the last trick to kill Zhuo’s family so quickly, but Yu Yat Sen is really interesting, and it is an interesting woman to make her enemies love her.
the next day
As a result of the hangover, Yu Yat Sen should never experience it for the second time. I have a splitting headache and I am full of strength. The whole person seems to be paralyzed, which makes her collapse. Last night … Last night, she remembered what she did after being drunk! Who the fuck says people are drunk and crazy and don’t remember things? What does she remember so clearly?
Remember that Zhuo Xuanyu kissed her, that her name was Zhuo Xuanyu, that she vomited all over his car, that she asked the security guard for help, and that Zhuo Xuanyu was a murderer. The most terrible thing was that she still remembered that Zhuo Xuanyu sent her to bed and gave her a hand! Still so gentle to put her to sleep!
Thinking of these remaining yat sen villa blushes, turns red and dizzy, as if he is going to be drunk again. Why is he so gentle with her? Take her home and put her to bed. She has done so many bad things, vomited all over his car and made him misunderstood by the security guard. How can Zhuo Xuanyu not be angry? Think of his gentle and ambiguous treatment of Yu yat sen villa last night, and an impossible idea comes to mind. Does Hua radish like her? But how is that possible? He already knows everything, knows the feud between the two families, and knows that they are impossible.
But if not, why should he be so gentle with her? If you really want her body, then she couldn’t resist last night. He could …
Yu Yat-sen is confused about what the radish is thinking. She bit her lip and forced herself not to think about what happened last night. Otherwise, if he kissed her, he would feel his palm touching her skin, which would make her feel dizzy.
Yu yat sen villa was still immersed in last night’s memories, tangled and confused until a phone call made her feel better. It was Feng Sisi.
"Yat sen villa are you ok! Zhuo Xuanyu didn’t do anything to you when he took you away last night! " Feng Sisi Zha Zha roared that Yu Yat Sen was taken away last night, and she and Xue Qiaoxin and Gong Jintian drank a lot and almost got drunk themselves.
"No, he sent me home and left." Yu Yat sen villa blushed and subconsciously omitted many details, so she was embarrassed to tell others.
"That’s good. I’m afraid he’ll kill you to kill you. It seems that flower radish is not so bad, but then I got some news from Gong Jintian’s mouth. He seems to say that Zhuo Xuanyu deliberately asked us to look for clues, but they are also looking for Liu Cheng. If we find Liu Cheng Zhuo Xuanyu first, we will acquiesce in the line behind us, but if they find Liu Cheng first, we will fail." Feng Sisi said all the news.
"So, although the radish is not completely released, we find evidence but we don’t stop it?" Yu Yat-sen was surprised that Zhuo Xuanyu’s doing so was very dangerous for Datong Group, because once she found evidence to announce the truth, it would be equivalent to sentencing Datong Group to death.
Gong Jintian and Xue Qiaoxin were both surprised that Enhua Radish did this, but they said that Gong Jintian just likes watching people, and Xue Qiaoxin also said that if Chase goes bankrupt, we should let the Yu family take him in. Feng Sisi was obviously embarrassed when he said that his voice was much lower.
Yu yat sen villa couldn’t help laughing, "OK, then Sisi, you are already the vice president of Yu’s family. You can promise me."
"Hum, I’m not going to promise. I hate him. He got drunk last night if I didn’t have a good drink. He also wanted to take me back to his apartment. Fortunately, I woke up and kicked him out of the car." Feng Sisi was angry and ashamed when he thought that he almost lost his virginity last night
"… so many things happened last night that I didn’t know. It’s a pity that I didn’t see them." Yu Yat Sen smiled from ear to ear and teased Yu Yat Sen intentionally.
"Oh, stop it, stop it. There’s another thing. There’s news from Brother Cheng De. Others tracked him to Zhuo Qing and Wan Nian. They played golf together. It’s a pity that the venue can’t get close to Brother Cheng De and can’t know what they said." Feng Sisi said with some regret.
"But there is also less gain. It is further confirmation that Wan Jia and Zhuo Jia are in cahoots." Yu Yat Sen sighed and felt amiable before. Grandpa Wan suddenly became her hated enemy. Is the world changing too fast or is people dissatisfied?
Chapter 56 Small three provocation
"Besides, Brother Chengde also found an interesting thing. Lu Meiyu is always sneaking around with Yun Panpan these days. It’s very good for them to go shopping and drink tea … Yat sen villa." Feng Sisi smiled at Yu Yat sen villa. "Are you so happy that my status is not guaranteed?"
"Hey, you, divorce Hua Radish before it’s too late." Feng Sisi smiled. "Brother Cheng De is not bad, and Joe Brownie is not bad. That always wants to ask your lawyer is also ok. The devil always has a good market. There is no need to follow Hua Radish to be a boudoir. The dissatisfied housewife will get old."
"… get rough" Yu yat sen villa cursed a hung up the phone this girl is really more and more owe a flat incredibly said she was a boudoir dissatisfied housewife! Who is the good friend of Hum Hua Radish? She has no complaints at all! It’s not a boudoir!
On this night, when Yu Yat-sen came to work quickly, an unexpected visitor came to see her. Rola Chen was Yu Yat-sen’s alumnus at Harvard University. Coincidentally, she was also from S city. After graduating from Harvard Medical School, she also returned to work in S city. However, she worked in S city women’s and children’s hospital, which was a private hospital with much better treatment. At Harvard, although they were all from China and came from the same city, Chen Yilai was very surprised to find her because of her incompatible personality.
"Why? Old classmates are not welcome? " Rola Chen is a sexy girl style. She is very sexy in a fur coat and black boots.
"… no, it’s a bit of a surprise. Please sit down." Yu Yat sen villa’s office is not big, and the decoration inside is also very simple. Old Rola Chen’s eyes frowned in some old wooden chairs, but he still sat down.
"I haven’t seen you for a long time. Anyway, we are classmates and fellow villagers. We should contact more, shouldn’t we?" Rola Chen held the precious bag in her arms, and it seemed that putting it in that shabby chair would tarnish it.
Yu yat sen villa looked at her every move calmly. "Yeah, but I’ve been busy. I’m sorry."
"I didn’t know you got married before yat sen villa, but I didn’t know you were the president’s wife of Datong Group until I watched the news. You didn’t mean not to tell me this old classmate, did you?" Polite a few words Rola Chen finally remembered today’s business.
Yu yat sen villa smiled apologetically. "I just returned home to get married at that time, and I was very anxious. I forgot to inform you. I’m sorry."
"Come on, come on, you forgot me. I didn’t forget you. I learned that you became the president’s wife. I always pay attention to your news. After all, we are classmates." Rola Chen waved a generous hand
Yu yat sen villa touch nose "ha ha thank you"