"ah? !”

Some people don’t believe it, but Xiao Wen has made a face with a kiss xiu and won’t entangle with them.
So those people have to sigh and retreat. A large group of people shout and scatter. Is it spectacular?
Then Xiao Wen once surrounded the wave of people and just saw this scene.
"What happened over there?"
"Go and have a look"
Soon after the crowd dispersed, Xiao Wen, who was carrying wine, revealed it.
That Han Dang was really pleasantly surprised, and a few steps rushed to Xiao Wen’s side, and others quickly followed him, including the girl named Liu Qingnv.
When Han reached Xiao Wen’s front, he grabbed Xiao Wen’s arm and was pleasantly surprised. "Cai Daoyou is really you."
"Ah …"
"My name is Yuanyuan Kun." That Han quickly introduced Xiao Wen again.
"It’s a coincidence to meet friends in this room," Xiao asked deliberately.
"Cai Daoyou just that is how to return a responsibility? Why are so many people around you? "
After Yuan Kun finished, almost everyone stared at Xiao Wen to see what answer he would say.
"Oh, those people came to me to buy medicine, and I sent them away with the intention of taking advantage of me." Xiao asked the so-called tunnel.
"Isn’t that true Yang breaking Y and N Dan really refined by Cai Daoyou?"
"Er … Yuan Daoyou also heard of this Dan?"
"Now all ghosts wat who don’t know true Yang broken y and n Dan? Er … Cai Daoyou is sorry for the fact. I wonder if Cai Daoyou has ever found a companion now and is willing to go to the cave with us? "
With that, Yuan Kun looked at Xiao Wen hopefully, even others.
There are still honest people in this gang, Xiao Wen, who looks at Yuan Kun one by one with a sincere face. Others are a little embarrassed about Ri until he looks at Liu Qing.
Willow blue should also be surprised after seeing Xiao Wen. I completely forgot that when Ri happened, she was the culprit until Xiao Wen looked at each other.
Willow blue zheng that a face of hope quickly turned into embarrassment se simply bowed his head to …
Xiao Wen is also right and tide wait for no man. He deliberately said, "I’m afraid I’ll delay drinking and hold you back."
That willow blue is a fire, so it’s about to look up and stare at Xiao and ask, but if you think you’ve made a mistake for a while, can you drag everyone down again because of yourself? Then he tried to keep his head down, or else he could kill Xiao Wen a dozen times …
At this point the yuan Kun busy way "how come! Like Cai Daoyou, such a master of Dan Dao will be a great help to the team. "
"It’s just that I haven’t found a companion yet. If you don’t abandon me, I’ll go into the cave with you then."
The team of seven people were all excited at this time, and even the willow blue breathed a sigh of relief, happy but embarrassed to talk to Xiao.
That night, Xiao Wen moved the tent to the place where the seven people stayed, which was officially joined.
It took another day until the beginning of September that the fog in the Ghost Cave finally subsided and many monks kept outside the cave finally officially entered the cave.
The entrance is so big, a bunch of people crowded in, so it’s not like a treasure hunt, it’s almost as fast as it is …
The ground part of the Ghost Cave was originally a place where some creatures were scared to run like wolves when they saw these people breaking in.
Until less than half an hour later, the people who entered the cave were scattered in the forks of the canyon, and people finally became scarce.
"To tell you the truth, Cai Daoyou, in fact, we are familiar with this place almost every year. I have long remembered a cave that produces gold tremella, and this trip is mainly to pick some gold tremella there."
When I entered the cave for a long time, I suddenly heard Yuan Kun say that Xiao Wen was a little surprised and laughed, "That is a good feeling."
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Chapter three hundred and fifteen Into the ground
Yuan Kun said that for all reasons, but it was because they were trying to get him to join the partnership. Now they have taken the initiative to make a contribution to Xiao Wen, but Yuan Kun’s people are more sincere and not easy to say, so they can wait for Xiao Wen to realize their own consciousness.
Xiao asked which meeting he didn’t know, but he just didn’t answer the phone because that willow blue was waiting on his right. He wanted to annoy her on purpose.
And walked forward for a moment, Xiao asked or nothing happened. Finally, Liu Qing couldn’t help but directly asked, "Are you really stupid or fake stupid! It took us several years to finally find that place. It takes a while to make sure that everyone has a magic pearl. This is our contribution to the team. You can’t eat for free, can you? "
"Of course not. I still have wine to drink." Xiao asked with a smile.