We remembered that zombies should be in the city at night, so we asked Uncle Fish if we should wait for him in this cave.

Fish man slapped me on the back of the head and said, why is your brain so bad? Who said anything about coming here to wait for him? You can really be killed by a rabbit in your tree every day. We came here as planned. I have already arranged ways to attract them.
I rubbed my head and looked at the fisherman. I don’t know why this fisherman patted me on the back of the head like this, but I wasn’t angry when I was photographed. I always felt that this movement seemed very kind.
Hua unbeaten saw that I was hit by a fisherman, and that was to say happily that I was an idiot.
In a short time, a group of us arrived at the edge of the barren mountain, but before we reached the mouth of the cave, the road was very difficult to walk, so we wouldn’t go in at the root of the car, and weeds and miscellaneous trees were piled up, which was very desolate.
There is no way for us to get the car and carry those important tools towards the cave.
By this time, it was already very dark, and everyone woke up and said that they were not afraid that it was fake, and they always felt a little nervous.
Just took a few steps when Julia suddenly yi.
People a surprised all turned to look at Julia don’t know what Julia found Chapter sixty-three Zombies disorderly 1.
Look over there. What’s that? Julia pointed to the front and said.
As Julia pointed in the direction, it was in the place where Yubo said that the cave was still far away, and the back was layered. I don’t know which hill surface was shining with a little bit of bluish white light.
Ignoring the little lights in the dark and horrible environment now actually looks beautiful, just like a firefly forming and dotted with summer nights.
But now the atmosphere is not the time to enjoy the scenery. There is a zombie cave in front and so many blue and white lights behind the zombie cave. This kind of light is faint and has a sense of terror that makes people feel numb. Fireflies don’t shine like this, and the stars won’t be in the Woods.
I feel that my scalp is fried with a kind of horror. I feel that even with so many people around me, I still have a sense of unwarranted fear.
Everyone faltered, and everyone’s face was tense and the flowers were unbeaten. At this time, they said they were not afraid that it was a jack-o’-lantern.
Jack-o’-lantern, I look at the flowers undefeated, and then I look at those light spots and think that grandpa once told me that it is really like.
You know all about the jack-o’-lantern, right? It’s just a wildfire. It’s okay. That place may be a grave, a corpse, a grave in this deep Shan Ye forest. That’s a common occurrence, explained the flowers unbeaten
Everyone knows something about jack-o’-lantern more or less. In ancient times, people were superstitious and didn’t know that jack-o’-lantern was phosphorus production, so they would be afraid, but modern people are at the bottom of their knowledge. When it comes to phosphorus fire, they all know that there is nothing to be afraid of.
Uncle Yu told everyone to enlarge their courage to deal with these things. Don’t be afraid of your courage. Enlarge it a little bit. Angry ghosts don’t invade Uncle Yu. As he walked, he also said that it was also because Ma Xiaolan and Liu Yigang had drawn his paper before.
His three operators all need special power to start. Ma Xiaolan and I are ghosts and monsters, but we are afraid. Liu Yigang, the police chief, is angry and replaces our physical strength. If it is someone else’s courage, it is not.
Speaking, we are getting closer and closer to the cave. The road here is very bad. The grass is overgrown with weeds. The grass is half a person’s height. We can’t see the feet when we are submerged in the grass. Occasionally, we can hear people gasp and exclaim a little. It’s no big deal to ask. It’s all snakes, insects, rats and ants crawling over our feet.
In the dark environment, people are easily sensitive. Fortunately, people are all experienced people. Ma Xiaolan and I are invincible in catching ghosts and robbing tombs. Julia is as bold as a man. Others are all in the police station. I am afraid that if I were an ordinary person, I would be scared of a heart attack.
As we approached the zombie cave, Yubo took a compass, and a pointer in the shape of a turtle and the size of a palm swung around. After reading it for a while, Yubo said that now the zombies are all in the cave, there is no danger for the time being. We should speed up and go into the cave to arrange it. When the zombies come back, we will kill them all.
Looking at more than ten meters, we walked for more than ten minutes before we reached the mouth of the mountain.
Fish Bo took the lead, Ma Xiaolan and I followed, while others followed us.
The zombie hole is so narrow that two people walk side by side into it, and it becomes more and more spacious. The body is a trumpet, and it’s very dark inside, and nothing can be seen. Fortunately, Yu Bo asked people to prepare things to take pictures of the equipment. Zhou Pang and Liu Yigang pushed to the front and wanted to help take pictures on both sides of Yu Bo. Because of their fat figure, three people got stuck there.
Although the situation in front is ridiculous, now everyone is in a state of nervous tension. No one laughs and is fat, and a person swears that it is time to lose weight.
Ma Xiaolan saw that three people were stuck and couldn’t move. He stretched out a foot and kicked the fat ass, screaming and falling. He turned to anger and asked who was so wicked.
As soon as I smiled, Ma Xiaolan wore that high-heeled shoe, which was really half as sharp and thin as a cone. It is estimated that Ma Xiaolan’s fat foot was kicked by the heel just now, which made her feel fat. The more she got along with Ma Xiaolan, the more impressive she became. Wearing high-heeled shoes of more than ten centimeters seemed to be flat on the ground, whether on a mountain road or in a potholed cave. I really doubt if she said that she was flying in the Goddess Chang’e flying to the moon.
Fat, when I see that I’m happy, I hit him and want to scold me. Ma Xiaolan stared at fat coldly and didn’t go quickly.
Fat is a hollow man. I’ve never seen such a fierce woman as Ma Xiaolan, but I’m afraid Ma Xiaolan is a ghost hunter. Without saying anything, I’m getting up. Fat man, I’d better take the lead. My figure is so good that I’m jealous of the cave.
A group of us were amused by the fat episode and relaxed a lot. We all followed slowly with the fat progress.
The entrance to the zombie cave is not very long. After a short walk, we have reached the bell mouth, which is a huge place. This place is incredible, and there is no end to our strong hands.
Zombie caves are very strange, unlike many natural pillars around them. Although those pillars are rough, they look like artificial chisels. There are no traces of others in these pillars. I also looked up at a mountain top, which is nothing like a general cave, especially the uneven rock level.
People came in one after another, and there were several bright lights at the trumpet-shaped entrance, and the hands shone around the holes, and there was nothing but circular columns.
This is the zombie lair. It’s so fucking simple. Zhou Pang turned around and said, this is the living room. Look at it. It seems that there is still room in it. It won’t be a bedroom. I haven’t really seen a zombie sleeping place. Will there be many coffins that won’t go in and have a look?
Fat muttered, and everyone looked at Fat Flower undefeated and said, he is curious about what a zombie sleeping coffin looks like.
The two men were hit in the back of the head by the fisherman. What are you looking at? Say something more, and I’ll throw you two in the coffin to be with those zombies.