Stunned with a piece of residual iron, lazear has received a hundred punches from the giant fist beast. In the face of the crazy giant fist beast, he really doesn’t have the strength to pick it up again. One punch belongs to Milla’s high warrior, and he has supported him with pride so that he can still stand.

Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Giant fist BM
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Giant fist BM
The giant fist beast was completely furious and brandished two pieces, which were injured in the lazear duel. Mimi blood iron fist descended on lazear again. This time, this damn human must be smashed into a pile of meat sauce.
In the distance, Rick saw that lazear was in trouble, and his eyes suddenly tightened. He just wanted to rush to the rescue, but his body moved and he took the knife to the ground again.
Because there are two other figures hurtling into lazear’s giant fist beast.
Looking at lazear Rick from a distance, I felt touched and dreamy, as if I had seen the young Rick who was abused in the stone prison but still believed that he could not stand, but the slight difference was that Rick was alone and roared alone in the dark without a brother or comrade-in-arms around him
How much smoke the past churned and even made him feel disconsolate in a moment.
Once again, a big iron fist is ringing, and two big iron fists have been lifted by a big gold stick and a heavy gold hammer.
The huge anti-seismic force made this big guy’s huge body stumble back four or five steps and was almost overturned.
After receiving the giant fist beast, the iron beast, Langli Night Feather, retreated further. The giant fist beast’s crazy power and hard weapons made them feel like a crash root, which was not much better than this giant fist beast.
Lazear woodenly looked around and he would die. Only then did he see that two tall mountain figures were beside him now, and he blocked the fatal blow.
Lazear Milla Gao Warrior is really a Han.
Langli patted him on the shoulder and held him back slowly.
Nice guy.
Night feather didn’t talk much, but when he looked at lazear, the approving eyes in his eyes moved lazear
Let’s take a look at our night boss’s performance. It’s also the giant fist beast’s turn to suffer.
Lang Li ha ha smiled and has helped lazear to safety.
At the key moment, comrades-in-arms have abandoned the kind of rivalry between different races and established back-to-back brotherhood in the bloody battle of Warcraft.
Racial integration needs a long process, which can smooth out racial differences and contradictions over time.
It’s not the Warcraft disaster, but it may take longer for the Milla warriors to run in, but it’s the bloody battle that makes the Milla warriors and soldiers intimately fit together in one place and become brothers in back-to-back trouble.
Mom, this giant fist beast is too powerful. I suspect that the giant fist beast king told Ye Yu to be careful.
Lazear vomited a faint voice of blood to warn his comrades.
Running with a giant fist, the BM rushed over to the night feather man. In half, he had already heard lazear’s bloody warning. That once chilled iron core was instantly influenced by some strange comrades just now.
He didn’t hold a hand tightly, and the sledgehammer met the giant fist beast that came at him with a violent roar and collided in the past.
The price of lazear’s blood has finally confirmed the confusion in his heart. This powerful giant fist beast is definitely not an ordinary giant fist, but a giant fist beast in this batch of cannon fodder troops. West Milla hexapod monkey gun mouth beastmaster giant fist beastmaster.
For those beasts with wide mouths and fangs under the direct command of Star-tailed Dragon, it is not under its command.
It’s probably the light soldier, Milla warriors, who stubbornly resisted and forced it to be nasty. This guy actually covered himself in the Ministry and tried to win this defensive wall. Anyway, it is also the number one general in the cannon fodder army, and he still can’t get this first defensive wall at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Warcraft. I’m afraid that the star-tailed dragon will tear it up and swallow it.
You know, Warcraft is also a strict hierarchy, and at the same time, reward and punishment are also extremely important. Whoever attacks a card first will force his belly to chew.
But if you can’t attack it, you’ll have to wait for it to become more powerful and earth. Will it be a stomach dish?