Soon, the broken stones of the flame stone man were cleaned up by them, but those tens of thousands of pounds of boulders were not easy to get. They fell into the ground for half a meter as if they were embedded in the ground. It was not easy to get these boulders up.

Although the orcs are very powerful, they can resist the huge stones connected with the earth. In the end, the goblins made moves. Their superb digging skills are really eye-opening and can be regarded as masters of mountain digging. They are also very fluent in doing these things at present. Some orcs and humans were shocked to watch the goblin digging performances.
All along, they knew that goblins were looking for minerals in the deep mountains, but they didn’t know how these goblins were digging up the mountains day and night. At this time, they finally became white.
The goblin digging technique was very professional, and soon they dug a small gap around the edge of the boulder, so that the boulder was separated from the ground. With the joint efforts of dozens of orcs, the boulder rose from the ground and rolled down the valley with a roar.
It was not until midnight that they got all the boulders on the road into the valley.
But now the problem is coming again.
There are huge pits in the road, and they still appear in various positions on the road. It is obviously impossible for the carriage to pass through this bumpy road for a while, and the orcs are busy again.
It was not until the next day that the road in Lebanon was repaired and the carriage could barely pass.
Leo opened his eyes in a daze, and he could feel the pain in his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw the woodcarving beam, and there was a smile on his mouth. He knew that he was now in the carriage. Although he didn’t know what happened after he finally made a whirlwind chop, according to the current situation, they won, otherwise he would not be lying on the carriage but lying underground.
Leo propped himself up, and his scars have disappeared. Except for a little scar marks, he looks like he was hurt.
Acker opened his eyes. He was awakened by Leo’s slight noise and immediately exclaimed, "Dear Mr. Leo, are you awake?"
Akke’s complexion is not very good, and he looks very thin. At this time, his pale complexion is simply an abused slave. Where is it like a long road to the Louvain fortress? Yesterday, he led the goblin people almost without a break to take a nap. But yesterday, the war brought by the flaming stone man made him wary, otherwise he would not be awakened by Leo’s slight movement.
"Dear Chief Akke, have we won?" Leo knows something in his heart, but he still wants to hear the exact news from Ake.
"It’s Mr. Leo. We won, but we lost a lot. Sixteen goblin people died, and the orcs died. There are also 42 people. Fortunately, we finally killed all those damn flame stone people. I want them to blood out." Akke was slightly excited, and his mood could be seen from his reddish eyes.
"Where is Miss Vanna Linlin?" Leo suddenly remembered the beautiful black figure and asked.
"Miss Linlin is in a coma. Yesterday, Miss Lin Lin killed several flaming stone men majestically, but she is still in a coma because of her physical exhaustion." Akek was stunned by the battle of Vanna Linlin yesterday with a face of worship.
Leo was surprised and quickly asked, "Is she hurt?" His heart is more worried than that.
"No, no, no, Mr. Leo, Miss Linlin passed out because of physical exhaustion. She was not hurt by those scum flame stone people," Akke explained.
Leo couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard this. Fortunately, the stubborn girl was not injured.
"I’ll go and see." Leo got up and lifted the curtain and went away.
"Mr. Leo, let me take you there." Akke was tired, and his thin body made Leo feel a little poor. Then he thought that their goblin clan was like this. He shook his head and didn’t think much.
"By the way, Mr. Leo, are you hurt?" Ake suddenly reacted with a surprised look, just like ordinary Leo’s heart was shocked. Yesterday, Leo was black and blue all over, and the scar made his scalp numb. At that time, he wanted to say that this Mr. Leo was really different and suffered so much that he didn’t die, but now he is completely shocked. How can he get better so quickly after being so seriously injured?
"Akke heads don’t worry, I’m all right now." Leo laughed and didn’t explain that this was the reason why his constitution was earth. He said that it was estimated that the goblins’ small heads were not very understandable.
Gram, at this time, looked at Leo with eyes just like watching a monster, bobbing and muttering something while walking towards the van Gogh Linlin’s rest carriage.
At this time, the sky is still not very bright, and a fish-belly grey appears on the edge of the sky, and the whole road looks a little cold.
Around, some orcs and goblins are resting on the mountain wall, but they all have excellent weapons in their hands all the time to prevent the enemy from raiding Leo. His footsteps become very light. He is afraid of disturbing these resting guys. Akke looks at Leo’s brisk pace with a hint of respect, and he also sees that Leo doesn’t want to disturb these tired guys. He is shouting good Mr. Leo in his heart at this moment.
"This way, Mr. Leo," Akke said, pointing to a carriage beside him. He tapped lightly on the horse’s face. For a moment, a goblin emerged from the carriage and said respectfully, "Mr. Leo, the patriarch."
"Is Miss Linlin awake?" Ake asked softly, afraid to wake Fanna Linlin.
"Miss Linlin just woke up," said the goblin gently with his head down beside Aker.
"Mr. Ackert, please come in." They didn’t speak, and the tired voice of Vanna Linlin came from the carriage. At this time, she was covered with a blanket and her face was very pale. She leaned against the board and looked strong
Leo took the lead in boarding the carriage and looked at Vanna Linlin. She couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.
"Are you all right?" Vatican na Linlin looked at Leo figure face more than a different color.
Leo smiled and shook his head and said, "I’m fine, but you look very bad."
Fanna Linlin’s face was a little more smiling. She bit her lip and looked at Leo like a black gem and shook her head. "It’s good to have a rest. What are you doing when you are so badly injured and don’t have a good rest?"
Leo’s heart warmed up and said, "I can’t kill Xiaoqiang, but his life is so hard that the injury is not worth it." Then he also showed that his body was in good health and made the latter look dirty.
"Chief Akke, what are our losses?" Vatican na Linlin asked with a serious face.
"Sixteen of our goblin people died, and the orcs died, and 42 musket squads were intact, but a car full of weapons fell into the valley in the battle with the stone man," Akke replied.
"We need to get to Louvain fortress as soon as possible. What time is it now? How long did I sleep? " Fanna Linlin asked.
"It’s the second day now, and we’ve taken care of the road stones and can start at any time," Akke said.
At this time, an old Terran man boarded the carriage and knelt on the board and said, "Miss Linlin, Mr. Leo, the patriarch of Akke."
"What can I do for Mr. Chris?" Fanna Linlin asked.
"But I’m worried that if the road still encounters those scum in the magic cave, I’m afraid we will be wiped out. Now our team is very tired, and I’m afraid we can’t give full play to our fighting strength when we fight," Chris worried.
Fanna Linlin frowned and said decisively, "After three hours’ rest, we will go to Louvain fortress immediately. Mr. Kreis, you send a bunch of people to Turin immediately to tell the heads of families that we have encountered a flaming stone man here. The battle situation in Louvain fortress is urgent. Maybe there is already a war there."
"It’s Miss Linlin," Chris replied.
"I’m worried now that the magic army in the cave has entered the Lu Wenshan vein. What is their purpose and the soldiers guarding Lu Wen don’t know what happened to them now?" Vanna Linlin’s eyes flickered and sighed.
Arrive at 14
Three hours later, the huge team set out again. With the fire and the stone attack, they were more careful. Leo was still sitting in the first carriage. This was his strong request that he should be the first to be alert when facing danger. Van Gogh Linlin also agreed with this request.
Fanna Linlin, who has experienced a huge rock from heaven, is convinced of Leo’s strong sense of crisis. He is simply fighting with scouts, and they are not regular troops. Now they are rushing to Louvain fortress as soon as possible. Where can scouts find their way?
The musket squad is in the team. This is the adjustment made by Vanna Linlin. After all, if there is a battle, the musket squad can’t be the first to go into the battlefield. This is a fatal problem for them. Vanna Linlin insists on sitting in the first carriage with Leo. This stubborn girl can’t persuade anyone unless she is knocked unconscious.
Leo looked at the Vatican Linlin can’t help some love dearly.
Orcs followed their wagons closely. For these orcs, the fate of Vanna Linlin was their fate, and her safety must be guaranteed.
The carriage rolled and galloped for a long time, but at this moment, no one dared to be careless about whether it was orcs or goblins. Their nerves were tense and they were prepared for a raid at any time. They were not sure whether the scum like the Flame Stone Man would appear again.
"It’s coming soon." Vanna Linlin came out of the carriage and sat in front of her. Her thin body and pale face made people feel distressed. She leaned against the door and looked more comfortable than her hat. She lost her lux hair in the battle with the flame stone man. Her pale face was a little messy in the sunshine. There was a trace of blood in her eyes. Ruby stared at a huge fortress ahead.
Leo saw that it was a fortress as long as 10,000 meters and as high as 50 meters. Although it was far apart, Leo felt an unusual ancient artistic conception, and it was chilling with a bloody breath.
The towering fortress is like a natural barrier across two mountains, like a giant sword, which suddenly cuts off two mountains to stop everyone from coming. Leo was shocked by this huge monster and was speechless.