"There is no way to save a lantern. Now there is absolutely nothing growing everywhere in gdeyes. lg dare not stick to it."

"It is best for lg to let go of several outer towers now. If it is killed again because of strong defense, it will be snowballed by gg team and will explode completely."
Commentary Xi Lele and Dongka are also analyzing.
"h~lg three towers and one tower will be pushed away by the Ministry"
"But they still have a chance that the gg team can push off the outer tower, which will not determine the outcome of the game."
Even if she has a good personal relationship with gg team, Amanda definitely doesn’t want lg to lose to gg team in the game.
However, the dominance displayed by the maple team at night in this game made her despair.
Lg’s wild fight was just a wave of invasion and selection mistakes at level 3, and it never turned over again.
Then the people rolled up forever, and the snowball level increased, and the economy increased.
Directly lead to the situation is that after the troops subsequently intervened, the three roads were suppressed by the Ministry, and three defense towers were even pushed.
"I feel a little angry with lg. I just fell behind in the wild, so you rolled up such a big snowball. Look, the economy has been ahead of 4 thousand, and it has been ahead of 4 thousand economy for 15 minutes. This is already a terrorist economy."
"Let’s put it off. Now lg has no other way, but I believe that these teams have to re-recognize the wild style of this guy gdeyes after the game in the background. Even we have never seen gdeyes so crazy and wild."
During the period of peaceful development, Lele and Dongka’s eyes swept over the heads with the pilot lens and analyzed the reasons for the situation caused by this game!
There is no doubt that almost all the advantages of gg team have been brought about by the absolute lead in the wild, and they are not afraid of being robbed in the wild. gank, these departments are all based on the absolute advantage in the wild
And this horrible snowball continues.
"… lg has always taken measures to avoid the war, but gg plundered and never stopped. The third little dragon has quickly refreshed this wave of LG. It seems that it is very likely to let go."
"It should be unlikely to compete for the economic gap between the two sides, which has reached 5,000. The economic gap of 5,000 in 19 minutes. Although lg has been camping in the wild near the Second Tower, it is also possible to take it and put it in danger, but this wave of wild rexroth seems to have been caught!"
At the Staples Center Stadium, 19 minutes after the gg-lg game, although the pace of the game has been advancing in a tense way, lg was extremely wretched but was not caught again.
However, just as the third little dragon was refreshed, the night maple team in this wild area cooperated with the enchantress and the auxiliary tauren to ambush and wait in Rexai.
"Directly send wq two even demon Ji to take the chain!"
The big screen was seized when lg hit the wild wave and entered the wild area to control Rexay’s preparation for setting up a field of vision.
The fourth volume DiQiEr dragon horizontal push
"qrw Ozawa’s enchantress kicked me to death and got my head."
"After all, it was ambushed. After careful consideration for several minutes, this little dragon still lured him out."
All the audience in Staples Center are watching the pictures in the pilot lens, and this wave is fruitful as Rexay prepares to enter the wild area and the field of vision is directly controlled by Niutou.
This developmental Rexay faces the witch, the horse, the bull’s head, and three people ambush for two sets of control blessings, and there is no escape possibility at its roots.
The enemy player has been killed!
Kick to death
"In this case, it’s no accident to come directly and take this little dragon off."
Explanation Xi Lele and Dongka look at each other as if a wave of the most common pictures had just happened to compete at this level, and each kill was enough for them to explain it. But this game has reached this point, and both Lele and Dongka know how terrible the gg team’s leading situation is. Even if there is no way to get a high wave now, it is only a matter of time in their view.
A few seconds later, the wail of Xiaolong Circle was handed out to explain and the audience saw the picture of Xiaolong being killed directly from the screen.
"The third dragon."
Lin, the seat of lg competition, controls the robbery, and he said after hearing the sound of the summoner’s canyon dragon buff
Although lin, a person in the game, doesn’t know how much economy they are lagging behind at the moment, he can still recognize a basic situation
It is definitely not good news for gg team to get three little dragons in less than 20 minutes.
"Go home and prepare for the big dragon."
At the same time, in the gg competition table, the night maple sound started in the headset.
Jzh was also surprised when he heard the night maple sound.
It’s 19 and a half minutes now, and they go home to replenish their equipment and go to the big dragon circle, which means that Ye Feng will start work directly when this big dragon has just been refreshed.
However, although all four people were surprised by this wave of night maple decision, there was no doubt that it was a moment of surprise and then they directly opened up the city.
"The body has returned to the city. Is gg going to do something again?"
"If you go back to the city, you may really want to make trouble. Look at me. It’s too fat to synthesize a cherry blossom knife and add a ruby."
Commentary Xi Lele and Dongka knew that they were going to make a big move after seeing this scene and the gg team returned to the city.
"The second big piece of the wheel mother has also been made. He is still the highest in the field. This wave seems to be preparing for the big dragon gg side!"
“gd! Gg team went to Baron Nash. Are they going to fight Baron Dalong? "
Ls live Tiki also fixed his eyes firmly on the gg team five when they returned to the city, and then saw the picture of the gg team five holding a group again from the wild area to the big dragon circle.
At first glance, Tiki immediately knew what gg team thought.
Baron Nash, this is an opportunity for gg team to expand its advantage into victory.
Moreover, lg has no view near Dalong River.
"Directly hit five people. gg, this wave is so decisive."
Then everyone saw this wave of gg team five people directly from the huge screen.