Jiang Xue Bud was about to speak when she heard a knock at the door.

There is a little unhappiness in the sound of the silent moon.
He is cultivating feelings with his mother. Who is so ignorant to disturb them [
"If the girl in the temple is clamoring to see you."
Silent Moon Flowing Sound Frowns and turns to look at Jiang Xue Bud I, Section 576: If Smoke is injured?
"If the girl in the temple is clamoring to see you."
Ji Yue Liu Yin frowned and turned to look at Jiang Xue Bud.
Seeing that Jiang Xue Bud was staring at him blankly, he was silent for a moment, neither too hot nor too cold, and said, "If you let her have nothing to do so late, just say that I have slept."
"But if the smoke girl is seriously injured and she refuses to take medicine, why do you have to come to see the temple? Do you have anything to say that she is not at ease if she doesn’t see the temple with her own eyes?"
Silent month flow sound eyes flashed a surprised one will let go of the Jiang Xue bud [
He sat up without considering that he was still weak, picked up his robe and put it on.
"If the smoke is injured? Why didn’t I know? When did it happen? "
Jiang Xue Bud couldn’t tell what it was like at the moment when she was released by the fox.
Although he always talks about what if smoke is his sister, he doesn’t talk to her about men and women.
But now it’s uncomfortable to look at him so worried about Jiang Xue Bud.
Anyway, the fox cares about Ruoyan Beauty.
Hundreds of years of love … not her.
She wondered if the fox would be worried if she was injured without the baby in her belly now.
Although the fox has confessed to her, she doesn’t know exactly where she is in the fox’s heart.
"Back to the temple if smoke girl she saved the temple tonight … just injured …"
Silent month sound dazed dazed turned to Jiang Xue bud said, "I … go and see if smoke …"
Jiang Xue bud felt a little funny.
He can see whoever he wants, and he has to say to himself …
If she wouldn’t let him go, would he really not go?
If … If she knew that the smoke beauty was injured by herself … What kind of reaction would he have?
Jiang Xue Bud suddenly wanted to know this.
If the smoke beauty was injured by her, Mammy Yue and the four guards saw it.
If the fox goes to Ruoyan Beauty, it is bound to know.
If he knows … will he blame himself for it … Section 577: Who just said that his body hurts?
If the fox goes to Ruoyan Beauty, it is bound to know.
If he knew … Will he blame himself for it …
Listen, if Beauty Smoke went out of his way to save him … how would he feel in his heart?
She knew that she shouldn’t care about these things.
But … I just can’t help but care [
Even she herself feels hopeless.
Although her heart is full of emotion, she has a calm expression on the surface.
Looking at her, the sound of the silent moon shows a little hesitation on her face. "She was injured only to save me. I went to see her injury."
This sounds like an explanation.
Looking at the fox, I feel a little uneasy. Jiang Xue Bud sighed a little and evoked a chuckle. "Okay, I know, you go."
Fox … Let’s care about her.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t explain it to her specially.
The thought of here Jiang Xue bud in the mind is not so bad.
I thought of a sentence.
The emotional change of a woman who is in love is always inexplicable.
One minute I’m laughing, and the next I may be in tears.
She … This is what she is now.