Who would like to have a face that doesn’t tighten all day, a face that doesn’t have emotions and facial paralysis? Even if it looks good for years, it will be boring to face it day after day, just like loving an idol, receiving his records, taking pictures of him and sticking his posters on the wall, but if you really want to face that single poster every day, the picture will become boring.

And he did it for years, but he ended up like this
Xiaoqi sighed silently in her heart, sipping coffee lightly, and making silence stick.
Thinking that this person is someone else’s fiance Xiaoqi half a month later, he smiled at himself and changed the subject. "How is your company recently?" Has the American bill been withdrawn? " There should be no problem with the old father-in-law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, right
Wei Zhi withdrew her eyes and took a sip of coffee. "The claim has been delivered over there and the lawsuit has been dropped."
"That’s good," Xiao Qi said softly. "I’ll find you out today …"
"Xiao Qi" Wei Zhi interrupted Xiao Qi’s unfinished words
"You’re 50 million … I’m temporarily unable to repay it. I’ll convert it into 20% of my company’s shares and sign your name if you agree."
Say that finish Wei Zhi took out the folder that he had been holding in his hand and spread it out in front of Xiaoqi in duplicate.
Xiaoqi didn’t answer or look.
"Wei Zhi …" Xiaoqi whispered, "There is one thing that I have kept from you for many years. Today, I want to tell it. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. I’m not saying this to save anything, because we all know that our rift is not just due to the hypnotic fruit of Lady Mary."
"What are you trying to say?" Wei Zhi’s tone was cold and hard, and then he said, "Do you want me to talk about your rebirth routine?"
Xiao Qi Yi leng, he really wants to talk about it.
"I died once and jumped from the top of the hospital, but when I woke up, I went back to ten years ago. I …"
"Ye Xiaoqi, will you wake up?"
Wei Zhi suddenly interrupted Xiaoqi to start sneering, "Is it easy to push all those dirty things you do with this kind of ghosts and gods?" Ye Xiaoqi, even if you are, I will sleep with those bosses. Then you should ask me in advance whether the money you get in this way will dirty my hands. "
Xiaoqi stared at the face he thought was familiar, as tough as his eyes and as cold as his face, but how could he become so strange?
What is Wei Zhi still talking about, but Xiaoqi doesn’t listen and doesn’t want to talk about it any more. What is there to say to such a person?
But Wei Zhi’s last sentence is unforgettable-
You are so dirty that I don’t deserve to love you. You insult my feelings. I really regret loving you!
At this moment, all of Xiaoqi’s attempts and silent efforts are burnt out at this moment.
"Bang-"a punch landed hard in Wei Zhi’s face.
Although there are not many people in the coffee shop, such a big noise still makes people look askance.
Wei Zhi slant face numbness in the brain is a piece of white, this blow Xiao Qi made him feel dizzy and vomiting.
"Wei, don’t think too highly of yourself. Lan Chen is right. It’s not worth my Ye Xiaoqi’s love to be a coward behind a woman like you. I blame myself for being with you, but I never regret choosing me. I regret not recognizing your disgusting face earlier."
Burying his face in his heart, Wei Zhi was puzzled that he was not a person who was good at retorting. At this time, he stared at Xiaoqi like being beaten silly.
Xiaoqi picked up the napkin on the table and wiped the back of her hand. The look was also transient and indescribable. "Ah, I’m really sorry. The groom’s face is estimated to be not very good. Let your wife give you more layers of powder."
At this moment, Ye Xiaoqi’s gentle temperament is violent, his eyes are full of other evils, and the corners of his mouth raise an ironic arc like a cold evil demon.
This Ye Xiaoqi … But it’s amazing to let people move their eyes open.
"I’m thorough. I woke up. You owe me this punch!"
Ye Xiaoqi is smiling. The beast is finally awake and struggling to get out-
Finally, I took a look at the person sitting opposite me. Xiaoqiteng reached for the black diamond stud in his left ear and threw it in front of Wei Zhi. Then he quickly wrote his name on the contract, and his handwriting was clear and fluent, penetrating the back of the paper.
Would you rather exchange shares in the company than owe him a dirty favor?
Oh, it’s really Wei Zhengfeng.
A 20% stake in Zhenyuan Company is very generous. If he knows that Zhenyuan will succeed in the future, will he regret his generous decision today?
Seven corners of the mouth of the joint file evoked a smile. "So … I wish you success, Mr. Wei!" After a pause, I seemed to think of something. "By the way, I almost forgot to make an appointment with you today. I received your speech that day, but it was just a breakup. I agreed, and what you left at my place will be out of date for me in three days!"
The moment I turned around and laughed disappeared.
"Goodbye ice …"
Goodbye, my groom!
Xiaoqi strode away, never leaving a trace of nostalgia, and Wei Zhi quietly watched Xiaoqi leave her back and her cheeks stung.
There is a table where the discarded black diamond stud glows with cold light to be continued.
Ps meow ~ ~ broke up!
Chapter two hundred and thirty Move!
Xiao Xun called to say that he had moved to a new house and invited him to inspect it.
Xiaoqi was shocked to move?
You’ve sold your house and moved to a Mao family?
Cough … Words seem to have forgotten to tell my family about this crop.
Xiaoqi was still patrolling the base when he received the message, but his heart had already flown away.