"Maybe what she means is that there may be a disaster every thousand years, but it is a historical fact that there is no large-scale disaster every thousand years."

"Then you want to come?"
"This year happens to be the fifth Millennium, and now the mainland is in chaos. Presumably, it is already at war." At Pei Wennuan, Dugu Mark said indifferently.
"what! How is it possible! " Pei Wennuan exclaimed that war broke out in such a short time? What happened these days when she was under house arrest by Dugu Mark?
"Nothing is impossible," Dugu said.
Pei Nuan suddenly thought of whether the black snakes in the murals would appear in the mainland because of the blood brought by the war, which worried Pei Nuan even more. It was the black fog that didn’t even know the dugu mark.
If it comes out, it must be plunged into darkness all day. Now, it is very obvious that the immortal will not appear to help this day, and there is no immortal to save the world. That would be a bad situation.
However, she is the pupil of gold and has always had a dream of unification in her heart, so she came here to look for the seal.
"That sentence means that we should find India and Kiyomi, but both of them are auxiliary forces. If it is necessary, with the help of both of them, the day can be settled quickly." Dugu Mark said calmly.
However, Pei Wennuan is thinking about other things at the moment. What she is worried about is those black snakes and that black fog.
The day before yesterday, she, but those black snakes were so evil, had to get rid of these things, which might threaten the people around her. Her brother and father were very yunhua, and she would never let this happen.
"Things may be worse than you said." Pei Nuan’s face was very dignified.
In Dugu Mark’s puzzled expression, Pei Wennuan said, "You said that those black snakes may appear after seeing blood, but there may be a more terrible thing." If that black fog really appears, the situation is not optimistic.
When Pei was warm, he said the black fog toward Dugu mark again.
After all, what she saw in the mural was the disappearance of the black fog, but she didn’t see it being eliminated. It is very likely that the black fog was hiding to make herself stronger.
However, it has been 5 thousand years, but the black fog has never appeared, and it may be trapped by the immortal or has been eliminated. If so, it is the best guess.
"You mean maybe that mass will affect people’s minds and black fog will come out?" Dugu mark is obviously not clear about this matter. The forehead is twisted into a Sichuan font.
"If it is still in this world," Pei Wennuan’s face is also very serious at the moment
But now it’s all speculation. If you want to know the truth, you must go out of here and find the real residence of the immortal to find the answer.
"The most important thing is to get out of here first." Pei Wennuan sighed heavily, trying to relax her mood a little, but it became heavier and heavier. She would never let anything happen that would harm the people she cares about.
"Well, don’t worry too much. Maybe things aren’t as bad as you think." Dugu Mark said in a tone that seemed comforting.
Pei Wennuan’s silence may be worse than imagined. That should be so good?
"Are you sure Yunhua went to see me and didn’t enter here?" Pei warm asked again
"Well" dugu mark should be a.
"That’s good." It’s too dangerous here, but the seven-star suspected palace horse is about to disappear. The door here is about to open. If they don’t come in, they can avoid the danger of entering the palace this time. She doesn’t know what’s in this palace, but she always feels that her heart is slightly blocked. Maybe she is too sensitive.
Dugu mark eyes flashing a nature is Bai Pei warm the meaning of these three words in the heart slightly.
Zhao Qinyao looked at Dugu scar and Pei Nuan not far away. I don’t know what I was saying. My eyes were full of hatred. Looking at Pei Nuan’s figure, I couldn’t wait to cut her to pieces. My cousin is her. She is a future toffee. Pei Nuan’s fox is already a couple. Zhao Qinyao’s heart has torn Pei Nuan into thousands of pieces. I don’t understand her heart hate.
Pei Nuan felt that he had something to say and turned his attention to the mural to see if there was another mystery hidden in the mural or whether there was an explanation for the last heavy achievement method. However, after observing for a long time, he didn’t see anything, so he closed his eyes and began to understand again. From those words, he got the last heavy achievement method of "Tianhuang Baojian".
Micro-environment is micro, but the view is quiet. What does it mean to abandon these short twenty words? The last realm of "The Treasure Mirror of Heaven" is obviously a micro realm, but what do you want to say in the next few words? Do you have to make her blind to practice onlookers?
She has lost once, and she doesn’t want to sink into that kind of darkness again. Only when she is really lost can she see how good the world is. She always learns to cherish it when she is lost, but she often has no regrets and no regrets.
It’s doubtful that it is the best favor for her to recover from a lost time. Pei Nuan feels that she will never let herself win in deep in the darkness again.
Pei warm heart wondering repeatedly infer the meaning.
However, it was not long after she realized that one of the nine jade doors on the second floor was shaking.
Pei warm eyes swish open who will come out of the Yumen?
Pei Wennuan looked up at the figure of the people on the second floor, and his eyes gradually narrowed to reveal a dangerous look …
It should be her!
Ink ring!
Seeing Mo Qinghuan behind him, there are two black men shrouded in black, and Mo Qinghuan’s face is wearing a ghost mask, which makes her look more sinister than dark.
The door that Mo Qinghuan walked out of, Pei Wennuan, still remembers that it was the ash who told her that they had gone through Yumen. There were nine Yumen in all, except for the other seven doors that came from the seven palaces. One of the other two doors was what she passed through, but it was not known whether the other door came from the other side, which had long been mysterious.
The breath of Mo Qinghuan seems to be relatively weak, perhaps because of the danger of coming again, but she saw Pei Nuan at the first sight when she came here.
The eyes in the ghost mask showed a dark expression, and then the three of them swept on the ground together. "I didn’t expect you to be alive."
Ink clear ring to pei warm grinning said tone has disdain to hide not to hate.
"Let you down, I live better than you." Pei replied warmly and faintly, where she was not injured. Obviously, Moqing was much more embarrassed than her.
"Hum …" Mo Qinghuan snorted and ignored Pei Wennuan. She also knew that now was not the time for conflict. Now the most important thing for her was to recover from her injury.
"You two give me the dharma" Mo Qinghuan ordered the two men behind him, and then he went to a place to sit cross-legged and began to exercise healing.
I didn’t expect Mo Qinghuan to come here. Because of the arrival of Mo Qinghuan, Pei Nuan-gen realized that she wanted to exercise a muscle directly. She hasn’t done it yet. Let the two men standing beside Mo Qinghuan be on guard against watching Pei Nuan-nuan.
Pei warm sneer at a "you two rest assured that if I want to kill her, it’s just a blink of an eye. She’s such a little shrimp that I don’t deserve to do it myself." She must have hidden strength in the place now, and no one will be her opponent. After all, her capability is already close to Huadan, but it’s hard to say if someone hides strength.
"Poof …" Pei Wennuan’s words fell into Mo Qinghuan’s ear, which was struggling to recover from injury. A qi and blood directly disturbed her qi and made her spit out a mouthful of reverse blood.
"Yo, yo, yo, I said, don’t be angry with this aunt. When you get to Yan, it’s hard to return to the sun. And I’m afraid that Yan will abandon you and dare not accept you. It seems that you can be a wandering ghost." Pei said with a smile on his face.
"Pei Wennuan, don’t go too far!" Ink clear ring clutching his chest was angry and had an impulse to fight.
"How do you want to fight? I’m glad to be with you. "Pei’s warm eyes flashed a trace of murder. This woman’s coming here is a disaster for her. She has to get rid of many doubts about her mother’s affairs, but she can’t trust Mo Qinghuan’s mouth! Even if all the secrets will never be seen again, she will remove the ink ring
Make Pei Nuan didn’t expect it was Mo Qinghuan who actually laughed at Pei Nuan at this time. "Do you want to kill me? Ha ha, it seems that I forgot to tell you … "
Mo Qinghuan took a few leisurely steps forward, giving people a feeling of being high, but now she is wearing a ghost mask, even if she is elegant, it will make people feel gloomy. Chapter 76 Mean shame.
Mo Qinghuan deliberately paused for a moment before opening his mouth with a hint of laziness. "Now your father can be a guest in my palace. If I die here, I think your father will accompany me later. Hahahaha … Hahahaha …"
Mo Qinghuan smiled proudly as if he were a winner and looked at Pei Nuan.
"What did you say!"
Pei warm behind listening to the dew shocked eyes suddenly murder everywhere Nangong Lie unexpectedly in the hands of Mo Qinghuan just want to make moves to be stopped by the shoulder caught by the dugu mark.
Looking at dugu mark slightly shook his head towards her, Pei Nuan was just angry and forced to suppress some.
"Why? Still want to kill me? " Mo Qinghuan proudly looked at Pei Nuan, a picture high above the touch sample, and was very satisfied with Pei Nuan’s expression.
Pei Wennuan looked at her eyes and told himself in his heart that he must be calm and then laugh without anger. "How can I be willing to kill you? I will treat you well ~ Former Empress ~"
As soon as the words were spoken, a cool breeze rose behind me.
Is it an illusion?
Pei’s warm eyes are like a different person, and his eyes are sharper than before. Although he is laughing, that kind of smile gives people a freezing feeling as if he can cut human flesh with a knife.
Mo Qinghuan doesn’t know how strong Pei Nuan has become since I haven’t seen him for many days. The feeling of Pei Nuan has become more and more elusive.
Quickly flick away the thought in my mind just now. How can Pei Nuan become stronger than himself? It must be my illusion. Hearing Pei Nuan’s’ former empress’ teasing, my anger also rose, and I was forced to be suppressed.
"What do you want?" Mo Qing-Huan’s defense responsibility
Pei Nuan is a cold hum with a smile, no longer paying attention to her withdrawing her sight. The cold meaning in her eyes makes it possible to detect the dugu mark that has been around her.
Mo Qinghuan was angry and dumped her sleeves. She took a cold look at Pei’s warmth and continued to sit cross-legged for healing. Now all the people she brought are dead, with two lives left to guard. The situation is not optimistic. Everything should be handled with caution.
Not far away, the ash looked at the corners of the mouth of the ink-clearing ring, which was hurting the exercise, and smiled thoughtfully.
Pei Wennuan made a preliminary calculation. Now about 30 people who enter here are all skilled people. If she represents the lonely mark of Nanliang country and the North Maple country, do people here have a day to leave the country?