At the wedding, the old songs all answered like this. It’s not good for the old men to meddle here, so they sent a few people away to continue chatting on their own.

But Momo Peach is a divination, Momo.
I have been curious for so many days, but I still can’t help it. I want to satisfy my curiosity when I come out fishing.
"Oh," Wei old man snorted, "I knew you were all up to something. It’s not cute at all."
"No," Momo said shamelessly, with a big mouth and big eyes. "I am the most innocent and lovely Momo."
Wei Laotou dislikes it.
This hundred minds grew up in cheat people. How dare you say simple?
Who the old man leisurely waiting for Momo peach please and coquetry and insincerely praised him after the great progress in fishing technology, and she talked about the old things.
"You grandpa this person is very axis" who the old man some exclamation.
"In fact, I haven’t contacted them for many years, but everyone came back to life at that time. It’s always the same if they come back to life."
"His house is as busy as yours, but it was lucky to be able to go back once this year, two years, five years and six years."
"At that time, those dogs didn’t have the personality to slaughter you everywhere. Grandpa Qu’s home in the village just touched him and finally found a chance to go back. When I heard this, the village lost news."
"If there are no people in the village, it doesn’t have to be gone." Momo Tao said.
"The reason is this reason, but how can I say it at that time? Not to mention that he touched this fellow villager behind him and said that he saw his family with his own eyes. What can he do without the mess outside? "
Lao Wei also sighed at those inhuman dogs. He was so angry that he couldn’t wait to pick up the cannon and chug for a while.
Momo peach also walked at that time, the situation was very chaotic.
Take their family as an example, she didn’t participate, but her grandma uncle and they all wandered around a lot before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and finally settled in the brigade.
A while ago, it was too bitter to be true.
Therefore, their family is a big family. Just because several children have grown up healthily, don’t say that many people don’t like Wu Manzhu, but they all admire her very much.
Although the Qu family was pulled by others, she also supported a family by herself.
"So grandpa Qu hasn’t remarried for so many years?" Momo peach winks.
This is rare.
In fact, there are many old bachelors like this, but there are not many old bachelors with good conditions
The object remarried in pieces within two years after his death, even in a month or two.
I can’t live.
It’s really hard to be alone these days.
"How many people introduced him to him in those years that he was unmarried? Now it’s so lonely to be alone for the New Year."
Momo peach hand caressed the caresses and looked at the old man who.
This is also a person.
"That’s different. I have a son and daughter. I just hate them. If we live together, they can always manage?" Who stared at the old man
Momo peach nodded.
It’s something that old man Wei can do.
Is it
"Hee hee, then you don’t even want to go to your son’s, and you still run to me." Momo Tao smiled and walked with a little face and was very proud. "You can imagine how reliable I am."
Who the old man hum to throw cold water on her.
"I think you dare not take care of me. You have to please me."
"That so many people you still run me here? It is very good to say that I am a person. "
Momo peach happily chattered.
That’s quite proud of myself.
There is nothing particularly exciting about Momo Peach during the summer vacation.