This year is the last year of Lin Sen’s father’s stay in Spain. After that, he will go back to China to perform his duties, and his mother will go back to China together. It was really bad for Lin Sen and his parents a long time ago, but that was in the past. Lin Sen also understood his older parents a little more. Now almost every once in a while, Lin Sen will come to Madrid to visit his parents, and this time is just a coincidence.

It is this purpose that obviously will not be accepted by the media, and Lin Sen has to accompany them to fight in Tai Ji Chuan.
Originally, it was less than a few minutes from the passage to the exit. Lin Linsen walked for nearly an hour. This was the last time that the airport security personnel really couldn’t look to help and finally got out of the way. Who was in Lin’s heart at that time? Tell me my whereabouts. I promised not to kill your thoughts. This time I came to Madrid. Lin Linsen thought that he hadn’t told anyone except Boya and his parents because he knew exactly what would happen if he appeared in Madrid at this time, but even so, he was stuck red-handed at the airport.
This is a coincidence? Anyway, he didn’t believe it, and this "coincidence" suspense didn’t last long.
Shortly after Linsen took the bus, he received Mendes’ words.
I’m sorry, Lin. Mendes seems to know what Linsen will encounter at Madrid airport. He apologizes as soon as he opens his mouth, and I want to know how long he can’t keep it from Linsen if he wants to make it happen again.
"How did you know that I would come to Madrid today? Jorge "Lin Sen, the so-called person who reaches out and doesn’t smile, said that sometimes he thinks that the agent is really a role similar to Seven, and the bigger the agent is, the closer it is to this role. It seems that there is nothing they don’t know. Of course, the object is someone with them.
"Remember Caroline?" Mendes said
"The female reporter?" Lin Sen thought for a moment and quickly said that Caroline was a reporter from bb 5. When he signed for Manchester City, the first interview came from this female reporter, and she was also blocked at the door.
"She is now a director of bb 5," Mendes said. "And she has her own website at Manchester Airport …"
"Well," said things so Bai Linsen don’t white is silly.
"florentino hope to meet you" hear Tomlinson tone ease to Mendes cut to the chase.
"Ah," Lin Sen chuckled and answered irrelevant questions. "Jorge, it seems that we should sign the contract first?"
"No" heard Lin Sen’s words, but Mendes’s heart jumped, but the answer was not slow at all, and it would not make people feel that he hesitated at all.
If Lin Sen’s meaning is understood literally, it doesn’t mean that Mendes should have an identity before arranging for him to meet florentino, that is, to become Lin Sen’s agent again, so that Mendes can be considered famous. However, not everything can be understood literally, because there is a tone when words come out of his mouth
No one likes to be pushed around by his actions. Whether this person is an acquaintance or for good is no exception. Lin Sen doesn’t care that Mendes intentionally leaks his whereabouts, but will he care that he is also arranged by Mendes? Mendes is not sure about this answer.
"If you don’t want to start from now on, I’ll start from this," Mendes went on.
"That’s not necessary." Lin Senxiao laughed. "I can understand you and Real Madrid."
Lin Sen has long known that Mendes is an excellent agent, and his impression of Mendes has not been bad during the contract. He just spoke half-truths, not without awakening the other party’s meaning, but far from denying people. Of course, Mendes has played a middleman role so far. On the surface, he is a "volunteer", but in reality, if Lin Sen really coaches Real Madrid Mendes, what he will get can be imagined.
"But as far as I know, Ancelotti seems to be the head coach of Real Madrid. At this time, I don’t think it is appropriate to meet florentino," Linsen added.
Still in contact with a manager? Lin Sen doesn’t want to say how lofty he is, but as he said, it’s inappropriate. On the one hand, it’s out of respect for his peers. On the other hand, Lin Sen doesn’t like being a mistress.
"Carlo Ancelotti will definitely leave Real Madrid," Mendes said. "But you are right. It was my thoughtlessness."
"So …" Mendes thought. "Reconnect?"
"Reconnect" Lin Sen said.
Hang up, Lin Sen turned his eyes to this familiar city outside the window. If he remembered it, he stayed in this city for nearly ten years. In many cases, he regarded this city as his second hometown. However, after returning to China several times, he also realized that there will always be one hometown, and Madrid is not as familiar as he just left Manchester.
Just familiar.
Leave Manchester.-Where is it?
Actually, Lin Sen didn’t think clearly that he has always been a very decisive person, but at this time he found it difficult to decide this matter. From the perspective of family and other aspects, Madrid can bring him closer to his parents, make Boya happier, prevent him from readjusting to another city, and make his career reach a new level. This seems to be a perfect choice, but in his heart, it always seems that there is another voice telling him that you should not go back to Madrid.
In the final analysis, what is said to Tang Hua or what Mubarak just said to Mendes is just an excuse for the collision of these two ideas.
The real fact is that Lin Sen’s heart is still swinging to be continued.
Chapter 57 Behind him
Time can really change many things.
Lin Sen seldom talks with his father about whether it is normal in the past or eased in the past two years. On the one hand, it is because of their personalities, on the other hand, Lin Sen is really busy with work when he rarely needs his father to help him "dispel doubts". Although his father doesn’t care about Lin Sen, he rarely takes the initiative to talk to Lin Sen about this.
But this time it’s a little different. After Tomlinson came back, he rarely left work at ordinary times. His father made an exception and took a day off. Most of the good dishes were naturally eaten by Tomlinson, which made Tomlinson somewhat unexpected. Although most of the topics were still related to his work, he has been nagging his mother in the past two years. This time, he didn’t say anything. Most of them looked at and listened to his father’s conversation with a smile.
"Dad, I don’t know much about the national mechanism, but you don’t seem to be old enough to retire, do you?" Talking about his father, Gong Linsen thought of a doubt in his heart and asked.
"Well," my father nodded and said calmly, "by rights."
"So …" Lin Sen’s eyebrows jumped. As he said, he didn’t know much about the national mechanism, but that doesn’t mean he was completely blind about it. He still knew very well what it meant to retire in China before he retired.
"Don’t think too much." Father obviously knew what Linsen was thinking. He smiled and said, "I asked for it myself."
Tomlinson was stunned by accident, and then before he asked what his father had done, he said slowly, "Although I have been wandering for decades, I have long been used to it, but I still have a burden before I left a foreign country. I have to pick it now. It’s not so heavy and necessary. It’s almost time to let it go. I talked to your grandfather."
Lin Sen nodded silently and then suddenly asked, "I heard that my cousin wants a step at the end of the year?"
"Well," the father nodded lightly and then smiled. "It turned out that according to your grandfather’s idea, your generation had to go this way. Who knows that each of you has his own interests, and now your cousin is the last thought, but it’s good, not very good."
"Then you take it?"
"Go ….." My father turned to look at his mother’s soft eyes while she was tidying up.
Looking at his father’s eyes, Tomlinson seems to have warmed up in his heart.