Chitan Dan has been staying in Zhaocheng these days. He is busy sorting out his own equipment to deal with weapons of war and so on. These things are easy. He must not wait for his busy work to receive a unified notice. Tell him that bandits near Zhaocheng need to send people to clean up, or he can directly order who to send out to clean up.

Chi Tandan ignored this and casually pulled the name of a player official to send this person to clean up; When he was just about to go to the city equipment factory to see if it could be upgraded, a chivalrous man rushed in and was about to shout. He saw the military discipline officer eyeing him and said, "I can’t suppress bandits, Lord."
Chitan Dan looked at the chivalrous man and found that he was the T-shaped repairman, and he was greatly puzzled. He wondered that all the players who were able to mix official positions now were players in the pioneering period of Chiwei, and now there were seven cities. At the beginning, more than 2,000 hedgehogs in the pioneering period were scattered all over the country, and all ChiWei Yi chivalrous men slowly began to assume official positions.
Whether it is the start-up period or the first phase, it belongs to the early players of the game. B is the worst in most cases and the peak of C. How can there be a T-player? Can receive his orders are loyal to the player Chi Tandan. Chi Tandan searched an official’s information and found that this male player is a trillion "county commandant". This is a senior official equivalent to the public security bureau chief. How can it be so low?
Hiding in the corner, mending the knife, T-shaped peak, Yancheng Shuancheng, born as a scholar, has won the fourth-class status, Tianmensheng, Zhaocheng, County Commandant and the imperial court has awarded him the title of Seven Town Generals.
"Ah, you say it’s a corner mending knife! The reason why this guy is scolded by many players is that he is very accurate in mending the knife. When the enemy is about to die, he doesn’t know where to sneak out to mend the knife and get the meritorious military service. "Machine laughs.
"No wonder ya called hiding in the corner to mend the knife." Chi Tandan suddenly realized and laughed. He saw that the corner mending knife was really too low, so he waved this little guy away and asked him about it. I didn’t expect this little guy to be a real talent.
Chitantan was just about to go to the "Jinchifeng" in Zhaocheng, and the bandits were stationed near the "Jinchifeng". Therefore, five regular troops were called together to stop the bandits. Now there is no war in Yanzhou, but bandits are everywhere because of the war. All cities are busy cleaning up the bandits, and those who have escaped from the war will come back, otherwise the population of the city will be lost badly.
The player has six martial arts moves, one mental skill, one body skill and one lightness skill; And some martial arts moves will also have defense or speed or attack attachments, and the speed will also become very fast after these martial arts moves are equipped.
Of course, the status of the standard martial arts definitely adds a lot of defense points or has a strong defense effect, so does the standard light martial arts. Now the attribute point of Chi Tandan is not high. The ability to make up the knife is that he has nearly a thousand attack points. He has not continuously strengthened the single martial arts, so the attack is very high
However, the strength consumed by martial arts will also increase. Although Chitandan has 39 attack points and the corner mending knife has 11 attack points, it is impossible for two people to kill Chitandan if they really want PK. PK is offensive and defensive. Chitandan needs to play martial arts to directly eliminate the corner mending knife. "Single attack" can’t hit the enemy, and no matter how high the damage is.
If the corner patch is a font size and Chitantan is a font size, then the high attack of the corner patch can be issued when the level is suppressed, but it is also mandatory to deduct a certain amount of blood from Chitantan and kill him in the same way. It is no wonder that the corner patch will come out at the end to kill the enemy. Too few points can send a blow and the enemy will have to wait until it is broken.
It’s easy for Chitan Dan to kill the corner knife, even if it’s the peak of B font size, if he doesn’t have the Xuan font size skill and the martial arts of continuous strokes, he will definitely beat Chitan Dan. You must know that the style has a hexagonal knife, even if he has the strength, but after he hits the six-style single stroke in one breath, all his moves are cooling down, and Chitan Dan’s one set of continuous strokes is still playing.
In this case, he has been in a state of being beaten since he lost his moves to resist the corner knife. Even if he strengthened his martial arts many times, he was 100 points faster than Tan Dan. Therefore, it is very quick for Chitantan to kill the corner and repair the knife. It takes a few seconds to cut off the six strokes and then hit them again. Chitantan knows that it is very easy to attack the player by killing the corner and repairing the knife.
The game setting is very high plasticity for the player. It can’t be said that the corner mending route is not good. It is because he has not obtained advanced skill and basic attributes, and he doesn’t have the strength to follow the low attack moves. It takes a lot of effort to make a move, but it’s also very difficult to make up the last knife.
Hiding in the corner and mending the knife seems to worship Chitan Dan, who keeps asking questions about martial arts all the way. Naturally, he does not ask for martial arts, but asks for advice, such as developing his own high-attack route; In this small face of full loyalty to himself, Chi Tandan did not hide anything. Tell him that it is important to have a high skill and then continue to integrate.
It is natural to know that he wants to ask if it is like breaking Lianzhao Chitantan and laughing after hearing it, telling him that if he wants to cut off Lianzhao martial arts, he must find Lianzhao martial arts flaws; Even the strokes are said to be even in fact, and sometimes there are gaps after seven strokes, ranging from one second to several seconds depending on the martial order of the strokes.
If it is judged that the opponent’s tricks are flawed, it requires a lot of actual combat experience. Many tricks are not too rare. If you encounter such tricks, you can find out the flaws. In fact, the difficulty is to cope with the demolition of martial arts. Even if the demolition of martial arts is cut off, the demolition can be played out. The most important thing is to rely on the cooperation of work attributes
Speaking is the place of arrival. The bandit stronghold is very arrogant and placed near the official road. It is a pity that it belongs to the city administration. The bandits will attack the NPC instead of the chivalrous place, and the chivalrous people can’t fight the bandits
5 The regular army quickly formed a formation. Chitantan brought out archers this time. He asked the corner mending knife to hide in the back, and he acted as a shield for archers in the front. Make the soldiers kiss up to the bandit camp and shout "surrender and let you go home, farmers resist and send you to the grave."
"I voted."
Hiding in the corner, mending the knife, depressed, looking at a list of residual bandits who put their weapons out of the camp and were tied up by regular soldiers. "How is it possible! It’s not that I haven’t suppressed bandits, and every time the chiefs have suffered heavy casualties, I was scolded by the county magistrate and rewarded. "
"I’m famous for my days," Chitan Dan said with a smile.
"Is there such a benefit in making a name for yourself?" Angle of mending knife staring eyes roared
"This is a pediatrician. Do you know what can quickly occupy Yuzhou and hit Luzhou before last week? Is the last week sent day famous Pan Mei all the way to play all the way propaganda fruit Yuzhou twenty-seven cities have surrendered; The fame of the sky is not blown out, but typed out, and the reputation of the sky is added to ensure that there will be no such things as killing prisoners in a massacre. If you have the mind to surrender, the city will choose to surrender when it sees the fame of the sky. "
Hiding in the corner and mending the knife led 500 regular soldiers with nearly 1000 bandits to return to Zhaocheng with the idea of making a name for themselves. While Chitan Dan ran to the "Jinchifeng". He chose to go to the "Jinchifeng" at this time. Naturally, he had other thoughts. According to the information in the loophole diary, Jinchifeng had two wild monsters. BOSS would be dispatched in the near future. Both sides were pregnant with Jinchifeng, and eventually a war broke out. The final result was a mutual loss. Chitan Dan was naturally going to pick up cheap. Anyway, there were no loopholes to pick up.
The rugged mountain road extends towards the Jinchi Peak, which is a monster point, so many players come and go and think about things while walking. It’s definitely necessary to end it with the strong. Of course, it’s impossible to end it. Everyone is a player. It’s necessary to play games and calculate each other.
Chitan Dan is now thinking about how to destroy it with a strong calculation. This small town is in Chuzhou, Luzhou, but Chitan Dan’s hometown is occupied by a strong calculation, which really makes Chitan Dan uncomfortable. Add the old enmity, and I’m thinking about whether to take a trip to Luzhou to pick a fight. Before the war, I didn’t find a way to get even with it, and there was no way.
Because it was only recently that he became a duke, he was also living in a settlement with a group of brothers who fought in the south and fought in the north to become a back beam. And because he is directly loyal to Zhu Wen, Zhu Wen believes in doting on him, and his material sponsorship is generous, which makes him have no worries when he goes to war.
If the Red Wei Army fought against the strong army, don’t say that Zhu Wen must be on the strong army side. Maybe on this side, Red Wei Jun attacked Chuncheng, while Zhu Wen directly sent troops to attack the red Wei Jun lair. It is for this reason that Chitan Dan has been suppressing the revenge of military players, which also makes many hedgehogs very dissatisfied with Chitan Dan, thinking that Chitan Dan is too weak and he did not explain it, but he did explain it to the castellans.
Now there are seven cities in Zhu Wen, and even if an army is sent to kill them, it will be a big deal to throw a few Yanzhou cities to the evil state and be able to break Chuncheng, which will certainly kill one and destroy the momentum and enhance the morale of the Red Wei Army. Of course, sending troops to attack the city is the best policy, and it is still Chitan Danli’s identity to provoke the Luzhou war to achieve the goal of impeded.
The whole Jinchifeng is full of hot springs, which also makes Shan Ye full of wet fog. Chi Tandan is unfamiliar with the terrain here and asked the players several times before finally finding the "Broken Valley"; The broken valley is very long and narrow, a bit like a hairtail. The mouth of the valley is a fish head, and the tail of the valley is a fish tail. If you want to find the two monsters, you will find them on both sides of the valley, not in the front and back, but in the middle of the valley
Take out the shovel and dig several holes in the valley, then bury several props like mines. These props are naturally not mines, and players need to fill them themselves. If we can get the gunpowder formula, maybe we can really make a mine. It’s more difficult to put poisonous smoke in Chitantan. We need to go to the blacksmith’s shop to suck the smoke into the detonator. Heart thunder is the name of this prop. If you put poisonous smoke in it, you can call it poisonous smoke thunder. If you put darts in it, you can call it dart thunder.
This kind of thing is not sold in the store, and it can only be manufactured by upgrading to the third-class city equipment factory. If you want to obtain these props belonging to military materials, you need to spend the city’s contribution; If the duke specially adds other conditions, for example, only the top 100 meritorious people can buy the class before each war, they need to buy it quickly after the war, because the merits of that war will be cleared in one day.
The equipment factory belongs to the official nature, the blacksmith shop belongs to the private sector, and it can also be run by NPC or players. The equipment can not be mass-produced and can make some single pieces. In addition, there are quite a few facilities in the city, such as textile mills, flour mills and so on, which are all officially privately divided.
After burying the poisonous smoke, Lei Chitantan took out the "bamboo sword trap", that is, when he saw the rope barbed cage touched by the barbed cage, he would smash it horizontally. It’s still quite difficult to deal with two wild monsters with a size of A with Chitan Dan’s skill now. The nonhuman monster is rough-skinned and worse than the human monster.
Of course, the attack means of non-human monsters are relatively simple and the intelligence is relatively low. You can set all kinds of traps in advance, and then launch all the traps to make a lore after the two monsters fight almost. In addition, setting traps first can also prevent others from grabbing blame. Others will definitely not know in advance that there are two BOSS here who will be killed or trapped by many traps in Chitan Danbu if they want to grab words after they accidentally meet in the war.
Chapter 19 In addition to this foreign affairs ()
"Green tigers live alone with the same size and strength, and they like to eat meat in the cold."
"Long-necked sheep live alone with the same size and strength, and they like the grass and meat they eat in the cold."
Just hide your figure. Two wild animals appear on both sides of the valley wall, namely, one on the left and one on the right. A head covered in green hair like a tiger, a head like a sheep, but a long neck with green skin and short hooves. The hooves of a long-necked sheep roared after the long two beasts looked far away, and then they kicked the ground and the ground was divided. The two beasts actually jumped high across the body and hissed and growled. It was very short to wait for the two beasts, but their positions had been exchanged.
If two wild animals are biting each other in the forest, isn’t what he arranged on the ground done? Visually, the distance between a valley wall is about five meters wide, so it is not surprising that two wild animals can fly around and fight.
Fur, flesh and blood keep falling from it. The two wild animals don’t seem to have the idea of fighting World War I on the ground. They keep exchanging positions. With the help of leaps, the two sides make physical contact and attack each other with instant claws, teeth and other physical weapons. This kind of battle is more cruel than fighting on land. Many sides have not entered or evaded the courage to attack before relying on each other’s grasp of the fighter plane.
This is like two cavalry men running face to face with long lances, and one of them is slightly hesitant or afraid that it will be this person who will die; Chitan Dan felt a sense of heroism in his heart when he looked at the beast that was constantly fighting with chivalry in the middle of the battle. It seemed that this kind of fighting made him feel that he always loved not to fight and rejected.
"It’s never possible to get everything ready when you meet the brave in the narrow road. Too much consideration is given to the unexpected factors and the courage to be a chivalrous man seems that the way I went before seems to be wrong." Chitan Dan gawked at the constant cross-cutting killing of two beasts in the sky, and many thoughts welled up in his heart
There are many factors in the formation of character. Although Chi Tandan understands something at this time, it doesn’t mean that he will change immediately. It takes him a while to self-reform before he can gradually adapt to the defects caused by his former personality. In his constant reflection, the two beasts slowly slowed down when they were leaping and killing. The two beasts were bruised and gasped, but they still roared at each other.