In the old-fashioned premises, there are four essential pieces for marriage.

Pairs of red candle lights are reflected in the distance on the table.
Lamp beauty, red dress, leaning on the bed, staring at the handsome lover with deep affection, shyly floating a few red clouds, holding her head nervously and beating braided hair on her chest
Ye Liangkai sat beside her, clasped her warm hands and black eyes, stared at Lin Hanqing’s beautiful face, and said lovingly, "We are destined to be responsible for you forever in my life. You can rest assured to give me your heart tonight."
Lin Han stared at Ye Liang, opened his eyes, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly. A letter slowly opened, smiling and leaning his head on his shoulder, eyebrows and eyes were all happy.
Leaves cool open the bottom and gently kiss her lips, and Lin Han greets them. They fall in bed and have sex.
Xi Hongluan account in the golden hook to retain or love to go at large.
Zhang Xiaojun should stop and prepare to shoot the special mirror again and again, but now they are in very good condition, quietly carrying the camera and lurking around them to shoot in spirit.
Leaves cool, kisses Lin Han’s soft lips and eyes gradually burn. * * Hands actually wander across the thin cloth. Lin Hanqing’s eyes gradually dye qingyu’s heart, and he responds to his skillful teasing and instant destruction.
Zhang Xiaojun held his breath and looked at the camera. The two men interacted with each other in an ambiguous way. In his heart, he was secretly surprised that their sex scenes were so smooth. It was like a real couple doing marital affairs. He naturally hoped that the more the hero and heroine were involved, the better. Anyway, Ye Liangkai’s male apparatus was tightly locked by the safety device. Naturally, he could not fire bullets at Lin Han.
At the same time, in the same place, Fang Yunling and Tu Xiao’s silence followed and watched the two acting.
Tu Xiao Kun stretched out his hand and said to Yunling gently, "Miss, give me a hug for the baby." Yunling shook his head and his eyes were still locked in the cool leaves.
Xiao Kaiying leaned on her shoulder and fell asleep. It was she who shouted to watch her father play. Before the play started, she fell asleep on her shoulder.
She saw that the two men fell into bed and pretended to be indifferent. The eyebrows were getting tighter and tighter, and some grievances poured into the eyes of the autumn waters. At noon, when she was in the lounge, she found that Ye Liangkai was a little different from ordinary people. Their atmosphere was like lovers if they were ambiguous.
Now, when I see the two of them playing in bed, the water in my heart is uneven at once, and my hand is getting tighter and tighter in Xiao Kaiying’s thigh.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Xiao Kaiying burst into tears on the quiet set. Yunling instantly came back and found herself unconsciously pinching Xiao Kaiying’s thigh and quickly covered her mouth guiltily.
Everyone was alarmed by Xiao Kaiying’s loud cry. Qi Qi turned to look at their eyes with questions.
Yunling hurriedly nodded and apologized. Without explanation, she fled the crime scene with Xiao Kaiying in her arms.
Thanks to her daughter’s crying, Ye Liangkai doused the color heart. Now everyone is disturbed. Stop. The director said "rest" and went back to the table with the camera. He quickly took a swig of cooling water to calm his heart.
Leaves cool open can’t look at Lin Han eyes awkwardly over her clothes and Zhang Xiaojun called a trot out to solve the physiological situation.
Yunling hid in the car with Tu Xiao Qiang and sent a message to Ye Liang saying to go back to the hotel first.
Yunling took off her pants and found that her white thighs had left dazzling bruises. She was distressed and comforted Xiao Kaiying. At the same time, she couldn’t wait for Xiao Kaiying to pinch herself back.
At 5: 30 pm, the crew returned to the hotel after work.
Ye Liangkai endured the hunger and went back to see Xiao Kai Ying Yunling first. He looked at him and teased Xiao Kai Ying’s gentle side face and pinched his fingers.
Perhaps Yunling’s performance was too cool and she turned to ask, "What’s the matter?"
In his gaze Yunling peristalsis lip Angle didn’t speak.
Ye Liangkai felt restless in her eyes, stopped playing with Xiao Kaiying, sat with her eyes open and watched her guide and said, "Linger, if you have anything to tell me, I will help you if I can solve it."
Yunling secretly took a deep breath with Ye Liang at the meeting, turned against her concerns, broke the casserole and asked, "Do you like Lin Han?"
When Ye Liangkai heard this, his heart panicked in a flash, just like a new boat was hit by a sudden storm after sailing in the sea, and he was utterly confused. However, Ye Liangkai’s quality was excellent, and he calmed down and put on a handsome face within two seconds. "You are talking nonsense." Nai smiled. "She likes someone, so do I."
Ye Liang opened his dark eyes so sincerely as if he said it was the truth of the world, but this time Yunling didn’t know what was going on, and there was always some doubt in his heart.
Yunling is an understanding woman. She will never ask questions like Liu Hanyan, but it doesn’t mean that she will be silly and don’t mind letting go.
So when Lin Han came to ask Ye Liangkai to go to dinner, Yunling first set up some with her on the way, and finally asked casually, "Sister Han, what is your lover’s job?"
Lin Hanlai is in a relaxed state. As soon as I heard her question, my heart immediately shook my head and said, "I don’t have a boyfriend now." She was an answer, but she also concealed the key answer.
Leaves cool open heard but smiled.
Yunling saw the leaves cool and seemed to know something. He felt that he was being left outside a gate and felt a little wronged and uncomfortable.
"Sister Han, how can you be so good that you don’t have a boyfriend?"
"Yue Lao didn’t give me the fate." Lin Han pointed to the door and looked at it as if he were unwilling to Yunling and said with a little smile.
The next morning, Yunling left with Xiao Kaiying. After getting along with Lin Han Shine last night, they felt very congenial. This morning, she also got up early to see Yunling off.
Lin Han looked at Ye Liangkai and watched her in a black low-key luxury car drifting away. After a corner, she disappeared into her sight before asking, "What is Liangkai and Linger?"
Leaves cool open back their line of sight two people walk back.