"I actually chose to ask for help?"

"smelly chess!"
In theory, it is impossible for anyone to imagine cross-country taking my love Luo Naruto Uzumaki into the famous forest of death in the original plot, and even being able to gain insight into the situation of the whole village and peep at all the family thoughts in the village.
But among all people’s ideas, the most ridiculous feeling of cross-country is the idea of three generations of Huoying.
Choosing to believe in Shimura Danzou is not as good as believing in the Uchihiro family.
Who’s Shimura Danzou?
That’s a well-known schemer in Muye Village. Your three generations of Huo Ying are getting older little by little, but now you can still suppress Shimura Danzou. But if you show a little fatigue, it’s not necessary to say that Shimura Danzou will definitely suppress your three generations of Huo Ying in turn. This is the reality. This is politics, not to mention that Shimura Danzou has been suppressed by the three generations of Huo Ying for so many years.
When the cross-country looked at me sleeping in front of me, I loved Luo Naruto Uzumaki, and the corners of my mouth were already raised in his mouth.
It didn’t take long for orochimaru to come in person in the cross-country expectation.
First I looked at my love Luo and then at the cross-country arms. Naruto Uzumaki appeared in front of the cross-country and orochimaru couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect so many things to happen just after we separated. If you need help, I’d like to help you now, but what’s the matter with you?" A Shukaku pillar strength is not enough, but you have to pull a Kyubi no Youko pillar strength? "
"Cross-country, are you collecting strength?"
"Collect people’s strength? No, I am collecting bijuu! "
Listening to orochimaru’s words, I smiled and thought it was really like that!
I love Luo. There is a Shukaku Naruto Uzumaki in his body, a Kyubi no Youko fox in his body, and a two-tailed brigade in his own body.
There are only nine bijuu in the forbearance world, and they have mastered the lifeblood of the three bijuu, which is already a very huge force. Immediately, they smiled at orochimaru and knew what orochimaru came to help. After a moment of silence, they said to orochimaru in front of them.
"The situation in Konoha Village is very chaotic, yes, but I think I can grasp that the three families in Nara Qiudao Mountain didn’t go to war, but it doesn’t mean that Uncle Lujiu gave up. I know that I came back because of Naruto Uzumaki’s anger. Uncle Lujiu and Uncle Haidi discussed whether it would not help three generations of hokage or help me. What’s the potential meaning? In fact, Uncle Lujiu’s intention is to help me, because I am still I am still a shadow mage without the strength of the three families in Nara Qiudao Mountain. "
"But his three generations of Huoying lost the support of three families. Are those three generations of Huoying still three generations?"
Said the cross-country slowly looking into the distance and continued, "The Uchihiro family buried nails in the dark early, namely the water stop and the ferret. It’s a pity that Uchiha Fugaku didn’t know that it was a mistake to let them join the dark, because they were probably not just as simple as a double agent, but they traveled in the three generations of Huoying Shimura Danzou Uchihiro family to spy on three sides. If I didn’t return this time, the Uchihiro family would have failed if they wanted to rebel."
"Said Uchiha Fugaku is not completely stupid. He actually wants to help me bring down three generations of Huo Ying. In this way, Uchibo clan is still a wise man when they get a breather. On the one hand, I’m ready to help them well. At least when I’m in trouble, Uchibo clan is willing to be by my side, but I’m a Japanese clan. orochimaru, if you like dirty eyes, I can get you some pairs."
"That’s white eyes. Are you interested?"
"Of course"
I found that only one person can receive so much information in cross-country. orochimaru silently lamented that the secrets of the Vortex clan are really good. On the other hand, he said with a smile, "The more white eyes, the better. I like to study it very much. If possible, Uchibo clan sharingan hopes that you can help me get some cross-country."
"Now it seems that you don’t need my help much."
"But can you let me watch the drama next to you? Because of hiding that guy. "
"Come with the dark part!"
"No problem!"
Nodded cross-country see orochimaru hurriedly disappeared in the side with his own spiritual energy to create a world that can make me love Luo and mentally tired for a long time. Naruto Uzumaki took a good rest and went cross-country slowly to the outside world and happened to meet a group of konoha villages in Shimura Danzou.
These dark places are all elites in Konoha Village, and they are also the only elite in Shimura Danzou.
It is obviously not meaningful to come to Shimura Danzou with so many secret parts.
Sure enough, it’s like cross-country imagination. Shimura Danzou doesn’t have any interest in negotiation because he is staring at cross-country in cold eyes. Immediately, he ordered the surrounding dark department to tightly surround cross-country in it. When Shimura Danzou found that cross-country didn’t mean to escape, Shimura Danzou slightly provoked his eyebrows and asked
"Is cross-country really ready to turn against the village?"
"am I going to turn my face or are you hiding?"
Laughing coldly, he said, "There are only two kids around me. See how many dark places are around you?" But Tuanzang, to be honest, if you want to fight, I am not afraid of you in Nara cross-country, but you don’t have to be involved in so many dark places to die, do you? "
"You can be my shadow mage’s opponent with these wastes?"
"Is there some?"
"underestimate me?"
"I have never looked down on you, but you think highly of yourself!"
Corners of the mouth raised a confident smile. Shimura Danzou didn’t travel with cross-country again. He made a gesture, but he was going to let those who surrounded the cross-country dark part go directly to capture the cross-country
In a flash, I heard the sound of "sou", "sou" and "sou" keep ringing.
A well-known secret department attacked rapidly. Looking at the cross-country direction, the posture was impressively that there was a round to seize the cross-country meaning, and he found that his secret department was even better than he thought. Many people were used to the tactics of "group fighting". Shimura Danzou’s mouth raised that smile and could not help but become more intense.
But just when Shimura Danzou was confident that the dark side could really catch off-road
Cross-country is actually slowly moving towards the direction of I love Luo, and the finger gently points on the head of I love Luo!
"As I said just now, if you want to fight by yourself, it would be nice to bring so many people?"
"Or do you have a helper? I have no help? "
"Then Tuanzang will let you meet my first helper!"
"I’m going to let Shukaku go!"
Chapter 548 The chapter ()
Put the dog at the door!
It’s the door, Shukaku!
When the cross-country finger is gently touched on my Elo’s head, it activates the dark side of my Elo’s body. The mental energy is oppressive. I Elo impressively replaces the original I Elo and gradually opens his eyes full of ferocious breath.