"Dad hasn’t happened yet. I don’t know the situation, but it’s normal. They’re all busy now. Just wait and see." Persimmon said and glanced at Momo Peach to continue.

"Momo Taohua will follow her to the Art Troupe to find Ji Shu after eating milk, and then turn Momo Taohua around for a month’s basic salary of ten yuan to get children’s rations."
I was very interested when I heard this Momo peach, and my eyes lit up and I was very happy
Ten dollars
Ten dollars a month, 120 years a year is 1200.
She really is the richest baby in Momo.
Suddenly, Momo Peach was proud of the whole peach and stood tall.
Persimmon glanced at it again and said with a snort, "Apart from this, the main reason for bringing you back this time is another thing."
Persimmon is cruel every word.
"Momo Taoxue Things"
Momo peach immediately stared at persimmon with big eyes like being struck by lightning, and looked unbelievable.
Momo peach startled stuttering "me? Momo peach? "
"I’m only four years old."
"Four and a half years old," persimmon said. "When you are four years old, you are four and a half years old."
"That’s still small."
"Learning should be started from an early age. After learning more for two years and learning more, the grades will be better. When the time comes, we will grab the quota of workers, peasants and soldiers, and there will be college students in our family." Persimmon was arranged for Momo Peach in vain
Although I don’t like reading, I have to read.
She has no hope of going to college, but Momo Tao has great hope.
What are you going to do if you don’t work hard?
"When the other pups in the art troupe have to learn to train every day, it will be shortened. You can’t stay at home and play alone every day."
"I-I find it interesting. I can do it alone."
Momo Tao expressed his strong will with his big eyes open and pitiful.
Don’t want to learn
"I can also send you to the military area command to learn security." Persimmon continued to speak.
I was a little shaken and felt that Momo peach was still small. Wu Manzhu immediately hardened his heart and felt that this idea was really great
"Military region, you must go."
"I think so, too. I can get to know more people in preschool in two years. It’s almost the same to read the first grade when I’m six or seven in two years."
Preschool two years and first grade.
Momo peach brain crazy rotation.
"What is not preschool? Momo is full of enthusiasm. "Everyone else is in the first grade directly."
"Because you are still in preschool," persimmon glanced at her without mercy
Because little Momo peach has to study for two more years …
You can’t escape from learning to look at the sample. Momo Peach immediately launched its own clever little brain to look at the stone-hearted persimmon and then look at the swing. Mom and grandma started to make a scene.
"No, no, I don’t want to study for two more years."
"Don’t read preschool"
"Why should I study for two more years?"
Yelling for a long time, false tears flowed all over my face. Momo Peach suddenly had a strong attitude of determination.
"To read in the first grade! ! !”
Don’t try to keep her in school for two more years.
In the face of this persimmon, the three men looked at each other and thought about it carefully. It seems that it is not a big problem.
But it’s not that they say this is what the middleman Ji Youyun wants to negotiate.
Finally, after the meal, I was reluctant to carry a few pheasants and eggs on Momo Taowumanzhu and walked towards the art troupe
"Ouch Momo Taowu aunts you come back? I haven’t seen you for many days. "Xiao Zhang greeted them.
"It’s strange that I haven’t seen these cubs for days."