"Who says not?" Cleo said. "But now the mainland is not so harsh."

"If there is oppression, there will naturally be resistance … You know that people will always have different beliefs when they are alive … but at that time, the royal family had better control and even this was banned."
Cleo said that "the royal family used the" iron and blood policy "to implement harsh and cold, which led to many people rising up and many bloody wars."
"Although those were suppressed by the royal family," Cleo said, "you know that people may die, but the belief can be inherited. Even a rainstorm can’t extinguish the flame."
Creole lowered his voice. "I heard that some people even spread rabbit virus in the royal family by hook or by crook …"
Su Jiao took a slight breath.
Cleo sighed and said, "If you keep going like this, the royal family will not always be the winner."
"Now the mainland allows people to believe in some things," Cleo said, and then he smiled. "But don’t worry too much about Lige City, which is not under the jurisdiction of the royal family. It is a free city now!"
Su Jiao paused and said, "You know a lot."
Cleo ha ha smiled "because I often go to Lige City! There are other historical stories in this city that don’t talk about all kinds of gossip and rumors. At most, I stay in pubs until late at night every day! "
Su Jiao "…"
"What does the mainland believe in the most now?" Su jiao curious to ask
Cleo "You mean now? Then I don’t know. After all, I haven’t been to Lige City for a month because of the rain in the mountains … But if you want to say something before, I think those beliefs are in a mess. "
Chatting like this all the way
Su Jiao and Cleo drove all night and came to Lige City at sunset.
This is a city with a western gothic style, surrounded by high walls, but now the gates are open and nobody is guarding them.
Su Jiao "This wall is so high"
Cleo "That’s a gas wall"
Su jiao "?"
Cleo "Because this is the closest city to Mount Abris after all. Many people have been exiled to the mountains with rabbit disease … but the condition is not so serious. People will want to blend into the city. When the city is still under the jurisdiction of the royal family, there will be soldiers … well, there."
Cleo pointed out to Su Jiao the highest part of the wall, "It’s the one with a gun on his back, and once he sees someone, he will bang."
Su Jiao is silent.
"But now Lige is not under the jurisdiction of the royal family, and the rabbit disease in the mainland is not as serious as before, so this wall is idle."
Su Jiao didn’t ask what rabbit disease was not as serious as before.
He look back, and behind him, that dusk that was about to disperse seemed like the Abris mountain covered with a gray mist.
Actually, the answer is simple.
Come on, patients are driven into the mountains. They die in the mountains. Without the source of infection, everything will naturally get better.
Although cruel, it is also straightforward
But …
Su Jiao thinks that if this is the case, few people believe in the rabbit myth …
When was the rabbit god born?
Generally speaking, it takes a lot of faith to be able to "exist" …
Cleo is familiar with Su Jiao and goes in through a small door.
Cleo looked at the sky covered by thick clouds and felt the wind. He smiled and said, "It’s a good thing to be early-otherwise it will rain in the mountains again."
Black Kirara intoxicated Hook Moon. It was a cool night with a humid evening breeze.
The red fruits in the mountains have grown well.
It is wrapped in bright red leaves like a crescent moon, showing a little crimson.
Even if it is covered with night, it will not be halved.
He picked it carefully.
Wet fog hung over the red flowers and fruits, and he stared at the place where a green leaf had fallen-although the red leaves surrounded the fruits were stacked one after another, he felt sad that something was missing.
He reached out his hand and gently touched a virtual force, which condensed out and disappeared.
Because he didn’t respond to those who prayed with evil hope, he didn’t use magic power.
He thought Sue said he wouldn’t care about these things.
He secretly thought about it with joy and sweetness.