"Me, too," Xiang said quietly.

"I didn’t go in …" Tianyu looked at the unified channel and said with some guilt.
"Oh, I didn’t go in," cried Yang Li, looking at the picture of choosing a role and immediately clicking on a selection channel.
Because the dormitory is four people, Yang Li and Tianyu are sitting on one side and the other side is a sum of money.
"That’s no way out. Let’s continue to squeeze the crowded channels." Consumption said with a hint of nai.
"Don’t waste you and brush first" Yang Li suggested.
You know, at that time, if you could get into the same channel, it was either late at night or early in the morning, and it was not easy for two people to squeeze into one channel just after maintenance. They even wanted four people together …
Fortunately, this research has developed such a method of crowding channels, that is, don’t enter the crowded channels immediately when you see them. After waiting for a minute, everyone will have a certain chance to enter at the same time. If someone gets there first, it will indicate that the channels are full.
Tianyu just glanced at Yang Li brain corner.
"Yang Li, he has just entered the role selection interface and then retired …"
"I don’t mind" item Listen Yang Li suggested coldly replied.
Consumption took one look at the item and cast a glance back Yang Li Yang Li nodded to him.
"Then the two of us will brush first" and replied.
"Well, wait a minute and we will enter at the same time." Item looked at his mechanical role and said.
After that, the two of them exchanged languages in wz.
"Yang Li, you just …" Tianyu asked.
"It’s good to form a team on the 22 nd. I want four people to form a team together, and I will form a team all night. Both of them are on the ground and better than us. I feel guilty about leaving you alone. How can I say that I am also the head of the dormitory?" Yang Li smiled and said.
Tianyu’s heart is inexplicably sour
A minute later, consumption and two people entered the channel at the same time. Tianyu and Yang Li are still trying to brush the channel.
"Tianyu, why don’t you open more channels or regions?" Two whew crowded along while channel hate iron not to produce asked
This question also interrupted Tianyu’s memories.
Because it’s already noon, unlike Tianyu, at that time, there were still some channels that could be crowded except Nai.
"There should be after these?" Tianyu also wander doubt way
He can’t jump up and say, "Well, after that, he will leave Zhejiang 4567 area, and there will be a transfer area in the 45 th meeting area in a few years."
If you do this, what will happen if you explain it yourself? What’s more, I lied to Erxiu that night and said that I had played Korea and it was not the future … Plus the palm red line to pressure Tianyu to be afraid.
Want to want to go to Tianyu or follow the semantic answer of Erxiu.
"Ah" two whew laments.
There’s a door outside. I guess someone’s back.
It’s almost 1 o’clock when it turns. If it weren’t for opening the door, Tianyu and Erxiu haven’t realized that they are already hungry.
"Let’s go and play again in the afternoon" Tianyu suggested.
The second whew game says, "This brain is still bare-metal, even anti-virus software has not been installed, and qq has not been installed. Let me find the latest."
It was two minutes before they went out.
When they locked the door, the door opposite was opened. It was Mu Xue, but she looked a little flurried.
"Has Mu Xue had lunch?" Tianyu asked first.
"Didn’t come back to get a file, I have to go back. Bye." Say that finish, Mu Xue immediately ran to the living room door without even looking at them.
"Go after" Tianyu said these two words and took two whew and rushed to the outside.
"…" Two whew heart way "when did they become so familiar? Please eat and borrow blankets. Now Tianyu is going to’ chase’ others? "
These are naturally early games to talk about.
"Mu Xue, etc. We are also building" Tianyu will call the door to the door that is about to be closed.
Although it’s the third floor, why do you have to take the stairs when you can take the stairs? But this is the only place where the ladder has to be robbed.
What does it mean to say two words before Bai Tianyu at this moment?
The ladder door didn’t let Tianyu and Erxiu go in.
"Don’t you have a job?" Mu Xue looked at the two of them with a pile of papers in his hand and asked.
Tianyu and Erxiu faded as if they had been stabbed in the heart.
"Looking for looking for" Tianyu hanging around a head embarrassed replied.
Mu Xue left the corners of his mouth.
It’s the third floor, where the elevator door is quickly opened again. Mu Xue, wearing high heels, once again flew out like a 100-meter sprinter. Because she was wearing a black professional skirt, there was no beautiful spring scenery.
"She seems to be very busy" Erxiu said nonsense.
"Everyone has their own way of life. Let’s go eat and eat, and then we’ll buy a change of laundry. Otherwise, it’s hard to say if others always wear this suit."
"Well, I wouldn’t have resigned if my job wasn’t dirty and tired. I gave my luggage away when I left, but there were only two sets of clothes in it, which were still dirty. I don’t think they could be washed clean, and the suitcase wheel was broken and worn out. I didn’t bring it with me. I plan to find a new job and get some more clothes in my pants … I can’t hold it in my hand?" Two xiu explained
"What is your original job? Incredibly can make clothes dirty to no degree "Tianyu listened to the last sentence of shame and then asked curiously.
"The car repairman didn’t get me a job because he was new to the store. This is the only one of my three suits that is clean," said Erxiu Nai.
"No wonder the work seems to be very heavy and dirty …"