"Bang" there was a loud noise, one big and one small, and two cores hit a gravel and flew around, and the whole fairy land was turbulent.

Whether djinn Fairy completely dissipates or re-accumulates the residual true spirit into the core of Fairyland depends on its own nature.
When the rubble collapsed, the Baiyun Tower and others had already fled and flashed, and the collision triggered the virtual shock wave to stay a little stable before falling into shape.
It’s easy to get 90% of the body together
With this period of time, all the people in the fairy array will show their magical powers and pour all kinds of qi machines into the core of fairy domain.
Subsequently, the white big head mediates, and the core of Fairyland is thoroughly promoted by the huge gas machine.
Powerful waves swept across the fairy land, and debris and dust fled from every corner.
In the end, the core of Fairyland is completely and successfully motivated, such as the escaping of the demon spirit and the demon spirit, which is completely crushed and dissipated.
After the break, a series of fairy mountains and immortals were established, and they were reunited to show the fairy fog and light.
Patches of Xiaguang fall from the fairy court, illuminating the whole fairy land.
The dark night sensed the chance and flew up to reveal the glow in the virtual reality, but quickly fled away.
Looking at the dark night and escaping into the glow, Baiyun Loulang laughed. "Dear friends, at this time, there are many opportunities for the fairy house to reappear. You can take this opportunity to go to several fairy houses. If you are interested, you may wish to wander around for a day and night and then return here to meet."
"I really want to see things, haha …" The mountain smiled and invited Mei Weng to walk with the little fairy.
Fire shine worried that a few people were not familiar with all the rules of the celestial world and went with them.
Looking at several people leaving the mountain, Baiyun Tower muttered softly, "It is urgent to repair the celestial world, but it is also in no hurry … Chaoyang, how many people are busy this time? Why didn’t you go to see it …"
Upon hearing brother Xia Chaoyang’s inquiry about this matter, he replied with a smile, "It’s not too late to go shopping again after a few immortals in Yulong … Today, brother Guan’s hand is quite a bit emotional …"
"Feeling? Not feeling? " Baiyun tower with a somewhat jokingly asked.
"Feeling or forget it, brother. You know that my understanding qualification has broken through to forget the situation …"
Sister Chaoyang laughed at herself and made Baiyun Tower laugh, but even the purple flowers on the side could not help smiling.
Chapter one thousand and forty-two Push Yan Jian Zhao
Indulge in joking for a while. Xia Chaoyang converged his mind and sighed, "I really don’t have any feelings, but I feel that my brother is studying kendo."
"Brother, if you can refine an ordinary Long Lin sword into such a powerful magic weapon, you might as well explore this wishful pearl skill carefully …"
Speaking, Xia Chaoyang raises his hand and moves out the wishful bead. With reading, all kinds of methods will change.
Hearing these words, Baiyun Tower can’t help nodding and praising, "Chaoyang, your words are not just feelings, but also a lot of feelings."
"Really?" Zhao-yang xia quite pleasantly surprised to ask a way
"Brother, I don’t have an empty word …" The Baiyun Tower was very sure and then answered, "Chaoyang, you have to explore and study a wishful bead, and the power of many fairy devices is extraordinary. Now it’s just that you can’t fix enough methods to give full play to your real strength …"
"Well …"
"But … there are two things wrong with school sister’s words."
"Ah … what’s wrong? There are two more places? "
After a little meal in Baiyun Tower, he said, "There is not much essence in a magic weapon, which is for ordinary monks. If you refine the magic weapon, you can make it round and smooth."
"Smart mind … sometimes I forget everything when I’m in a hurry …" Being praised by my senior brother like this, Xia Chaoyang can’t help but recover a little from the day before yesterday.
"It’s better not to be smart, even my senior brothers sigh. This is also the advantage of my younger sister. It’s not a bad thing to face many unknowns and have more magic weapons."
"Well … Xianbao really got a lot these days …" Speaking, Xia Chaoyang raised his hand and produced more than ten Xianbao with different shapes.
Baiyun Tower took two pieces at random, looked at them and joked with a smile, "Just now, my younger sister also said that she was looking for a fairy treasure god, but it seems that many fairy treasures are conveniently obtained by my younger sister …"
"Hey hey, it’s Ruyi Pearl’s credit. These Xianbao Qi Qi machines always make peace on their own …"
"In my opinion, my sister’s Qi machine likes these magic weapons more, and they have not been refined yet. These magic weapons are all connected by themselves."
Sister Chaoyang is very happy that she has recovered her original nature today.
"Without refining, I wanted the younger brothers and sisters to pick first …"
"Now that you have it, you can refine it conveniently. It’s still early for your younger brothers and sisters to cultivate these fairy treasures, and they will have their own methods."
"Listen to the elder brother …" Xia Chaoyang put away most of the magic weapon and left a few fairy treasures in a confused way and asked the elder brother, "Brother, it’s hard to push your luck after refining these heavenly treasures for nearly half. Is it too weak for your younger sister to fix them?"
Just a moment’s meditation on the Baiyun Tower raised my hand and drew out a roll of copybooks, and replied with a sigh, "This …… more than half of it has nothing to do with repairing the height. It is necessary to sink your heart and feel that the refining of Wensidao is very god."
"Come on, refine slowly, but you can’t let these predecessors’ legacy dust …"
Halfway through Xia Chaoyang’s words, his eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "By the way, the noble achievement method should be more suitable for these literary magic weapons. If the elder sister Qing Shuang can come here to push forward the refining progress together, it will surely increase greatly."
Hearing this, she smiled and stood still, and said softly, "Sister Qing Shuang should have repaired the celestial affairs a long time ago. In the past two days, she has been practicing in Jinghu Cave, and she is practicing dharma with great strength."
"Great, then these Xianbao refining things can be put aside first …"
Speaking, Xia Chaoyang moved his mind and put away the eye of Wendao Xianbao. His face flickered slightly and he smiled. "Brother, I see that you and the elder sister are also interested in exploring this fairy land. Have you got any new insights? Is that the first style of the joint recruitment a look?"