Similarly, the smoke mixed with a large number of bullet fragments also quickly hit the point to form a circle of steel storms and quickly swept around.

Similarly, the wall of North Korea clearly saw that …
After the bomb exploded, it hit the center of Fiona Fang, and there was no North Korean soldier within a ten-foot range.
Of course, they were shocked. They didn’t forget their present situation …
After a brief shock, a look of happiness for the rest of my life emerged on everyone’s faces.
Then also can not consider what defenders morale minister dignity direct protection rushed to the wall …
There was chaos in the city wall, and the minister’s office spread like a gust of wind.
When they came, they were full of fear of the tiger and leopard army shells. When the North Korean soldiers saw that the ministers had fled, they were holding on to their lives. Of course, they would not continue to stay here and die, waiting for the tiger and leopard army shells to kill themselves …
Still sticking to the wall, when several garrison officers reacted from the shock brought by the bullet, there were not many walls, and the defenders had already run almost half …
If they hadn’t hacked to death a few deserters in the chaos as a warning, there wouldn’t be many defenders, and they might have fled completely.
Of course, the city walls have changed to prepare for the siege, and the Tiger and Leopard Army did not know it.
Hundreds of gunners in a hot artillery position know one thing, that is, firing 100 projectiles to the wall of Pyongyang at the fastest speed will bring the greatest damage to the North Korean defenders …
In the blink of an eye, a hundred flowers were used up. As a result, the city walls on both sides of the center of the city gate were shrouded in smoke.
"Don’t attack at this time and wait until when … the blasters attack … all musketeers in the first battalion cover the attack …" The head of the vanguard regiment ordered with a full face of hot.
With the explosion of beans, dozens of blasters with explosive charges rushed out of the position directly. Before the North Korean defenders could react, they approached the wall as quickly as possible …
At this moment, the wall was covered with smoke, and less than two hundred people ran directly. After just shelling, the defenders had less than one hundred people.
When they saw the tiger and leopard troops approaching the city wall quickly and stomping out of the city to prepare for a counterattack, the dense lead bullets roared in front of them and directly knocked them to the ground.
In a blink of an eye, more than a dozen soldiers were risking their blood in their chests and fell to the wall. The casualties were very tragic.
In the face of such a close-range death, the North Korean defenders were lucky enough not to be hit by lead bullets, so they withdrew their bodies from the city stamping.
No matter how the garrison officer ordered, he refused to get up again and use his body as a target for the Tiger and Leopard Army.
When there is no way, these North Korean defenders will directly squat and stomp the city and then throw arrows outside the city.
Without aiming, the artillery directly lit the matchlock and ejected the full chamber to the land where there was no butch army …
In this case, dozens of bombers rushed into the city gate hole without even ten casualties.
Pile up the explosives and light the matchlock … Dozens of blasters are like frightened rabbits throwing their legs and rushing out of the city gate hole.
When they finally rushed to a distance of thirty paces from the city gate, a violent explosion sounded directly at the city gate hole.
Then strong smoke poured out from both sides of the city gate hole.
Hundreds of kilograms of black powder can’t blow up the whole tower, but it’s easy to tear up the thick gates.
The strong smoke that enveloped the city gate hole has not dissipated. A battalion of more than 400 musketeers is like a runaway wild horse screaming and rushing to the city gate to rush into the city in one fell swoop.
The officer defending the city wall were not surprised at all by the explosion from their feet.
Just when he hasn’t reacted from the shock, he is full of panic and calls the city gate hole to ring directly.
Because the tiger and leopard troops came too fast, the North Korean defenders didn’t block the whole gate.
In this case, almost fifty soldiers will be arranged directly in the gate hole to ensure that the gate is lost in case.
These fifty soldiers crowded the other side of the city gate when the other side of the city gate was charged with explosives.
The explosion of hundreds of kilograms of black powder not only tore the heavy city gate, but also took away the lives of 30 North Korean soldiers on the other side of the city gate.
In the face of the shock of the city gate, those North Korean soldiers who were lucky enough not to be killed directly exclaimed and sent a warning to the wall guards
Just as the garrison commander rushed to prepare to block the gate with fear.
Hundreds of armed muskets, butch and leopard troops have rushed to a position less than fifty paces away from the gate.
When they saw every move of the North Korean defenders in the city gate hole, these tigers and leopards did not hesitate to raise their muskets and pull the trigger at the city gate hole.
So more than 100 lead bullets directly formed an impenetrable steel storm and swept to the defenders who also flocked to the city gate hole.
A burst of heart-rending screams rushed to the front after the city gate hole sounded. A dozen North Korean soldiers were beaten into a hornet’s nest with blood holes by lead bullets without even responding, and then fell to the ground with unwillingness and despair.
The first round of guns just sounded, and then the second round of guns sounded again on the battlefield …
More than 100 Korean soldiers from the city lost more than 40 people before they rushed into the city gate hole.
More importantly, with the guns going off one after another, there is no way for the Korean army roots to rush into the city gate hole to block the tiger and leopard army that is getting closer and closer to themselves.
Lead bullets will beat them into a hornet’s nest because they want to come near the city gate hole
While the North Korean army was still wandering in the city gate cave, hundreds of butch gunmen had already crossed the last 50 steps.
Facing the near gate, facing the entrance and exit of the city, dozens of defenders
Among the musketeers, the bombers quickly threw more than 100 grenades braving the smoke.
Grenade explosion, whether it is the city gate hole or the area around the city gate hole for more than ten steps, no one or defenders can be seen anymore.
Hundreds of musketeers did not miss this opportunity, regardless of the smoke still hanging over the city gate hole, they rushed directly into the city gate hole and poured into Pyongyang.
"Kill …" After the deafening shout "Kill Pyongyang" sounded, more and more butch troops poured into Pyongyang to kill all positions in the city.
Shaking a bayonet in the face of the tiger and leopard army is a large Grenade in the face of a bomb.
In front of the tiger and leopard army, the North Korean defenders didn’t even have a rebellious mind …
With a pale face as if frightened, the rabbit spread its legs and ran to the city.
What’s more, he lost his weapon while running for his life and took off his army … While no one around him noticed that he disappeared directly into the streets of Pyongyang and became an ordinary citizen.
As time went by, the explosions of guns and grenades in Pyongyang became weaker and weaker.
It shouldn’t be that the Tiger and Leopard Army dispersed from Pyongyang to the city, and the North Korean army stopped resisting. The gun was constantly shot by the Tiger and Leopard Army, which intercepted bandits and local ruffians while fighting indiscriminately in the streets and lanes …
For those who give up resistance to the Korean army, they will either become prisoners of the Tiger and Leopard Army directly or leave the army and become ordinary people …
As a result, after the Tiger and Leopard troops occupied the outer city of Pyongyang, 4,000 North Korean defenders defended the outer city. In addition to five or six hundred people who died directly, 1,000 real prisoners disappeared with the remaining 1,500 people …
In the disappearance of these people, not surprisingly, they became ordinary people in Pyongyang …
Staring at the present, it is slightly chaotic but prosperous, but it has reached the capital of Pyongyang.
The serious face of the head of the vanguard regiment finally gave me a smile.
Looking at a few hundred steps away, there are still two thousand defenders in Pyongyang, the head of the North Korean palace, who is very decisive and ordered
"Soldiers Pyongyang has stepped on our feet to take the city and can occupy Pyongyang … I ordered …"
"A battalion continues to eliminate the remnants of the outer city of Pyongyang to ensure the stability of the outer city of Pyongyang, and at the same time, all the people in Pyongyang can’t get in or out, otherwise it will kill forgiveness … its soldiers and even units will quickly surround the city … and find a North Korean minister to come over and surrender before attacking … It is the best result to take the city without attacking …"
Chapter six hundred and eleven Coercion and inducement
With the fall of the outer city of Pyongyang, everyone, including the princess, fell into panic.
Yu Jian defends the city wall with the influence of two thousand North Korean imperial ministers Wang Gong … Although there is no change on the surface, they have no confidence in defending the city.
At this moment, several ministers who are not captured by the tiger and leopard army are arguing with each other in the palace hall with anxious faces. The majestic hall at ordinary times is as lively as the vegetable market at this time.
Just when everyone was arguing, the princess appeared
At that time, several pairs of eyes in the hall gathered at the same time as if they had discussed it.
To everyone’s disappointment, they didn’t see hope from the princess.
Not only that, but a little heartfelt panic didn’t hide from the princess
Tell them there’s nothing they can do in the face of the soldiers’ siege of the tiger and leopard army
Just when the atmosphere in the hall became more and more heavy due to the arrival of the princess, a familiar figure hurried into the hall …
This man was none other than captured by the Tiger and Leopard Army and ordered to surrender a North Korean minister.
In the face of the surprised eyes of the princess and her colleagues, the minister quickly gave the princess a big gift and then said, "See the princess for sin …"
However, before she finished a word, the princess was full of doubts and questions when the hall rang. "Wang Daren, as far as the palace knows, you have been captured by the butch army. How can you be here … Did you escape from the butch army?"
The princess’s voice just fell and he didn’t deal with the minister very much, so he said with contempt, "Escape Wang Daren and this matter? Not surprisingly, Wang Daren must have been released by the butch army to surrender here … "