There are some stone-watching skills to price each stone according to its category.

Ranked from low to high respectively.
The fighters followed closely into the gambling stone field and watched them excitedly.
"A few objective is to bet on stones! ?” Come out of the field, a girl rushed a few people to bow her hand.
"show me your b stone!" Ink mouth said
The girl nodded with a smile.
Years of eyesight can tell that they are all rich people.
It seems that I am afraid I will make a big deal this time. "Please come with me …"
Maiden’s guide
A group of people crossed a small courtyard and entered the inner courtyard.
More than 30 stones came into view, each of which exudes a strong fairy essence.
Especially the grain is the most particular.
Some look like a dragon, representing the emperor, and can generally form dragon-shaped stones.
Nothing in it is too bad.
Jiang Feng has not only dragon patterns, but also phoenix patterns, as well as all kinds of strange patterns.
Have to say
These stones are nothing.
"These stones have a unified price of five million fairy stones!" The girl said
Many people gasped.
5 million fairy stone
If you can cut out good things, the minimum value will be ten times, that is, 50 million fairy stones.
Everyone is more nervous.
"Small! You’re welcome, old lady! " Ink directly picked up.
Show observation and then feel carefully distinguish one by one.
Compared with Mohua, Jiang Feng really strolled behind his hands and swept every stone.
"Who do you think will win! ?”
"Nonsense! Look at that little show. It’s a layman. Of course, the Mohist master will win! "
"It makes sense. After all, the Mohist master has never missed a shot!"
"This can be a good show!"
"I really don’t know how that little meeting will end!"
The fighters discussed fiercely and stared at Mohua, hoping to learn something from him.
Yu Jiangfeng was left behind.
Chapter 135 Stepping stone
Have to say
Mohua is a lie, but it is something.
From observing and feeling the lines, you can see that he has some ways, and then look at Jiang Feng but look for it.
Without the slightest master demeanor.
"Hey …" Many fighters shook their heads again and again. "I’m afraid I’ll never hang out again for a while!"
Many fighters smell speech nodding.
In the past, it took about a while to incense.
Master Mohua looked around and finally took a palm-sized but delicate grain in his hand.
"I have chosen!"
Master Mohua smiled and said.
Everyone stared at the stone and Wang Bao nodded in praise. After all, he knows a little about stone observation.
"The lines are clearly visible, and there are bumps. If you can’t install an accident, you will definitely make a treasure."
Treasure hunters who come to gamble on the quarry.
Are not nodding.
"Words what is this situation! ?” Gambling stone field many rich four glance asked.
An informed fighter smiled and said.
"Of course, the master bet on the ink and the little … hey! ?”
The fighters just said half suddenly looked around in astonishment and exclaimed, "Where’s that little man? ?”
Although the sound is not big.
But it attracted a lot of attention.
"Yes! What about that small one! ?”
Just now, I paid too much attention to master Mohua, and I don’t know when that little one actually disappeared.
"It is estimated that it is scared away!"