Windson wants to leave his body, but after leaving, what can he do? To seize the house? But now windson soul is so weak, how long can the outside world persist? Besides, windson doesn’t want to give up his body now.

Time passed quickly and slowly, but Lin Fengxin kept letting go.
The beads are getting bigger and hotter, and they are almost the sun in the sea of forest air soul.
But there was a small black spot in its center, and Lin Feng could feel the powerful energy in it.
At this time, I don’t know if I’m under the illusion that windson found that there was a shape of energy sweeping through the small round ball that was about to explode, and it suddenly solidified as if it were controlled by someone.
But this solidification has no effect on windson. This kind of energy windson has never seen windson feel that its quantity is not very large, but its level is quite high.
See the explosion of small round beads under control, windson face couldn’t help showing a trace of joy, I should be all right?
The small round bead suddenly moved slowly. Windson watched the small round bead, and this energy control was moved out of the soul sea.
Windson opened his eyes and found himself unable to see the little round bead.
But windson didn’t care, after all, for yourself, the little round bead is not very threatening to your life.
Breathing oxygen again, Lin Feng’s mood has become excellent. Many times, Lin Feng has no chance, but in the end he has his own life.
Looking at Xiaotian’s body, Lin Feng sighed. Why has everything become so complicated?
But windson still put Xiaotian’s body in a hole and covered it up. What happened now that he is dead, what’s the point of pursuing it again?
After this battle, Lin Feng found himself lacking in soul research.
Former windson has always had his own white tiger ring, so his soul is very safe.
Now windson knows that he is wrong. The world is so big and there are many things he doesn’t know. His strength still needs to be high.
For the white tiger ring, Lin Feng has now denied that it can defend against all attacks by the Lord God. Perhaps the white tiger ring has a strong defense, but there must be other ways to break it in this world.
Thought of here windson heart stronger will more determined to get up.
Suddenly windson closed his eyes and sat down with a smile on his face.
Surrounding wind elements slowly gathered around windson, and the dense wind elements seemed to be about to liquefy, which made windson groan.
Fortunately, there is no one else here who has windson.
Otherwise, others don’t know what they will think when they hear Lin Feng moan.
Windson soul sea stroke element storm extremely fast rotation speed is much faster than usual, and the wind element sentiment is constantly handed to windson mind.
The wind element is gentle and violent.
Lin Feng, it seems that the wind element is more like a child who wants your heart to communicate with him, then he will become very good with you.
Of course, the wind element is unconscious and close to Lin Feng because there is a wind element in Lin Feng’s soul, and the wind element will regard Lin Feng as one of them.
Now, because of the help of wind elements, windson is gradually touching the threshold of popularity.
Lin Feng now wants to feel at ease, so soon Lin Feng can be introduced to popular art, and another step has been taken from Lin Fengcheng to dzogchen.
Although Lin Feng wants to become dzogchen as soon as possible, Lin Feng also knows that it is impossible. After all, if it is so easy to become dzogchen, then the world must be full of dzogchen!
I can’t imagine this situation. If there are so many dzogchen, is it still the Panlong world that Lin Feng is familiar with?
Meditation to windson slowly understand the wind element, holding himself high for the wind element law to understand this kind of understanding opportunity is rare.
Although the wind element storm can help Lin Feng understand the wind law, it is quite rare to see such a situation as today.
If it weren’t for windson’s extremely difficult battle, windson’s understanding of the battle made windson have this opportunity.
I have to say that fighting is really the fastest way to improve your strength. No wonder so many people become fighting maniacs.
Of course, it’s no good fighting blindly. You need a combination of rest and work. After all, the human body has its limits.
If you can fight all the time, then it is not a fighting madman but a fighting machine.
"Boh" windson seemed to hear something cracked. Windson slowly opened his eyes and his face lit up.
Windson body fierce move around the instantaneous appeared hundreds of figure root there is no way to tell which one is the real windson.
Another figure appeared in the eyes full of shock. Windson didn’t think he was so fast.
Is it all because you have understood the popular art? Windson couldn’t believe his eyes.
Windson watched for a while, and those figures generated by windson speed slowly dissipated. This situation is simply unimaginable.
Windson can feel that his speed has definitely reached the level of the Seven-Star Demon, which is much faster than the Seven-Star Demon. This makes Windson feel a little happy that his strength is high again.
Oh, no, Lin Feng is now a plane of light elements, so Lin Feng’s strength is definitely faster than that of the Twelve Angels.
The light element plane is the basis of angel’s strength according to people’s strength division.
Angel’s strength is higher with the increase of wings behind him, in other words, the more wings, the higher angel’s strength.
Windson knows that Augusta, the master of light, holds a few twelve-winged angels. The angel department is full of seven-star demon strength, and Lin Feng’s mother Lina should also be a twelve-winged angel now.
Think of mother Lina windson mood couldn’t help becoming heavy.
Clenched his fist, and he must slay Augusta and rescue his mother Lina with high strength as soon as possible.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three rests
Windson is full of confidence now, and his strength is high or he will soon be closer and closer to the day when he rescues Lina. Augusta, wait!
Got up and windson took one look at the hole where Xiaotian was buried. Instead of staying, he walked in the usual direction. He was leaving.
Windson is very fast all the way. He is now at a speed of less than a month when Windson came to the valley mouth.
Windson can be so fast because it is tracking the windson speed of Mu Feng at a time, so we can’t be afraid that Mu Feng will find something.
But now there are only windson left, where are we afraid that someone will find out? Besides, windson realized the popularity of postoperative speed and had some advanced skills to come to the valley mouth so quickly.
Of course, windson also knows that his speed will not be so fast.
Because of their low reality, they will feel that the height is very large, but when their strength is high, they will find that their strength will be high and slow.
Looking at the blue smoke hanging over the valley mouth, Lin Feng smiled at the corner of his mouth and then stepped into the blue smoke without stopping.
Blue smoke entered Lin Feng’s mind, but it didn’t affect Lin Feng. Lin Feng stepped forward very fast and soon came out of this blue smoke.
Valley mouth windson deeply glanced at the valley eyes flashed several scenes.
Didn’t stop windson to identify some directions and then fly away directly.
Now windson needs to reach a city to have a rest. By the way, I realized after finishing a battle.
After Lin Feng left, the blue smoke in Yamaguchi seemed to become more intense.
"I will come to you when Lin Feng is waiting for me!" A sad sound echoed in the valley but did not come out.