"I’ll go? Actually, it does real damage to the dragon’s fire attribute! No wonder the damage is so direct. I think the score is so low because dragons are rare, so it is not so big. "

Yavin nodded with relief.
“bing! You’re right. If it does real damage to all living things, it won’t be enough to give it 9 stars. "
Lee sang-soo looked at the two pistols carved with Ssangyong pearls in his hand and couldn’t calm down for a long time.
But this sculpture always feels familiar. It seems that similar dragon carvings have been seen anywhere.
His thoughts drifted back to the time when he just entered the game. He found in the training room that the sealed long Dao also had special dragon patterns. What’s the connection?
"Have you ever seen this sculpture of Yavin?"
Yavin took a glance at the double gun and knew it.
"Of course, I have seen this kind of design. There are five weapons in total, namely, long knife, double guns, nunchakus sniper and medical gun. These five weapons can be combined together with several rare materials to create a growing free weapon longwu."
When Li Xiangkun moves this weapon in his heart, he is determined to get it at all costs and go back to the novice training base to have a look when the war is completed.
"Yavin these weapons are the only one? Will anyone else have the same parts? "
"Of course, is the only bad street? However, although there is one weapon that can grow, there are many kinds of weapons that have different functions, which will be more interesting later. "
After he nodded his head, it’s best for these backbone elites around him to have a weapon that can grow, so who dares to bully their own legion?
"Don’t think about it, concentrate on solving the problem in front of you. It’s important to remember what I said is true and what is false."
Although Li Xiangkun didn’t quite understand what she said, she gave her a confident smile and gave her a thumbs up.
The powerful attack of Nu Long’s double guns continued, and the pair of fire dragons staggered forward. The momentum was overwhelming.
The skeleton dragon was burned and the pain was unbearable. The huge body lost its balance and flew around.
"Damn it! Damn humans, you have succeeded in angering me! "
It vomited a dragon’s breath into the air and waved its wings vigorously.
The smell of black death is strong, and the hurricane blows and spreads rapidly. Many players are even inconvenient to escape, and they are deprived of life and bones.
"What are you waiting for! Continue to attack! " On the ground, Zhao Chenglong struggled to resist the offensive and looked at Li Xiangjun in the sky and roared.
Li Xiangkun was not stunned by this scene, but stopped the fire because it was not convenient for him to attack.
"Those are true? Which ones are fake? What does it mean? " His mind is a mess, thinking about Yavin’s words constantly.
Anyway, just give it a try.
Li Xiangkun rode a winged beast and quickly bypassed the hurricane attack range and went around to the side of the skeleton dragon.
This is the chance!
He pulled the trigger and two fire dragons roared out, and actually passed through a huge bone of the skeleton dragon and burned a bone behind it.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three The rise of variation forces
Does Yavin mean the bones of a dragon when he says true or false?
With this in mind, Li Xiangkun experimented again. He aimed at the dense bone area of the skeleton dragon and pulled the trigger twice in a row. As expected, the dragon passed through several bones and hit the more position.
The skeleton dragon’s actions are becoming more and more unchanged because of the continuous destruction of its bones. Its shrill voice is full of resentment.
"Damn human! I curse you for dying! You will pay a terrible price for your trip today! "
Li Xiangkui doesn’t care what he says. It’s just the last cry of the weak. It’s better to concentrate on roasting bones. Although stewed bones are more fragrant, it’s not bad to roast them with fire.
Gradually, the human array attacked the skeleton dragon with fierce fire, and they kept wandering. Every time they tried to kill Li Xiangkang, they were forced back by strong fire, and vice versa.
In this way, the original powerful skeleton dragon was played by witty humans in the palm of his hand, accompanied by an unyielding moan, and the overlord of the generation collapsed and his head was burned by the last fire dragon.
Although it seems that this battle is very simple, human beings have paid a blood price for it.
[Notice Congratulations to the players for successfully resisting the fourth round of attack-level mutant wing beast, except assimilation, which has been partially annihilated. The BOSS skeleton dragon was finally killed by the players, and the score was +5]
[Notify players to rest for ten hours, and the final round of attack will be carried out in ten hours. The attacking party will finish the evolution of the necromancer, and the final BOSS mutation force will be the tenth leader, and the ninth grade variation BOSS will be the master. Please be careful.]
[Inform the remaining players of the current human array of 1246 the number of military soldiers 2452]
Everyone in the place was dumbfounded. The tenth Lord of the mutant forces was a new concept in their minds. They never knew there was such a thing.
"Are you sure you didn’t see the official latest expansion? I happened to see that the network probably said the situation of mutant forces. "
The mutant forces are illusory companies, and human forces want to confront and generate a faction of forces.
Among the mutant forces, ten leaders are in charge of different regions, and the information revealed by Chinese officials has the tenth leader.
In order to balance the war losses suffered by the northern health base, officials placed the first leader, the axe lion, and the ninth leader, the stone hammer Titan, near the central base and the southern base respectively.
"The name of this expansion is the rise of mutant forces. It seems that the world will change greatly." The player who read the introduction felt deeply.
"No matter we human beings, we will fight to the last, even if we drain the last drop of blood." A player with deep feelings said passionately.
"That’s right! Weapons in our hands to defend this land! "
Li Xiangkun was not interested in this group of people encouraging each other. He jumped out of the winged beast and greeted the rest of the younger brothers to rest.
He is depressed and depressed.