"What is harm? We’re looking for a young man in a poor ravine. His family has three sons and six daughters. They are so poor that they have no pants to wear. After we finish the work, the boss will pay his family 3 million! Three million, a poor family like this can’t earn so much money for a generation. We saved a family and helped the big boss to continue his life. We also made money. Why don’t you kill three birds with one stone? " Wind redfish a face of incredible expression way

"Wind redfish you this what logic? What about that teenager? He’s only thirteen. Isn’t he human? Is his life worthless? "
"two dog we don’t help him his life is really worthless! Because the boy we are looking for is a disabled person, the most important thing is that we have obtained the consent of others! " Fenghongyu vowed to say
"He is under ten years old, so he can’t be his own master. Besides, even when he is over, I won’t do such a thing that is harmful to the yin and virtue! You find another high. "Say that finish skin two dog head also don’t enter.
Feng Hongyu was quick-eyed. "Pi two dog, if you don’t cooperate with me, I’ll sue you for being strong!"
This girl said that this stalk was the first time to take her to catch ghosts, and two dog and Feng Hongyu kissed each other, but this was not Pi two dog’s intention. At that time, Feng Hongyu insisted on a bunch of conditions, and anything was available at any time.
At that time, Pi two dog did agree that there was an act of doing harm before.
He didn’t expect it to be a red fish.
"I didn’t want to be indecent at that time, Feng Hongyu. You just told me because you were fascinated!" After that, Pi two dog said, "Go to Xianda Hotel!"
When I arrived at Xianda Hotel, the car was blocked by the wind red fish. After the wind red fish made an eye-catching gesture, it grabbed two dog and shouted "Strong!"
The wind redfish was born with a loud voice, and when she shouted, a lot of people raised eyebrows.
"You are crazy!" Pi two dog’s pique is called Tian Huilixiang. Looking at Feng Hongyu, he went to Bao Mei’s couch hotel suite and saw Bao Mei’s door left unlocked. This guy went in sideways and went straight to health.
After the convenience, I suddenly saw a pair of watery eyes looking at him in the bathtub!
"Bao Jie, what are you … doing?" Scared Pi two dog into a trembling heart, saying that this woman would be scared to death if she didn’t say anything.
"What do you say, two dog?"
"Have a bath at ten o’ clock in the afternoon? There is no king. "This guy is in distress situation.
Don’t want to package email stopped him, "two dog don’t go! Give me a massage! "
"Come back when you’re done."
"two dog you have one hundred and twenty million can I help you! You don’t want to massage a problem and solve it? "
I went to the news. Who let it out? How come I’m short of 120 million? Even Bao Meier knows.
"All right, I’ll massage you!" He said that this product is Bao Meier’s sweet shoulder and picked it up, but this guy’s nose is almost bleeding when he sees the charming picture.
After pressing for ten minutes, Pi two dog found his face burning, so he made a dash for the door.
Bao Mei-er saw that he was so young and giggling, wearing a bathrobe and coming out. "I’m not afraid you’re shy, you guy!" "
Pi two dog was surprised when he saw a stack of papers on the coffee table and picked them up. "I went to Bao Jie less than a day, and you took the order again. Wow, it’s all the canteens of big companies, Fukang. Only his foundry canteen is 10,000 people!"
"You don’t know? Fukang Shaodong and I are old classmates, two dog. If you want to play a bigger market, I can help you! " Package email made no secret of way
"Bao Jie, I admit that you have inherent advantages in expanding order channels! I have you, which is a icing on the cake! " This guy is as excited as chicken blood.
"Oh, how are you going to solve the road one hundred and twenty million? I told you to massage me-I can help you. The problem is that I can’t stick to you and ask for your own mouth. "
Bao Mei-er said this is also understandable. After all, two dog can’t expect people to take the initiative to come out with such a large loan. Isn’t that that the emperor is not in a hurry?
"Sister Bao, you are helping me to develop agricultural channels and acquire land in this 120 million yuan. I will find a way to do it myself without your distraction!"
Pi two dog threw a big bang and blew Bao Mei-er into a circle for a long time before saying, "two dog, I am your confidante to help you solve the problem? What else do you want me to do? "
"No, if you are a confidante, you can’t borrow money. Once men and women borrow money, no matter who borrows it, there will be no friendship!" Two dog’s words have a profound lesson. Before he borrowed Huang Yan, millions of Huang Yan were his goods. Once the money happened, it was not pure to meet her again. I always thought about money with her or felt that I owed her. I felt that I didn’t have any human dignity.
So, after learning the lesson, two dog really can’t borrow money. He would rather pay interest to borrow money than borrow money from acquaintances.
Borrowing money can be returned on time, so it will hurt if it is postponed.
"Well, what do you do?" Package email their way
"Let’s walk!"
"Then why do you want to see me? Chat? "
"I’m looking for you because you have a wide network of contacts and want you to help rent a giant warehouse!" Two dog said what he wanted.
"Why do you need a warehouse?"
"I ordered 20 large-scale agricultural machinery, and I need to put it in nine planets City for a while because the country road is too narrow to go in!"
"No problem, leave it to me!"
At this moment, Tian Huilixiang called and told him that he didn’t pass the email package, so he came to the couch room and saw the wind and red fish ghost with a smile. "Pi two dog, you are so courageous. I called Qiangjian, and you are not afraid at all. Ok, I won’t ask you to lead the soul to continue life. Will you help me catch ghosts?"
"It’s my job to catch ghosts!" I heard that Pi two dog was excited when he came.
"It’s the leaves home villa over there in Taihu Lake that always plays the piano in the middle of the night, scaring the leaves home to stay and find a Taoist! I have laid a large array to ward off evil spirits, and there are no eggs at all! I think it’s only when you come out of the mountain! " Wind redfish cat scratch like a way, her heart says Niang Pi two dog is younger than me, and this guy’s mana is so strong that he is dozens of times stronger than me! I’m so angry. I wish I could take his magic away!
"Ok, work at twelve o’clock in the morning!"
"two dog, I’ll introduce you to a big job. You give me some rewards!"
"Do you want to kiss me? No way! " His goods are full of a look of not taking advantage of you, and the door is so angry that the red fish shouts "Pi two dog is dead!"
Pi two dog ha ha a joy is a word to call Yuan Qiongyu, a super player in the jade industry
"Sister Yuan hasn’t met anything good these days?" He’s in a hurry. 120 million can’t borrow money from acquaintances. Who dares to borrow such a large sum of money? The only hope is Yuan Qiongyu!
Chapter 419 Practice Yuanyuan abacus
"two dog, I travel too much. I heard that you are going to spend more than one hundred million to help the village build roads. You don’t want to borrow money from me, do you? First, no matter who it is, I won’t borrow a dime! " Yuan Qiongyu is full of me as a villain. What can you do to me?
"I didn’t say to borrow money. Who wants to borrow it from you? Who are you? " Pi two dog is really angry and hangs up Yuan Qiongyu’s words.
Yuan Qiongyu, that dead bitch is so fucking cool thin!
When two dog was worried about money, he suddenly heard a report from the pear fragrance door, "The boss, who is practicing Jingjing, asks for an audience!"
"Practice Jingjing?" When I heard the name, two dog felt a little familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it was.
"It is you who saved that girl from the ghost villa!"
Pear fragrance woke up and two dog patted her thigh and said, "It was her!" This guy knocked on the door of the bed and saw a slightly shy and beautiful girl in the living room, which proved to be jingjing.
Seeing her wearing white hot pants, a suspender vest, white sneakers and a white sun hat, the girl greeted him sweetly and said, "Brother Dog!"
"Practice Jingjing, aren’t you a freshman who doesn’t have classes?"
"Boss, it’s summer vacation!"
"Well, that’s right. Sit in the summer vacation!" He wonders what she wants with me. You won’t meet a ghost again, will you?
The two sides sit down and practice Jingjing, which is a way of saying, "Brother Dog, my brother met a piece of top-grade jade with a price of 200 million. He heard that you are a ghost eye and wanted to invite you to palm your eyes! If the transaction is successful, I will give you 50 million dividends! "
"Your brother?"
"It’s practicing Yuanyuan. My brother followed my dad to hang out in the jade industry since childhood, and now he has his own jewelry company! Brother Dog, are you going? " Lian Jingjing looked at him with expectant eyes.
"Well, go and have a look!" This guy didn’t want me to catch ghosts. She just came in a timely manner!
Fifty million is half the solution!
Just as I was about to leave the door, someone knocked at the door and took a look at pear fragrance. She turned around and reported, "The boss is a deer!"
Poof! A listen to is less deer looking for two dog a mouthful of tea spray out busy is sparring Jingjing said, "that Jingjing, I talk to less deer about business, can you sit in the room first?"