Ouyang family, let’s take a look at who is hard-boned!

There seems to be a spark in Xu’s eyes.
Although the late fighters can stay awake for several days and nights after their promise, there are still seven hours left before twelve o’clock, so they decided to sleep first, because it may take him several days to sleep.
What follow will be a very intensive offensive.
It is not only Ouyang family’s offensive against him, but also his offensive against Ouyang family.
Xu found a bath and took a hot bath comfortably, then went to the lounge to sleep until eleven o’clock in the evening.
Get up, take a shower again, get dressed, pay the money, and go straight to Xianrenle nightclub.
Xu, the first wave of counterattack is coming.
When Xu came to the Xianrenle nightclub, it was already 11: 50. Although it was still ten minutes before it was timely, everyone had already arrived. There were 56 people connected with Huang Mao, and now there are 57 people.
Xu Chongdao said, "I asked you to prepare the license plate van yesterday. Is it ready?"
Huang Mao immediately said, "Don’t worry, Xu Ge, nine license vans are ready, and deerskin gloves, iron bars and steel pipes are ready."
"Very good"
Xu said, "Give each brother a pair of deerskin gloves. Remember never to get fingerprints on the steel pipe surface of the iron bar. Don’t leave any evidence for others. Besides, you can leave the stick when I tell you to run, but you must bring the deerskin gloves back."
A crowd immediately shouted "Hao Xu Ge!"
Xu nodded his head
At this time, Huang Mao has distributed deerskin gloves to his brothers.
The reason why people bring deerskin gloves instead of disposable gloves is that the friction of deerskin gloves can be as normal as that of the palm, but if they are disposable gloves, it seems that they are not their own hands, and they always can’t hold that degree well.
By the time everyone had worn deerskin gloves, Huang Mao gave everyone a baseball bat, steel pipe or baton.
Xu said, "Everyone will stop at the Happy Valley in Baoping District and at the center of Baoping Avenue."
After hearing Xu told everyone to drive in succession.
Nine license vans set off at twelve o’clock, which is already a little long, and galloped to Baoping District.
Of course, to prevent being detained by the traffic police before arriving in Baoping District, most of them are driving on small roads, which is why they say they have to leave at 12 o’clock, not only because it is dark and easy to do things, but also because there are not many people in the small roads that can pass smoothly at this time. If it is daytime, let alone the road is very congested, the path is even more blocked.
Nine vans finally arrived at Baoping District around 12: 30 and galloped to Baoping Avenue.
The van stopped in the middle of Baoping Avenue.
This is Xu’s command
Xu blunt Huang Maodao "vacate a van and two brothers come out"
Although Huang Mao didn’t know what Xu was going to do, he immediately arranged for two brothers to come out and gave them the first van.
Xu shouted at the two brothers, "When a policeman comes to talk to you later, you can fight with them directly without saying anything. In addition, rest assured that the two policemen are one of our own and will not really fight with you, let alone shoot you. You should also pay attention to a certain measure to make this road messy."
This is Xu Chunfeng’s second favor.
When the two brothers heard this, they immediately said, "Don’t worry, Brother Xu promises to finish it!"
"Work hard, please."
Xu smiled at the two of them and then said to Huang Mao and others, "Let’s go on to the racecourse. It’s not far ahead, about a mile away."
So they went again.
A van finally came to the racetrack outside.
This racecourse covers a large area. When you look up, you can’t even see the end of the fence.
Looking at the yellow railing outside the running carriage, Xu sneered and then smiled at Huang Mao and others. "Do you know that the racetrack can be raced? Do you want to know the feeling of the racetrack sports car? You all talk on the walkie-talkie. Now, if you listen to my instructions, you must take action at the first time so that we can walk away, understand? "
Huang Mao immediately took out the prepared walkie-talkie and said, "Don’t worry, Xu Ge, you directly command."
Xu suddenly looked at the racetrack gate and a fine mans bloomed in his eyes. "Let’s show them what a crazy van is."
Chapter four hundred and sixty-two Crazy van
As Xu Yiling’s van seems to be a wild horse.
Xu made the first van directly smashed the railing and rushed in.
The other seven vans also roared behind Xu van’s ass.
When the security guard at Damengang saw this amazing scene, he immediately opened his eyes and picked up the walkie-talkie and said, "Attention, physical security guards, attention, seven cars crashed into the wrong van and broke the lifting rod and rushed into the field!"
As the security guard at Damengang informed the whole Baoping Villa that it was chaotic.
Happy Valley Security, Golf Course Security, Shooting Place Security all rushed out for a short time.
When this matter was reported to the surface, the head of Baoping Villa immediately stared his eyes.
"Ouyang family industry and others dare to move? These guys are tender chicks, right? "
The person in charge is a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses. He immediately took the walkie-talkie and said, "The physical security guards will stop a van and reward 5,000 yuan. Catch a person and reward 1,000 yuan!"
Four questions, there will be a brave man. The security guards cried and rushed out.
It’s a van with full horsepower, and it directly crashes through many obstacles and enters Baoping Villa. How can these security guards stop it?
Right in front of the entrance of Baoping Mountain Villa is a famous restaurant in Baoping Mountain Villa, and it is also a place where many rich and powerful people eat and sing.
Xu directly drove the van, smashed the windshield outside and rushed into the hall with the van.
"Bang bang bang!"