I still need a suitable opportunity to meet lady white snake myself.

Of course, Xu Xuan may be in such a mood here, but what he has done in Hangzhou these days always leaves a lot of traces, which he never thought of even if he wanted to ignore.
In the afternoon, lady white snake came out of a courtyard to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and the doctor’s eyes were still respected. On this day, he was optimistic about an incurable disease. The family thanked her for sending her to the door. Even though she repeatedly advised the other party to stay, there was still perseverance.
She is relatively pure in some ways, but she wants to do good things, but she feels a little trouble with some incidental things, so she doesn’t want to practice medicine and treat diseases by herself. What she wants makes her feel a little restrained, of course, it is also very personal, and her emotions will naturally not be revealed on the surface.
She finally got rid of each other, and when she walked out of the lane, the hot sun shone on her body and her emotions were very complicated.
This family is also suffering from intestinal abscess, but in the early days, the situation was not serious, but deja vu came to her mind. At that time, she came into contact with some relatively novel medical theories and jumped out of the unified medical theory. Instead of thinking about yin, yang and five elements, she regarded the human body as an ordinary thing rather than a sacred thing, which brought about a violent ideological storm. She saw many possibilities.
According to that guy, there are ways to deal with many helpless diseases. For example, there is a medicine to treat consumption. For example, after being cut by a sword, there is also a thing called penicillin that can solve the problem. But how to make these medicines is somewhat vague. It is said that the conditions are not mature, but how to be mature … This is also difficult to say well.
The road is always there, depending on how far she can go. Although there are many doubts about the authenticity of Xu Xuan’s words, there is also a certain letter, which is the direction she firmly wants to go
And think about him.
At that time, when I remembered it, it was also an emotional move. It seemed that I turned my back on it that day, but after all, I regretted it. When I returned to Hangzhou these days, my mood was not so good, and I never regretted it at all times.
It should have been a simple thing, thinking so much and hesitating so much … It seems that he is really a very tacky person, but there is no way to undo what has been done. I hope he won’t hate himself for it …
Thinking about Liu Yufan’s letter, she knew what Xu Xuan had experienced since she left, and almost had an accident … Fortunately, if something really happened to her, she was afraid that she would forgive herself all her life, and sometimes she wanted to go back and see him, but she didn’t have the courage to put this idea into practice because she didn’t dare to think about the specific reasons …
At this time, there was a very strange car being pulled by someone in the street. The rickshaw puller stopped in front of her and seemed to say something, but at that moment, she seemed to be hit by something. Generally, the whole person stood there for a long time and could not react.
This car is called a rickshaw. Even if no one came to tell her, she knew it. Of course she knew it. Strictly speaking, she was the first passenger.
How did this happen?
After a long time, she looked around consciously. At this time, except for the puzzled eyes of the drivers in the places opposite the Sichuan crowd, there was naturally nothing to find. Then her eyes turned back to her eyes and she pulled the rickshaw manually. The familiar shape was almost the same as some things in her memory, but at this time it seemed to be shielding the summer sun. It was more thoughtful than she had ever seen before to add a tent to the rickshaw.
When the sun shines, she doesn’t know what she is at this time, and she seems to have been hit by something and become a little crispy.
There he is …
It has been some time since the emergence of human rickshaws in Hangzhou, but this time it has been limited to a certain area, and other places in front of lady white snake have not been found to practice medicine and treat diseases
"Girl, do you want to take a bus?" The coachman gave him a strange look. I didn’t know what to think when I saw my car before, but I still didn’t want to miss a business at this time, so I made it necessary to fight for it
"ah? Oh … well, how much is it? "
"Ha ha, it’s not expensive … if it’s less than ten articles, it’s twenty or thirty articles, which depends on where you go."
Lady white snake thought for a moment and then said a place name.
The driver nodded, and she got into the car with a comfortable back and ran down the street. When it felt steady, it made her feel that the sun was blocked by the hood. Naturally, she couldn’t fall behind. The hustle and bustle of the driver came from both sides …
That’s right. That’s what it feels like
After a while, the woman was sitting in the back of the rickshaw, thinking that something was wrong with her … but at this time, her mood became heart-warming, which she didn’t even realize.
As the day goes on, the manpower to pull carts has become wider and wider. Many people have tried this new mode of transportation. Although the evaluation is not the same, there are always more positive things. Of course, there is also a reluctance to spend money. But the market is like this. Even if these people are stingy and stingy, they will disappear from the crowd once in a while.
According to the standard of eye-elimination, the standard of a family’s monthly elimination is about two taels of silver, which is 2,500 to 3,000. It depends on the market, but it is only a few hundred percent of daily expenses, which should not be considered a luxury.
Because of a more appropriate positioning, things are going much smoother than expected in advance.
In the evening, Li Xiansheng was asked to walk out of his residence and stopped a few rickshaws with some friends. Then he talked and went to the West Lake. Today, he was going to attend a poetry meeting and chose the West Lake.
In the evening, the West Lake is very lively. Some people who enjoy the cool and cool off gather here, and hawkers set up stalls here. The most attractive thing is to wander around the lake, and there are also lanterns at the water’s edge. When night falls, the lights float little by little, and the water is full of brilliance.
Originally, when Li Xian came here, he would probably choose to take a sedan chair or a carriage. However, when there is still some distance from the West Lake, it is not convenient for the sedan chair and the carriage to pass because of the large number of people. However, at this time, the manpower to pull the carriage has avoided such trouble.
"Don’t change a silver or two."
Li Xian took out the silver to pay for the car, and he didn’t lack the money. The driver there was naturally grateful, and then he sent the driver away. He had some simple conversations with some friends in the direction of the lake
"It’s a bit interesting to pull a rickshaw," Li Xian said casually, looking at the direction of the lake.
His views caused a burst of discussion among friends around him. Everyone has felt that it is convenient to pull a rickshaw by manpower these days, and they have also expressed their thoughts.
"Convenient tight …"
"If the cost is not big, then you can consider buying a few cars at home … and save a lot of manpower and material resources."
"I also heard that Han Xing wrote a poem about it the other day."
"oh? Is this happening? Is that poem like? "
"Is … very general"
"I want to come, too. Haha"
Everyone said that Li Xian seemed to say casually, "What do you think of this business?"
There was a slight silence around him after his voice fell, and then the population spoke.
"Why? Brother Li is not short of money … Are you going to make up your mind to pull a rickshaw? "
"If you do business, you are a little self-deprecating … Li Xiong should be careful."
All noisily to persuade way
Chapter 43 Trouble (1)
Friends around him persuaded Li Xian to listen quietly to the hawker with a tea load around him. He leaned over and let the other side lightly shake his head and smile. "In this case, let’s talk about it later."
"Brother Li, you don’t really have an idea, do you?" One person around him frowned.
"Oh, it’s just talk. I think this manpower cart is quite interesting and I don’t know who got it."
After listening to these words, it seems that there is no need to worry about it. Then I patted Li Xian on the shoulder. "Businessmen have many crooked ideas, but our readers don’t have to put their minds on such things. If you don’t hurry, you will be late."
"Extremely, extremely" all nodded and echoed Li Xian’s friends and nodded with a smile and walked towards the West Lake.
But the eyebrows are still wrinkled in a subtle way.
I pretended to get up casually before, but I also wanted to make a test. The result was similar to what he expected. These people objected almost without thinking. It seems that these elegant things are really worthless here.
But how much value does the so-called elegance really have?
Li Xian fell a little behind the crowd and thought about these people. They always know how to sing romantic songs, but these things can’t be eaten as food. If they can get fame in the exam, that’s all. But these people can’t finish these things.
It’s full of shortsighted people, and I was like this myself
After he came back from Huizhou, his mentality changed a little. Before that, he also disdained these things, but it has changed slowly recently. Of course, due to identity constraints, it is naturally impossible to do it too obviously, but he has accumulated some things over time.
He doesn’t know much about business. He thought it should be a very simple thing, just like these people. Since he is a superior reader, he should make it at will. I’m afraid no one else can compare with it, but these ideas will be gone when he really does it.
Small traders’ business may be simple, but to achieve a scale and level involves many people, arrange resources, allocate development plans, and everything needs brains, and it is not easy to do it after reading many books.
After this, his attitude will naturally be different. This is a strange thing before, but he still has some confidence in himself. After coming back these days, he has accumulated slowly. First, he bought a small cloth shop and slowly started a drugstore and teahouse …
But what’s the point of doing these things? What can you do after making money? He hasn’t thought clearly. Maybe it’s the emotion accumulated by Huizhou government that wants to prove it in this way, or that he is still unwilling to do these things because of his failure. It’s also possible to make a counterattack in the future.
Something he looks ashamed of needs to be cleaned, or it will become psychological when he remembers it, evil influence.
Maybe he was more worried when he was doing business, but when he really started doing business, he put these things aside. He felt that he liked the feeling of strategizing a little.
Of course, on the other hand, I used to keep some contacts with some literati, but I used to like things more, but now it has become a little reluctant. Many of his contacts are not really something to read. When Li Xian is with them, he often feels a little separated. On the one hand, he has a high talent, and on the other hand, his values are somewhat different.
He thinks it’s probably a good thing to experience a failure, learn something and take a few steps forward in life … That’s how it should be.
In my heart, I thought about looking at a group of students in front, and my eyes grew cold. I went to a distant place, and the night scenery of the West Lake was mixed with hazy lights, which really brought some elegant breath to people’s sight, but at this time his mind was no longer on these things.
Then consider it the last time. After this poetry meeting, I will officially leave my focus on scientific research or run those businesses, and I always don’t want to waste time.
He can see that the rickshaw puller is good behind today, although it is casual, but he has also done something to buy a car from the coachman. He specially looked for someone to study it pertinently, but the things he made were not so good at pulling and easy to wear out, and he didn’t know how the rickshaw puller was made.
Of course, this is also because I am not strong enough. If I really want to throw money at those drivers, I can always buy a car.
In addition, the investigation of the Chinese car dealership was also carried out, but what surprised him was that he didn’t find many things. Although the Chinese car dealership knew exactly who was running these things, it was a way to know, which made him feel very strange. It seemed that the other party had made preparations in advance and erased everything. However, business people were so careful, but it was a little confusing
However, it is also urgent to do these things slowly, and you must know.