Imperial Heaven has spent a great deal of power relying on Minstrel’s secret strength to finally find ten celestial eunuchs, who are the best candidates to practice the sunflower collection. Real celestial eunuchs are also a system. This kind of physique is called congenital sunflower body in the sunflower collection, just like congenital Tao body.

These ten celestial eunuchs practice sunflower treasure Dian very fast, and Imperial Heaven assigned their own hands to Xiangyang Dugu Sword Valley to find the Bodhisattva snake, which made this a great increase in human skill. Now these ten people have cultivated since childhood, and now they are all born with nine weights.
With the sunflower guard, the ten people in the Imperial Heaven have a little grasp of the eunuchs in the Dasong Palace.
Li Qiushui doesn’t know much about this matter, and he doesn’t want Li Qiushui to worry too much about it. The imperial day laughs it off and gently brushes Li Qiushui. "Autumn waters now, the world wants to win me, and people rarely hurt me. There are also few people in the big world. There are three people in the imperial palace, sunflower, bodhi old zu Shaolin sweeping monk, and I am in the imperial day. One person is six doors and willow trees.
I know that there are five people who fall in love with you, and the other two are eunuchs in the palace. There are a lot of them now, but these people are still ants in our eyes and we have an advantage in terms of numbers. Don’t worry, everything is under control! "
The words of heavenly comfort always reassure Li Qiushui.
Two flowers, one for each.
At the moment, a young man in Dali Wangfu looks gentle and elegant and stares at an ancient book in front of him.
"Ah! As the master said, this "one yang finger" needs skill and purity to exert its power. Now, although I have a complicated force, the purity is not very satisfactory. It seems that I am still looking for the "Six Pulse Excalibur" according to the master’s words. "
The man muttered a weak smile on his lips.
This man is Duan Yu and Duan Yu, who came directly to Dali as commanded by the Imperial Heaven, and went straight to Wangfu to find his father.
At the moment, Duan Yu got a "one-yang finger", but because his skill was not pure enough, he cultivated a finger force that was inadvertently strong.
Duan Yu put a note on the finger spectrum but came to "Uncle Yu ‘er came to see you!"
Duan Yu one leng eyes turned to look at two people.
Two people is Duan Zhengchun and Duan Zheng.
Duan Zheng looked Duan Yu corners of the mouth emerge a little surprised "is really a miracle is really a miracle! I didn’t expect Yu Er to go out for a trip to reach such a strength that we are definitely the top in kingdom of dali gens. "
Duan Zheng surprised Duan Zhengchun is laughing.
Duan Yu shook his head and said with great distress, "Uncle, I’m just indebted to the master’s skill. Now I can’t practice this skill by myself. Now I can’t control this skill. I can’t practice this kind of pure kung fu at all, and I’m not afraid of power. But the master once said that the most suitable martial art for me in Duan’s family is the Six-pulse Excalibur, and I will be able to practice the Six-pulse Excalibur quickly, and I will be able to control my skill!"
Speaking of which, Duan Yu couldn’t help waving his right hand and presenting a finger tip to shoot a finger.
See this eye Duan Zhengchun said one leng, "five didn’t expect reputation son just a few days will practice one Yang refers to five! ! !”
Duan Zhengchun excited section regularity is a fine sigh!
Chapter 172 Duan Yu acting
The breeze is still accompanied by flowers.
A fall in the Dali section of the palace implies that the air flies out, which means that the air is hot.
Suddenly hot refers to the air falling with the breeze lighting a camellia.
Duan Zhengchun was very excited when he looked happy and said, "It’s really a genius that Yuer practiced’ One Yang Finger’ but now Yiyang Finger has five accomplishments in a few days!"
Duan Zheng looked at Duan Yu’s finger-pointing eyes, and there was a dim light. "Just look at it clearly. It is the fifth effect of’ one-yang finger’, but the finger-pointing power exerted by Yu ‘er is powerful. It seems that Yu ‘er really can’t cultivate one-yang finger!"
Duan Zheng see clearly, especially Duan Yu just a finger to see more clearly.
Duan Zheng looked at Duan Yu puzzled and said, "Your skill is magnificent and rare, but this skill is not your own after all. Now you can’t even control your skill and you can’t achieve the pure word" One Yang Finger "!"
Duan Yu nodded and looked at his hands. "Master taught me a set of light martial arts, but before I died, I was already dead. But before I died, Master told me Dali’s Six-pulse Excalibur, which was the most suitable martial arts for me!"
The faint words are full of sadness.
Duan Yu was controlled by eroticism. Now it is nothing to pretend to be sad, so that eroticism can be controlled at will.
Duan Yu’s sadness made the two people around him shake a little. Finally, Duan was thinking slightly: "Well, it’s really feasible for Yuer to have such skill to practice the Six-pulse Excalibur, but it seems to be general in Duan’s’ Six-pulse Excalibur’, but there must be news in Tianlong Temple. Yuer will go to Tianlong Temple with me tomorrow, and there are still some problems to be dealt with in Tianlong Temple!"
Duan Zhengyin made Duan Yu feel a little joy at the moment.
The next day, several tall horses galloped away.
Marooned Duan Yu has a little excitement in his heart. His eyes are far away from Tianlong Temple.
In the distant mountains, Yutian looked at the letter in his hand and held the beautiful woman beside him in his right hand. "Duan Yu did a good job. Now Duan Yu goes to Tianlong Temple to get the’ Six Pulse Excalibur’!"
Li Qiushui ha ha a beautiful smile with a beaming face. "Imperial Heaven, now let’s go. Just now, the news came from the dark guard that the young monk also rushed to Tianlong Temple!"
Li Canghai was puzzled and asked with questions, "Little monk, is that little monk very powerful?"
Yutian shook his head and torched the letter in his hand. "Well, we are now rushing to Tianlong Temple. Tianlong Temple is now a huge battlefield!"
The words fell instantly and the sky jumped up, and a black black stallion appeared in the distance
The emperor sat in Wuya, and the wind suddenly reversed, and Wuya was extremely fast.
The six beauties behind her just stared at the Imperial Heaven with deep admiration.
It’s not long ago that Duan Yu in Dali has been looking at Tianlong Temple near at the moment.
Duan Zheng looked at Tianlong Temple and a little surprised appeared in his eyes. "This is the place where our predecessors in Dali lived in Tianlong Temple!"
Duan Yu nodded and jumped directly like an ethereal fairy.