Li Xianglian clenched his fist consciously. He didn’t expect to thank the legion for going so far! The idea that the resources in this world are limited is really unreasonable!

But it is the key to get angry and not solve the problem of brushing your own legion training now.
"alas! I almost forgot this worry! " Li Xiangkang patted his head before he remembered that he wanted to tell Yanfeng. Isn’t that it? Who would have thought that just in time was really a timely help!
I was just about to tell you a good news! I found a very good training place. When I get back and bring you here, I must keep it a secret.
【 Yanfeng knew you must have a way! You always bring miracles when you press the key.
Li Xiangkun exchanged pleasantries with him again and closed the chat window. I found the place, but how to make the members of my legion get here very conveniently is really a troublesome thing.
More than four people feel strange when they see Li Xiangkui pull a long face and become speechless in situ, but they still stop and surround him directly.
When Li Xiangrong recovered, he looked anxiously at the people around him and asked, "Do you know where there is a delivery device?"
Yanhuang stretched out his hand and touched his forehead and asked in amazement, "You didn’t have a fever! Why are you lying? How is it possible to send such a thing! "
"That’s right! Why did you suddenly think of the feeder? Do you have any new discoveries? " It’s strange to bewitch her eyes. She tilted her head and looked at him anxiously.
Since a group of people have become familiar with each other, it is more and more convergent to confuse the stranger, and it is not as uncomfortable as not scolding these men every day.
"Do you have a legion?" Li Xiangkun ignored several people’s questions and looked at them very seriously.
"No! Miss hasn’t planned to find a legion yet! " Bewitched eyes, arms crossed, chest divided, just can’t see those legions.
Sunseeker language is also shook his head to see sample should be bewitched eyes pull don’t let her join the legion.
Yanhuang and Yaoshun looked at each other and seemed to have different opinions. The two men argued.
In the end, it was more reliable. Yanhuang gave the answer, "We don’t have a legion yet, but we intend to build one ourselves to win over like-minded students on campus."
Li Xiangkun nodded his head and was satisfied with their present situation. He hit the legion interface and showed it to several people directly.
"This is my legion. I wonder if you are interested in joining my team? I believe that after getting along for so long, everyone has some understanding of me, and I sincerely invite you. "
The deluded eye did not hesitate to apply to Li Xiangkun for membership in the League.
"I’ll go! Do you want to be so quick? " Li Xiangkun was startled by this speed, and he was presbyopia himself.
Bewitched eyes left the pie mouth and said discontentedly, "then if you want to abandon me, I will cancel the application!" It should be interesting to see that you are not bad and add your legion. Now I have some regrets! "
Li Xiangkun hurriedly treated her like an aunt for fear that she would really go back on her word.
It’s not because she is a beautiful woman, but because she can often show more courage than men, and her strong strength is a rare fighting capacity.
It’s a little surprising that Sunseeker saw Bewitched Eye join so readily, but after all, they are best friends and she knows her personality very well, and then she handed in her application for joining the League.
Li Xiangkun was afraid that two people would go back on their word and immediately clicked to agree to the income of two beautiful women warriors.
[The Legion welcomes the bewitched eyes to join the beautiful women of the Legion. Come on, everyone, brush up! 】
A unified display instantly blew up the chat channel of a backwater legion. Several otaku suspension spring pulled banners to congratulate and welcome them
[Zhang Dazhuang, my legion has finally come to a new beauty! What a godsend! 】
【 sword dance Gengetsu brothers to control! You can’t brake the water easily! 】
[Pippi Pig has rolled …]
[Riding a pig, Pipi shrimp has been rolled …]
[Sword Dance Gengetsu] You are really not awesome! 】
Just as all the male compatriots celebrated, it was another unified show.
[The Legion welcomes Sunseeker Language to join the beautiful women of Xiangyangmo Legion. Come on, everyone, brush up! 】
[The legion has joined two stunning beauties in a row. It’s really the former ancients and latecomers! 】
【 Zhang Dazhuang people! I’m going to have a nosebleed! 】
[The mountain hits the tiger! I’m going to bleed! 】
[drop-dead gorgeous 666]
[Looking for flowers and asking for willows] This B gives you 12 points, one more point, and one more point. Dad loves you! 】
Bewitching eyes and sunseeker language were flushed by this warm welcome ceremony, and some people praised them as two golden flowers. This is the first time that they are so popular. I’m afraid even if the stars come, there may not be such a way!
Yanhuang still has this little entanglement. Although he really wants to join Li Xiangjuan’s army, what should he do with his lofty aspirations and dreams?